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(210) 460-0078
San Antonio, Texas
  • Company: Unknown
    According to 0 People
  • Type: Telemarketer
    According to 60 People
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December 23, 2011
Caller: Buncha retards that should get fired
Caller Type: telemarketer
they call every day bout 15 times i hate it itell them to stop but they just hangup on me
- Pissed off
December 21, 2011
Caller Type:
how do you make them STOP calling. they call several times per day. UGH
- DO
December 21, 2011
Caller Type: telemarketer
Several calls per day. Needs to end, but how?
- Elaine
December 02, 2011
Caller Type: telemarketer
calls house 10 to 20 times a day and when answer no one speaks. I beleive these calls are malious probally by a registered sex affender and need to be arrested and incarerated immediately
- Joe
November 30, 2011
Caller Type:
We receive calls from this number at my place of business. They immediately hang up on us each time.
November 09, 2011
Caller: Unknown
Caller Type: prank call
Do not answer these calls. When you answer, the other party is listening to your voice to see if you are an elderly person, once the realize you are, they will call and scam you and say that you owe money or that they have a family member who is in trouble. It is a scam. Do not answer the phone if you do not recogni <a href='#' onClick='Telemarketer.show_full_complaint(69451);'> more</a>
- Whitney
October 17, 2011
Caller: don't know
Caller Type: telemarketer
I keep getting calls from this number and after several 'hello's' they disconnect. I've called back 3 times and leave a message asking to be removed from their call list but just keep getting calls.
- shirls
September 20, 2011
Caller Type:
This telemarketer is calling my mother who is a senior citizen. They do not say anything. They stay on the line or they just hang up. Not happy about this.