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Cb2013 says...
the caller from this number asks if someone will be available between the hours of 9a to 5p to receive legal documents for (a person of interest) then asks this (the person of interest)? if you tell them that you are the person they are trying to reach, then they want to know if you have a pen and paper to write down the number of a person to contact and a case number. the caller will not tell you where they are calling from or the name of the collection agency. When I asked the caller if he had legal documents in his possession to be served to me, he stated that he could not tell me that and that there was legal documents against me but would not give me any other information......
Caller type: Debt Collector
Caller: Unknown
Cris says...
Continuously calling
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: No Idea
Marilyn says...
I am on a National and Wisconsin DO NOT CALL LIST. Yet, I still receive these calls. Please STOP.
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Women Support
Joe Cenedella says...
Bothersome tying up personal time
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: At&T
Pamela Fee says...
do not want teller makerters calling me
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: L7 Scvc Call
Anonymous says...
Repeatedly calls in evening and weekend.
Caller type: Prank Call
Caller: Unknown
Ksu says...
We never pick up for this number - if you have something to say, leave a message otherwise, please stop calling. I don't know what it's about as they never leave a message. If I wanted whatever is being sold, I would call back!
Caller type: Unknown
Caller: Xfinity
Anonymous says...
please do not call
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Unknown
George G Clark says...
have requested this caller honor the do not call list that I am on with no luck - just keep calling
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Unknown
M. Ericksen says...
Please put a DO NOT CALL ON THIS NUMBER Thank You
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Telemarketer
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