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Non Tea Party Patriots says...
Called me many times over the year. Caller ID did not reveal who they were, just "Unknown Name", but they did left messages urging me to join their teleconference, etc. I am not a member or supporter of the Tea Party, nor do I agree with their political views, although I do consider myself a patriot. They shouyld stop calling people randomly repeatedly. It becomes a bit annoying, and I am not alone, if you care to read complaints filed with the 800-Notes website on the left panel of this page - ignore the number 0 placed by Spokeo but just click the "800 notes" link. There are more than 10 complaints filed with 800 notes. Spokeo's information is way out of date!)
Caller type: Political Call
Caller: Tea Party Patriots
Anonymous says...
Called a li'l after 7PM CST... on a school night... and, NO response when I said, "Hello"... This is a school night, and I have kids to get ready for bed- which, if it IS tele-political call, either they already know that, or I didn't "qualify" for the call/survey... (I'm basing that on what the summery says this number is...) I'm guessing they're calling to complain about our Government, and want me to contribute money to their "cause" for something better... Well, step in line- here's my "cause"- 'cause I'm ready to get rid of EVERYONE, and start over with a clean slate! I've been voting for 20 years, & I'm tired of voting for what may or may not be the lesser of two "evils"... I want candidates I can believe in! Anyway... Good night, best of blessings...
Caller type: Unknown
Caller: Unknown
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