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(404) 593-0877
Clarkston, Georgia
  • Company: Tea Party
    According to 36 People
  • Type: Telemarketer
    According to 36 People
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October 03, 2013
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Called a li'l after 7PM CST... on a school night... and, NO response when I said, "Hello"... This is a school night, and I have kids to get ready for bed- which, if it IS tele-political call, either they already know that, or I didn't "qualify" for the call/survey... (I'm basing that on what the summery says this num <a href='#' onClick='Telemarketer.show_full_complaint(2039181);'> more</a>
July 01, 2012
Caller: Tea Party Patriots
Caller Type: political call
Called me many times over the year. Caller ID did not reveal who they were, just "Unknown Name", but they did left messages urging me to join their teleconference, etc. I am not a member or supporter of the Tea Party, nor do I agree with their political views, although I do consider myself a patriot. They shouyld s <a href='#' onClick='Telemarketer.show_full_complaint(446001);'> more</a>
- Non-TeaParty Patriots