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Unknown (According to 1 person)
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Lyndsey says...
I answered the phone and a woman (she wasn't american.. she sounded russian maybe?) asked to speak to Lyndsey, I said I was who they were looking for and asked who they were. The woman refused to tell me the company she was calling from and asked me to verify the last 4 of my social. I refused to confirm or deny and asked again what company she was calling from. She refused to answer again and then asked for me to verify my address. She told me the address she had on file. It was mostly correct, except the street name was a bit off and the zipcode was one digit off as well. I refused to confirm because it didn't seem legit. She proceeded to yell at me demanding I confirm the information before she could tell me who she worked for. So I told her that I couldnt tell her anything either. NOT OK! These people need to stop.
Caller type: Unknown
Caller: Unknown
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