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(561) 282-2234
West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Company: Unknown
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  • Type: Telemarketer
    According to 34 People
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January 08, 2014
Caller: He wouldn't tell me what kind of a company it was.
Caller Type: prank call
A very thick Iran accent. He told me that I'm available for a magical money compensation. Then he asked me if I had any surgery's in the past. I said I had. Then he wanted to know what kind of surgery and I told him I couldn't tell him that and it's none of his business. He said, I have to know that so I can giv <a href='#' onClick='Telemarketer.show_full_complaint(2352581);'> more</a>
- Deb
December 31, 2013
Caller: ??????
Caller Type: telemarketer
Very bothersome! I am on the do not call list and this telemarketer still keeps calling even when i've asked them to stop!!! I am getting pretty tired of this!
- linda g
November 28, 2013
Caller: spokeo
Caller Type: prank call
I never had emergency surgery I don't what you are talking about.Sir so stop my number.
- don't know
November 08, 2013
Caller Type: prank call
call stating they are calling on my compensation case which I DO NOT have
November 04, 2013
Caller Type: telemarketer
They call 50 X a day saying your approved to a lone that you filled out the application its been going on for 3 weeks now if you ancer it and tell them that you did not apply for a lone they keep calling back I have try number of things to get them to stop calling and it dos not work so not ancering it is better ITS A SCAM
- Kurt Scudillo
October 31, 2013
Caller Type: telemarketer
Am on no call list for no solicitors. Have asked to NOT be called. Will file complaint with Attorney Generals office
October 21, 2013
Caller Type:
this # keeps calling telling me I am eligible for a settlement for "surgery" I have had in the past. They keep calling even though I have told them not to do so.
- Barbara
September 05, 2013
Caller Type: telemarketer
Called and said they were with the government medical office. I kept telling them to put me on their do not call list and they kept saying "Don't you want free money" . Called again the next day - same thing.
August 08, 2013
Caller: do not know
Caller Type: prank call
our telephone has a unlisted number 1 they left the line after they asked if the owner was available. then he said it was the medical dept'
- herb