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(561) 578-5870
West Palm Beach, Florida
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  • Type: Telemarketer
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July 11, 2012
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I think we need to report Americas Choice Equities to the FBI or maybe call Dateline. We can do something to shut these people down or at least stop them from harassing us. Hey, Chris, Rich or whatever your name is today - I feel sorry for you. It must be so hard getting up every morning w/ such a miserable, unprofitable day ahead of you...............BOO HOO for you.
- Susan
July 11, 2012
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A very rude man called, "Rich Gernick" called asking for my husband this morning. When I asked who was calling, he rudely asked who I was. When I told him I was the wife to the man he was asking about, he mumbled some profanity and hung up on me. If this person is a telemarketer he should be terminated and harassment charges should be filed against him.