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(561) 899-2516
Boca Raton, Florida
  • Company: Medical Supplies
    According to 23 People
  • Type: Telemarketer
    According to 23 People
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Last Updated on October 17
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November 30, 2013
Caller: Medical Supplies
Caller Type: telemarketer
Wanted to sell something to us. Would not take no for an answer. I told the caller once a person says "no" then the conversation needs to end, don't keep trying to hard sell. These tactics should be illegal.
September 11, 2013
Caller Type: telemarketer
Getting 1 call away from these bozos
August 31, 2013
Caller Type:
4 calls from this number in 10 days! I am on the do NOT call list, but they ignore it.