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Redemption Centre (According to 1 person)
Telemarketer (According to 2 people)
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Anonymous says...
Caller (male) became rude when asked how he got my name and number. Would not stop talking to answer my question. Told him I did not appreciate my name and number being given out for this type of call at which point he used the "f" word and when I told him to watch his language he said, "What, now you're my mother and you're going to tell me what to do?" I hung up at this point.
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Unknown
Anonymous says...
We're on a no call list. Called us in North Bay Bay, Ontario, Canada saying they were the Redemption Centre, when we pressed to find out who they were, they hung up on us after repeating over and over the same script. We called back and again they hung up on us when we tried to find out who they were. We called again and they immediately hung up on us (must have seen the number on caller ID) so we blocked our number and called again and when we told them this is a no call number and who were they representing they gave names of companies we never heard of.
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Redemption Centre
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