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Clamed To Be Calling From Microsoft (According to 1 person)
Unknown (According to 1 person)
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Suz says...
I'm suppose to be on the no call list. Please do not call this number
Caller type: Unknown
Caller: Unknown
Ac Brown says...
called me from this number and stated the caller was a Microsoft employee who was able to see that I had malware ?? on my computer and that messages I've sent from my computer had corrupted files. The caller asked me to type into the URL address the following: I did not, I received a second call from 630-859-9404 and the caller identified himself as the same peson who called earlier from Microsoft. I asked him not to call back as he was not from Microsoft but that he is a telemarketer and I hung up!
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Clamed To Be Calling From Microsoft
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