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(754) 400-6162
Hollywood, Florida
  • Company: Unknown
    According to 0 People
  • Type: Telemarketer
    According to 7 People
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Last Updated on November 05
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May 28, 2014
Caller Type: debt collector
We have been receiving calls day and evening all days of the week for months for a person who was either registered to this address or phone number. We have lived here for 10 years so not sure when they will figure it out. We have been able to speak to people a few times and have tried to explain. They always say th <a href='#' onClick='Telemarketer.show_full_complaint(2710041);'> more</a>
February 21, 2014
Caller Type: debt collector
persistent calling from 9 AM to 9 PM. Also from 754-400-6114
June 13, 2013
Caller: Southwest Credit Systems
Caller Type: debt collector
calls incessantly day after day after day looking for someone who does not live here
- cee