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  • Company: Ntd Consumer Advocacy Firm
    According to 36 People
  • Type: Debt Collector
    According to 36 People
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August 04, 2013
Caller Type: debt collector
I recieved a somewhat official looking tax notice in the mail stating I had a Federal tax lein of $10,000! No such lein exists. Postage was from Sacramento,CA.
January 08, 2013
Caller: NTD- Consumer Advocacy Firm
Caller Type: debt collector
This company is a FRAUD. trying to present themselves as tax affiliates for the feds or state. They say you owe 40k and you can settle for 10%. He was nice but didnt know anything and was quick to rid himself of me when I told him I didnt owe any Federal money. He said he got my info off public records for a tax lein.
- Penni