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March 14, 2014
Caller Type:
They kept calling for a person that does not live here and will not say why. They keep calling, even when told that the person does not live here and to stop!
March 05, 2013
Caller Type: telemarketer
Claims I owed a debt - left message claiming it was about an unpaid debt.
- Mark
March 01, 2013
Caller Type: debt collector
A "Mr. Rice" called and left a message, saying it was about debt collection and telling me to call the 866 number. I have no unpaid debts and just had all three credit reports run recently to prove it. Glad I checked rather than calling him back to set him straight.
- Eileen in Pasadena
February 22, 2013
Caller: They don't give it.
Caller Type: debt collector
I am not overdue a cent to anyone. These people cause extreme stress and I don't know who to report them to. Pigs. Can't even get their company name.
- Freaked out
January 21, 2013
Caller Type: debt collector
Seriously! I got a call at 8:40 on a holiday. I don't know how they got my number. A man left a voicemail saying it was urgent, I needed to call them back asap, it was for a collection of debt, blah blah blah. The caller ID actually read 4042207478, I guess they tried to use a number with a local area code. SCAM!
- KiBe
January 18, 2013
Caller: unknown
Caller Type: debt collector
Called my spare cell phone which I never give out and has been mine for 6 years. I don't know the caller ID number, but my voicemail said it was a debt collector without giving any company name. He said to call 866-606-9942, which I didn't do due to this being some scam.
- Jim in Michigan