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Jill says...
I use to get harassed by this same number and I contactedthis law firm in New York City Fredrick Schulman & Associates they are aconsumer protection firm and they did the following for me ABSOLUTELY FREE ofcharge �� They stopped these guys from calling me at allhours and at work �� They got the collection agency to release mydebt �� They sent me a check for $1000.00 And all this was free I think anyone that are having theseabusive debt collectors calling you need to call these guys they are truly thebest check them out at or call 800-444-8731
Caller type: Debt Collector
Caller: Unknown
K Mack says...
They're harrassing me for a modeling position aking me for $120. I told them I'd put them on hold so I could ask my parents because I did not have the money on me. I researched the number it was a scam. I have told them nevermind and they are continuing to call. Not sure if I can call legal aide or not but it is very disturbing!
Caller type: Non Profit Organization
Caller: Not Sure It A Foreign Male That Keeps Calling I Can Barely Understand Him
Zoie2 says...
These people are NUTS Don't answer the call. There is something VERY STRANGE about this number. It could be a virus
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Didn't Say
Bridget K. Gunn says...
Do not ever contact me again!! Do not call my phone numbers!! Do not E-mail me!! Delete me completely from all of your lists/files!! Leave me alone!!
Caller type: Unknown
Caller: Unknown
Mooner says...
Explore Talent ... a guy named Edmond with a thick accent... knew my name.
Caller type: Debt Collector
Caller: Unknown
Will Anderson says...
several calls from this number; some hang ups; really tired of them not adhering to do not call list!!
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Don't Know
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