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Some Douche Bag Id Theft Ring (According to 1 person)
Unknown (According to 1 person)
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R. Crawford says...
Was called twice by "Sarah" at this number, claiming to be from the Fraud Department of Wells Fargo Bank; once to my office which call was answered by my office manager and once to my cell phone which I did not answer because it was off at the time. I did NOT call back because I knew the toll free number for Wells Fargo was either 800-xxx-yyyy or 888-xxx-yyyy. If they were looking for my credit card number they would have been disappointed because I do not have a Wells Fargo card, WF having recently taken over the bank I was with.
Caller type: Unknown
Caller: Unknown
Jacko says...
Some guy called me from this number on my cell (which went to vmail) and at my office phone. When I answered my office phone the caller said they had the wrong number and hung up. When I checked my cellphone vmail, the message was that I should call this number (877-341-8536) at the Wells Fargo Fraud Department. I called Wells Fargo (using their actual number), and spoke to their Fraud Dept, and this is DEFINITELY NOT a Wells Fargo number.
Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Some Douche Bag Id Theft Ring
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