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About Arizona Court Records

Court records in Arizona have never been easier to track down. If you’re looking for information on an individual’s court record, from Flagstaff to Phoenix, nearly everything you’re looking for is now available online. Courts all over Arizona have digitized their records over the last decade and now make everything from divorce records to criminal trial details available to the general public. Want to learn more about a friend’s history in Arizona? Need information regarding your potential fiance’s bankruptcy? An Arizona court records search provides everything you need. If a person has been to court in Arizona for any reason, a court record exists.

Court records are the most inclusive of all public record databases, covering criminal, civil, and domestic court proceedings. There are over 40 federal courthouses in Arizona – from the James A. Walsh Courthouse in Tuscon to the Sandra Day O’Connor Courthouse in Phoenix – and now all Arizona court records are available online. If you need information regarding a trial, a legal marriage, child support rulings, or even a person’s known aliases, a court records search in Arizona is a good place to start. All US courts are mandated to keep accurate, detailed records of every proceeding that goes on in their courtrooms, and Arizona is no exception. Depending on the court and specific case, you may be able to uncover everything from the plea in a criminal trial to the final adjusted payments in a bankruptcy ruling. Arizona court records are easy to search, simple to read, and a good source of valuable information.

Arizona Court House Records

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