Alaric I

King of the Visigoths
Born 370 AD
Hometown Peuce Island
Died 410 AD
Death Place Calabria

Alaric I was the King of the Visigoths from 395–410. Alaric is most famous for his sack of Rome in 410, which marked a decisive event in the decline of the Roman Empire. Born c. 370 on Peuce Island at the mouth of the Danube in present day Romania, Alaric belonged to the noble Balti dynasty of the Tervingian Goths. After their setbacks against the Huns, Alaric was probably a child during the Goths mass-migration across the Danube and their subsequent war with Rome.… Read More

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Alaric I
Alaric I
d.410 AD



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370 AD Birth Born in 370.


391 AD 21 Years Old Alaric's first appearance was as the leader of a mixed band of Goths and allied peoples who invaded Thrace in 391, who were stopped by the half-Vandal Roman General Stilicho. … Read More
394 AD 24 Years Old 1 More Event
In 394 Alaric led a Gothic force of 20,000 that helped the Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius defeat the Frankish usurper Arbogast at the Battle of Frigidus. … Read More
395 AD 25 Years Old Disappointed, he left the army and was elected reiks of the Visigoths in 395, and marched toward Constantinople until he was diverted by Roman forces. … Read More
396 AD 26 Years Old Rufinus' death and Stilicho's departure gave free rein to Alaric's movements; he ravaged Attica but spared Athens, which capitulated at once to the conqueror. In 396, he wiped out the last remnants of the Mysteries at Eleusis in Attica, ending a tradition of esoteric religious ceremonies that had lasted since the Bronze Age. … Read More


401 AD 31 Years Old It was probably in 401 that Alaric made his first invasion of Italy, Supernatural influences were not lacking to urge him to this great enterprise. … Read More
403 AD 33 Years Old After another defeat before Verona, Alaric left Italy, probably in 403. … Read More
409 AD 39 Years Old 1 More Event
…  Honorius, however, refused to appoint Alaric as the commander of the Western Roman Army, and in 409 the Visigoths again surrounded Rome. … Read More


410 AD 40 Years Old 1 More Event
…  Alaric is most famous for his sack of Rome in 410, which marked a decisive event in the decline of the Roman Empire.
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