Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn

Author and Historian
Born Jun 6, 1941

Alexander Claud Cockburn was an Irish American political journalist and writer. Cockburn was brought up in Ireland but had lived and worked in the United States since 1972. Together with Jeffrey St. Clair, he edited the political newsletter CounterPunch. Cockburn also wrote the "Beat the Devil" column for The Nation as well as one for The Week in London, syndicated by Creators Syndicate.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Alexander Cockburn.


1941 Birth Born on June 6, 1941.


1963 22 Years Old Cockburn graduated in 1963 and worked in London as a journalist associated with the New Left Review.
1966 25 Years Old Alexander helped in the early re-shaping of New Left Review, joining the editorial committee and becoming managing editor in 1966, while he held a job as an assistant editor at the Times Literary Supplement and moved to the New Statesman in 1967. … Read More
1968 27 Years Old 1 More Event
On 30 October 1968, Cockburn published a letter to The Times defending British socialists who were marching against the Vietnam War against the newspaper's criticism.


1972 31 Years Old Alexander Cockburn moved to the US in 1972 and once there he set himself up as a journalist. … Read More
1973 32 Years Old 1 More Event
Cockburn and Tennant divorced in 1973.


1982 41 Years Old Cockburn was later suspended, as The Voice stated, for "accepting a $10,000 grant from an Arab studies organization in 1982". … Read More
1984 43 Years Old In 1984 Cockburn found a regular position at The Nation with a column called "Beat the Devil" after the title of the novel written by his father. … Read More
1987 46 Years Old 1 More Event
As an author of around twenty books Alexander Cockburn produced work covering an array of different areas and with many fellow writers. In 1987 Cockburn completed what would be the first of a series of books composed of columns, diary entries, letters, and essays from 1976 over the preceding decade. … Read More
1988 47 Years Old On July 3, 1988 the USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655 killing 290 passengers and Cockburn set out to cover the story with Ken Silverstein. … Read More


1991 50 Years Old Earlier, Cockburn had been moved to present rebuttals to the JFK assassination conspiracy theories by the Oliver Stone film JFK when it came out in 1991.
1993 52 Years Old He wrote in 1993 that "In all the assassinology I've read or seen, Oswald is always unpersuasive. … Read More
1995 54 Years Old …  In September 1995 Cockburn had also accused Franjo Tudjman of anti-Semitism while covering the expulsion of 150,000 Serbs from Krajina writing that "President Franjo Tudjman bellowed coarsely from his 'freedom train' that the refugees fled so fast that they didn't have time to take 'their dirty hard currency and their dirty underwear' – language somewhat similar in timbre to Tudjman's diatribes against the Jews in his professorial writings." … Read More
2000 59 Years Old 1 More Event
In a column published in 2000, Cockburn averred that the economic embargo imposed upon Iraq was "demonically designed to prompt gnawing, endless suffering throughout Iraq's social economy".


At times Cockburn displayed prescience in his writing. On 12 September 2001, he wrote "The targets abroad will be all the usual suspects: rogue states (most of which, like the Taliban or Saddam Hussein, started off as creatures of US intelligence). … Read More
2004 63 Years Old In his writing Cockburn was a consistent exponent of free speech. On the campaign trail of 2004 Cockburn wrote "Free speech counts most when it’s most risky. … Read More
In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre of 2007 Cockburn wrote "There have been the usual howls from the anti-gun lobby, but it's all hot air. … Read More
2010 69 Years Old Never shy to draw upon right-wing sources, in April and March 2010, Cockburn wrote articles on Hispanic crime statistics, drawing on the work of Ron Unz, editor of The American Conservative, arguing that "Hispanic crimes rates are at least the same as whites and--given the unknown number of illegal Hispanic immigrants in the country--could be considerably lower." … Read More
2011 70 Years Old 1 More Event
In 2011 Cockburn wrote in favour of a substantial increase in the minimum wage, continued his opposition to anti-immigrant hysteria, envisioning a high-wage economic model as the alternative. … Read More
In spite of these doubts Alexander Cockburn appeared at the nearest occupation to him in Eureka, California in January 2012. … Read More
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