Alfonso IX of León

Alfonso IX of León

King of Le%c3%b3n and Galicia

Alfonso IX was king of León and Galicia from the death of his father Ferdinand II in 1188 until his own death. According to Ibn Khaldun (1332–1406), he is said to have been called the Baboso or Slobberer because he was subject to fits of rage during which he foamed at the mouth.… Read More

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1171 Birth Born on August 15, 1171.


1188 16 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1188 he summoned the first parliament reflecting full representation of the citizenry ever seen in Western Europe, the Cortes of León. … Read More
1191 19 Years Old In 1191, he married Theresa of Portugal, daughter of King Sancho I of Portugal and Queen Dulce of Aragon. Between 1191 and 1196, the year in which their marriage was annulled, three children were born:


After Alfonso VIII of Castile was defeated at the Battle of Alarcos, Alfonso IX invaded Castile with the aid of Muslim troops. He was summarily excommunicated by Pope Celestine III. In 1197, Alfonso IX married his first cousin once removed, Berengaria of Castile, to cement peace between León and Castile. … Read More
1198 26 Years Old In 1198, Pope Innocent III declared Alfonso and Berengaria's marriage invalid, but they stayed together until 1204.


1204 32 Years Old The annulment of this marriage by the pope drove the younger Alfonso to again attack his cousin in 1204, but treaties made in 1205, 1207, and 1209 each forced him to concede further territories and rights. … Read More
1211 39 Years Old He had another relationship afterwards with a noblewoman from Galicia, Estefanía Pérez de Faiam. In 1211, King Alfonso gave her lands in Orense where her family, as can be inferred from her last will dated 1250, owned many estates, as well as in the north of Portugal. … Read More


1214 42 Years Old Of his relationship with the noblewoman from Portugal, Aldonza Martínez de Silva, daughter of Martim Gomes da Silva and his wife Urraca Rodrigues, which lasted from 1214 to 1218, three children were born:
1218 46 Years Old King Alfonso's most long-lasting relationship, which began in 1218 and lasted until his death in 1230, was with Teresa Gil de Soverosa. … Read More


1230 59 Years Old Alfonso IX of León died on 24 September 1230. … Read More
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