Alia Shawkat
American actress
Alia Shawkat
Alia Martine Shawkat is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Maeby Fünke in the Fox television series Arrested Development.
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How To Survive In A Conspiracy Theorist's World
Huffington Post - about 1 month
When the TBS show “Search Party,” a dark detective sitcom starring Alia Shawkat, dropped in November, I wasn’t paying much attention ― this, despite the fact that I’d been intrigued for months by the unsettling trailers. In the pre- and post-election madness, I’d become a cable news junkie and, alternately, switched off the TV entirely and retreated with stacks of books.  Turns out, this was a mistake. During a month when I was trying to figure out what had happened to my country, how it had become so obsessed with imagined pedophile rings run out of D.C.-area pizza parlors and millions of undocumented immigrants voting in California (didn’t happen), “Search Party” would have been the perfect fictional chaser to all those hours with The Washington Post and New York Times. It’s a show for an age of conspiracy theorists and amateur gumshoes, a jagged-edged sitcom that tries to unravel the psychological roots and painful consequences of our yearning for morbid puzzles. Of course ...
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Huffington Post article
How 'Search Party' Star John Early Made 2016 A Little Bit Brighter
Huffington Post - 3 months
2016 might be marred with tragedy, social injustice and the rise of a cringeworthy president-elect, but on the flip side, it’ll also be known as the year that gave us John Early. That said, the fact that Early’s work is only now finding its way into the mainstream is a downright shame. The gay actor-comedian, 28, has been eliciting howls on the national stand-up circuit for years. He’s also brought his signature wit to television in “Broad City” and “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” and stole scenes on the big screen with small roles in “Other People” and “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.” But it’s “Search Party,” TBS’s binge-worthy new series, that’s giving Early his well-deserved breakout. The 10-episode comedy-thriller, which premiered Nov. 21 and is available for streaming in its entirety, skewers the type of Brooklyn-dwelling millennial culture of HBO’s “Girls” and tips its hat to the scares of “Stranger Things” while weaving in “Serial”-style suspense. In the sho ...
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Huffington Post article
'Hamilton'-Themed 'Drunk History' Is The Holiday Gift We Deserve
Huffington Post - 3 months
If you didn’t catch the latest “Drunk History” ― Episode 10, Season 4 ― please correct your mistake. Stream the blessed television experience on Comedy Central’s website or app so that you, like we did, can witness the magic that is Lin-Manuel Miranda, drunk, reciting history like it’s his job. (Note: It was his job. See: “Hamilton: An American Musical,” which he created. And that’s why he’s do goddamn good at it, even when plied with copious amounts of booze.) If you’ve already watched the episode several times today... great. Let’s talk. There are a few moments we’d like to underscore. Because the biography of Alexander Hamilton is made infinitely more interesting when acted out by the likes of Alia Shawkat, Aubrey Plaza, Tony Hale, David Wain, Bokeem Woodbine and a little known actor named David Grohl. (Yes, Dave Grohl.) Those moments are: This introductory quote from Miranda on Alexander Hamilton: “History spoiler: He’s gonna invent our economy.” Tha ...
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Huffington Post article
Lin-Manuel Miranda Did Indeed Get Very Drunk For 'Hamilton'-Themed 'Drunk History'
Huffington Post - 3 months
What’s better than “Hamilton: An American Musical”? Possibly nothing. But a “Hamilton”-themed “Drunk History” episode cuts pretty close.  Lin-Manuel Miranda, who will long be remembered for his ponytailed depiction of a Founding Father without a father on Broadway, will make your alcohol-laced dreams come true later this month when he appears on the Comedy Central show “Drunk History.” EW just released a teaser for the Nov. 29 episode. According to the clip, shown above, we can confirm that Miranda does indeed recount the life and times of Alexander Hamilton. And that, yes, he gets significantly sozzled.  Here are the best lines so far, because that’s what you came here for: “F**k you, f**k you, you’re cool, Aaron Burr, nice to meet you.” -Alexander Hamilton “[Burr] um, like, kills a lot of British dudes.” -Narration “Motherf**ker, like, come work for me.” -George Washington “You’re gonna be in the guy ― in with the guy who knows best.” -George Was ...
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Huffington Post article
A Woman Launches A 'Search Party' For Someone Else ... And Herself
NPR - 3 months
When an acquaintance goes missing, Dory (Alia Shawkat) takes it upon herself to investigate. Co-creators Charles Rogers and Sarah-Violet Bliss poke fun at millennials in the new, dark TBS comedy.
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NPR article
'Search Party' has fun with mystery-story twists
LATimes - 3 months
Alia Shawkat, still identified with "Arrested Development" despite appearing in six films in 2015 alone, takes the lead in "Search Party," an engaging new serial mystery comedy from TBS. Premiering Monday, with its 10 episodes playing two at a time over five consecutive nights, it is the latest...
Article Link:
LATimes article
On This Day, You Can Watch Drunk Lin-Manuel Miranda Explain The Plot Of 'Hamilton'
Huffington Post - 6 months
Mark your calendars: Nov. 29, 2016, is the day you and your loved ones will have the pure, heavenly pleasure of watching Lin-Manuel Miranda ― THE guy who wrote “Hamilton,” who won some Tonys, a Genius Grant and a Pulitzer Prize along the way ― explain the main plot point of his smash hit musical ... drunk ... on television. OK, now that you’ve stopped screaming, read on: Entertainment Weekly reported the news last week that Miranda will be narrating an upcoming episode of “Drunk History.” Then, this happened: — Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) August 15, 2016 If you’re not familiar with “Drunk History,” head to YouTube, but know that it’s exactly what it sounds like. People recount historical events while experiencing comically high blood alcohol levels. Hilarity ensues. What do we know so far about Miranda’s episode? It will feature Alia Shawkat as Alexander Hamilton and Aubrey Plaza as Aaron Burr ― or, the versions of those char ...
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Huffington Post article
New releases: Patrick Stewart's 'Green Room' and Starz's 'The Dresser' hit DVD and Blu-ray
LATimes - 8 months
New on Blu-ray “Green Room” (Lionsgate DVD 19.98; Blu-ray, $24.99) Writer-director Jeremy Saulnier follows up his excellent 2013 crime thriller “Blue Ruin” with another twisty, violent original. In “Green Room,” Alia Shawkat and the late Anton Yelchin play members of a struggling hardcore band...
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LATimes article
Imogen Poots Is 'Very, Very Happy' In Her Career, So It's Time You Know Her Name
Huffington Post - 10 months
For Imogen Poots, 2015 marked a new beginning. Across the better part of a decade, she'd scored noteworthy roles in movies like "28 Weeks Later," "Solitary Man" and "Jane Eyre" without ever quite transcending emerging-actress limbo. But as the 2010s inch forward, Poots has always been on the cusp of breaking through -- with the vampire horror-comedy "Fight Night," the rowdy bromance "That Awkward Moment" and the noisy Aaron Paul racing vehicle "Need for Speed."  But it's the movies that have struggled to secure much shelf life where Poots has found her true calling. She played Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener's daughter in 2011's "A Late Quartet" before starring as Linda Keith, one of Jimi Hendrix's lovers, in the under-appreciated 2013 biopic "Jimi: All Is By My Side" and as an earnest call-girl-turned-Broadway-hopeful in Peter Bogdanovich's 2015 screwball comedy "She's Funny That Way." This year alone, she's appeared in the Sundance drama "Frank & Lola," Terrence ...
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Huffington Post article
Tony Hale Teases A More Bluth-Centric Season Of 'Arrested Development'
The Huffington Post - about 1 year
Heeeeeeey, brother. Beloved by many but watched by few, "Arrested Development" was resurrected by Netflix in 2013, seven years after Fox pulled the plug on the criminally low-rated sitcom. Where were you then, America?! But the fourth season of the cult series -- the first on the streaming service -- provoked a mixed response, due largely to its frustrating narrative structure. Each episode centered around a single character, severely decreasing the amount of big family scenes, which remain some of the strongest in the series' history. (The chicken dance, anyone?) We sat down recently with actor Tony Hale, who plays Byron "Buster" Bluth, the baby of the Bluth family, to discuss what's in store for the series fifth season, his all-time favorite Buster scene and how the Bluths will be more united than ever.   Once described as "odd and alienating" in our all-time favorite episode, "Public Relations," Buster quickly made his mark, participating in some of the series' most me ...
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The Huffington Post article
TBS picks up mystery comedy Search Party starring Arrested Development alum Alia Shawkat
Yahoo News - over 1 year
A new series called Search Party , which centers around a group of millennials living in Brooklyn, has been picked up by TBS, reports Variety. The series, which has been dubbed a mystery comedy, will follow a group of “self-obsessed” youngsters as they look into the disappearance of a college acquaintance (Chantal, it seems, according to the teaser above.) TBS has confirmed that the half-hour show will be made available through both its linear and digital delivery platforms sometime in 2016. There’s no word yet on how many episodes have been confirmed. Related : Lena Dunham shakes it off in teaser for Girls season 5 Search Party will star Alia Shawkat — perhaps best known for her role as Maeby Funke in Arrested Development —  as Dory, a frustrated New Yorker who is disappointed with the current path of her life, including her job and boyfriend. “Everyone can tell me what I can’t do,” she notes in a clip from the trailer, “but no one can tell me what I can do.” Perhaps perfectly capturi ...
Article Link:
Yahoo News article
13 Reasons Why Mae Whitman Is The Coolest Girl In Hollywood Right Now
Huffington Post - over 3 years
You may have seen her on "Parenthood," "Arrested Development," and in "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower." But you have yet to follow her on Twitter and Instagram, fall in love with her funky style and embrace her general awesomeness. Yep, we're talking about Mae Whitman, and she's the coolest girl around. Here's why: Her roommate is Miles Heizer, who also happens to be her "Parenthood" brother. Which happens to be the cutest thing ever. She gets featured in designer Rachel Antonoff's lookbooks ... ... And hangs out with her all the time, which is cool too. She was the little girl in "One Fine Day," meaning she's been a top-notch actress since age eight. Alia Shawkat was her co-star in "State Of Grace" and "Arrested Development," and the two have been close ever since. Her "Perks Of Being A Wallflower" character was more than a little obnoxious, proving she has great range. Selfies are her strong suit, especially when it comes to taking them with some of the hottest act ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Alia Shawkat
  • 2015
    Age 25
    In 2015, Shawkat guest-starred on Broad City, portraying the romantic interest and look-alike of Ilana Glazer's character.
    More Details Hide Details Leading up to the episode, many have remarked on the physical similarities Shawkat and Glazer bear to one another.
    She starred as Maeby Fünke in the Fox/Netflix television series Arrested Development (2003 - 2006; 2013 - present), and as Gertie Michaels in the 2015 horror-comedy film The Final Girls.
    More Details Hide Details Shawkat was born in Riverside, California, to Dina (née Burke) and actor Tony Shawkat. She grew up in nearby Palm Springs. She has two brothers. The actor Paul Burke was her maternal grandfather. Shawkat's father is Arab Iraqi, from Baghdad. Her mother is of Norwegian, Irish, and Italian descent. When she is not acting, she likes to paint; she has participated in gallery shows in Los Angeles, Mexico City and Paris. She also likes to make music and sing in jazz bars.
  • 2012
    Age 22
    Six years after the series was canceled by Fox, filming for a revived fourth season of Arrested Development began on August 7, 2012 and Shawkat reprised her role as Maeby Fünke. The season consists of 15 new episodes which debuted at the same time on Netflix on May 26, 2013.
    More Details Hide Details Each episode focuses on one particular character, with Shawkat's Maeby, now a high school senior, featured in episode 12, "Señoritis" and appearing in several other episodes of the season.
  • 2010
    Age 20
    Shawkat, along with Arrested Development co-star Mae Whitman, sang guest vocals on a number of tracks from indie-punk band Fake Problems' 2010 album Real Ghosts Caught on Tape.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2009
    Age 19
    In October 2009, it was announced that Shawkat, Har Mar, and fellow Whip It co-star Page would produce and write a show for HBO called Stitch N' Bitch.
    More Details Hide Details According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show "follows two painfully cool hipster girls as they relocate from Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood to Los Angeles' Silver Lake enclave in hopes of becoming artists - of any kind."
    In 2009, Shawkat appeared in Whip It co-star Har Mar Superstar's music video for "Tall Boy", which also featured Eva Mendes and Eric Wareheim.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2003
    Age 13
    As Maeby Fünke, Shawkat was a regular cast member of Arrested Development for the entire run of the show from 2003 to 2006.
    More Details Hide Details The series received nearly universally positive reviews, with Shawkat's performance occasionally singled out for praise. Pop-culture commentator Brian M. Palmer remarked that she was "one of the brightest lights on a show populated solely by bright lights," and Scott Weinberg of eFilmCritic described her as "one funny young lady." In an interview with The A.V. Club in 2010, Shawkat remarked that many of her "formative moments" as an actress took place on the Arrested Development set: " creator Mitch Hurwitz was like a father figure to me. In a way, it was great to be around cast, because I feel that my understanding of comedy was able to grow really well during that time."
  • 1989
    Born on April 18, 1989.
    More Details Hide Details
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