Alice of Champagne

Alice of Champagne

Queen Consort of Cyprus
Born 1196

Alice of Champagne was a Queen consort of Cyprus by her marriage to Hugh I of Cyprus. She was the daughter of Queen Isabella I of Jerusalem and her third husband Henry II, Count of Champagne. Alice was a regent of Cyprus for her minor son in 1218, and a nominal regent of Jerusalem for her great nephew in 1244-47. She and her sister Philippa spent part of their life fighting for their father's homeland of Champagne, over another branch of their family.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Alice of Champagne.


1193 Birth Alice, born around 1193, was the eldest daughter of Isabella I of Jerusalem and her third husband, Henry II, Count of Champagne. … Read More
1198 5 Years Old Before his departure for the Holy Land, Henry of Champagne had bequeathed the Counties of Champagne and Brie to his brother, Theobald, should he die without issue. Although Alice and her younger sister, Philippa, survived their father, Philip II of France invested their uncle, Theobald III, with Champagne and Brie in January 1198. … Read More


1205 12 Years Old Aimery of Lusignan died on 1 April 1205 and a few months later, his widow (Alice's mother), Isabella I, also died. … Read More
1209 16 Years Old To strengthen her son's position, Blanche also persuaded Philip II of France in 1209 to promise that he would not allow anyone to challenge Theobald IV's right to the two counties before Theobald reached the age of majority.
1210 17 Years Old 1 More Event
…  In 1210, Alice married her step-brother, Hugh I of Cyprus for which she received the County of Jaffa as dowry.


1213 20 Years Old Alice's sister, Philippa, married Erard of Ramerupt, who laid claim to Champagne and Brie on Philippa's behalf in 1213. … Read More
After her husband's death in 1218, she assumed the regency for their infant son, Henry I of Cyprus. … Read More
1219 26 Years Old This led Alice to send envoys to Champagne, against which Blanche of Navarre protested at the Holy See on 23 June 1219. … Read More


1223 30 Years Old 1 More Event
Rumours surrounding Alice's marriage to William II of Dampierre, Constable of Champagne, spread in France in 1223. … Read More
1224 31 Years Old 1 More Event
After some debate with the bailli about the tithes payable to the Orthodox clergy, Alice left Cyprus and settled in either Tripoli or Jaffa in 1224.
1225 32 Years Old Alice attended the coronation of Isabella II in Tyre before the queen departed for Italy to meet Frederick in 1225. … Read More
1227 34 Years Old Alice and her husband came to Limassol in summer 1227 to meet Frederick, but a disease prevented Frederick from departing Italy. … Read More
1228 35 Years Old …  Isabella was engaged to Henry, the youngest son of Bohemond IV, Prince of Antioch and Count of Tripoli, in 1228 or 1229, but their marriage took place only around 1233. … Read More
1229 36 Years Old 1 More Event
Frederick made Aimery Barlais, Gavin of Chenichy, Aimaury of Beisan, Hugh of Jebail and William of Rivet baillis of Cyprus without Alice's consent before departing for Italy in May 1229. … Read More
1232 39 Years Old When Henry I of Cyprus reached the age of majority on 3 May 1232, Alice abdicated from her regency of Cyprus, which she had retained despite having left Cyprus.


She went to France to personally advance her claim for Champagne and Brie in 1233, but only one local nobleman, Renier II of Nogent, supported her. … Read More
1239 46 Years Old Alice's young third husband, Ralph of Nesle, came to the Holy Land during the crusade of Theobald IV of Champagne in September 1239.
1240 47 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1240, she married Raoul of Nesle who was about half of her age at the time.


1243 50 Years Old The High Court of Jerusalem proclaimed Alice and her husband regents for Conrad in 1243, but their power was only nominal. … Read More
1246 53 Years Old 1 More Event
Alice retained the title of regent until her death in 1246.
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