Anders Mowatt of Hugoland

Anders Mowatt of Hugoland

Born 1535

Anders Mowatt of Hugoland, also known as Andrew, was an admiral of the Danish Navy in service of Christian IV of Denmark.

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1535 Birth Born in 1535.


The first mention of Andrew Mowat in any known sources is from 1558. … Read More


1566 31 Years Old The evidence for this come from letters written by Mary, Queen of Scots herself, to one Jens Split as the chief proprietor and the Norwegian authorities on behalf of Andrew and Ursula in September 1566. … Read More
1572 37 Years Old …  A document has been reported to exist, allegedly written during the year 1572, stating that the "Lord of Hugoland" was the second son of an unknown Mowatt of Swinie (Swinzie) from Caithness, but unfortunately, the first name of his father is not visible. … Read More


1577 42 Years Old 1 More Event
One of the privileges granted to Andrew Mowatt in 1577 was a right to build a house and fortress on Papa. … Read More
1580 45 Years Old Andrew's first wife Ursula died sometime between 1580 and 1586; in 1586 he applied to King James VI of Scotland for permission to travel to Bergen, Norway to marry. … Read More


1586 51 Years Old On 12 August 1586, Andrew Mowat's home in Shetland was robbed in cash and goods by Captain of the pirates William Beare and the crew of the "Black Lyon". … Read More
1590 55 Years Old Andrew Mawat was again targeted in upon his return to Shetland in 1590 in a second raid where he once more lost money and goods. … Read More


1610 75 Years Old 1 More Event
Andrew Mowat thereafter served as an admiral in Christian Iv's service in the North Sea until his death around 1610, returning to his native Shetland on numerous occasions. … Read More
1611 76 Years Old Died in 1611.
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