King of Imerina
Born 1745

Ruling between 1787–1810, Andrianampoinimerina, born Ramboasalama or Ramboasalamarazaka at Ambohimanga around 1745, initiated the unification of [Madagascar Madagascar] under Merina rule and is considered one of the greatest military and political leaders in Madagascar history.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Andrianampoinimerina.


1745 Birth Born in 1745.


1786 41 Years Old Andrianampoinimerina reached a treaty with the rival Merina town of Antananarivo in 1786, which allowed him to fully concentrate on reuniting Imerina. … Read More
1792 47 Years Old Andrianampoinimerina conquered Antananarivo in 1792, and subsequently, he moved the capital of the Merina empire there; however, Ambohimanga remains among the most important spiritual and cultural sites in Madagascar. … Read More


1808 63 Years Old Ramavolahy, Andrianampoinimerina's eldest son, was killed on his orders near Imahazoarivo after an attempted coup, and the appointed Heir Apparent Rakotovahiny was killed for conspiracy against the King in May 1808. … Read More
1810 65 Years Old Andrianampoinimerina died in the Mahitsielafanjaka house on the compound of the Rova of Antananarivo on July 6, 1810 at the age of 65, having fathered eleven sons and thirteen daughters by his many wives. … Read More
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