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Anna Chapman
Anna Vasil’yevna Chapman is a Russian national, who was residing in New York when she was arrested along with nine others on 27 June 2010, on suspicion of working for the Illegals Program spy ring under the Russian Federation's external intelligence agency, the SVR. Chapman pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government without notifying the U.S. Attorney General, and was deported back to Russia on 8 July 2010, as part of a prisoner swap.
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This Author Fell for a Russian Spy and (Naturally) Wrote a Book About It
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Author Mitch Swenson likes to flirt with danger -- and beautiful Russian undercover agents. The subhead on his website reads: can usually be found in contested areas. He's reported from some of the world's trickiest hot spots such as South Sudan and Cairo. But perhaps Swenson's riskiest adventure was a romance he had with Katya, a young and mysterious Russian woman he met in a New York nightclub. She disappeared suddenly after the arrest in 2010 of ten Russian Americans (including Anna Chapman) who were charged with spying for the Kremlin. Swenson had suspicions about the Russian woman before she vanished and he set out on a quest to discover more about her in a journey that took him to Russia. He's a writer so he did what all writers do when life throws a curve ball: he wrote about his failed romance and his efforts to find Katya. His new e-book single The Tracking of a Russian Spy, recalls his relationship with Katya and his efforts to discover more about her. ...
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HuffPost Radio: BOTH SIDES NOW: Did Obama's Talks Move Opinion on Race and Growth?
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By Mark Green One week, two big talks from our Educator-in-Chief: "I'm Trayvon" and "Middle-Out vs. Trickle-Down" economics. Despite Carlos Danger + Baby George, can Obama's reframing change minds long-term? Erickson and Reagan also debate: is Snowden winning in Congress but not in court? LISTEN HERE: With Erick Erickson of Fox/ and Ron Reagan of MSNBC facing off, this show swings from substance to soap opera. Using TR's bully pulpit after a fling at bipartisanship, the president lays down his markers on race and growth. Because race is not yet "a pigment of our imagination," he explains to both camps how the other thinks... and tries to change the leading economic/political narrative from focusing on federal deficits to public investments. Will his words this week be remembered long after he exits 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? On Obama's Knox College Speech. Since President Reagan, the dominating economic narrative has been, counter-intuitively, that the bo ...
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Russia wants to exchange spies jailed in Germany
Fox News - over 3 years
Moscow wants to exchange a married couple of Russian spies jailed this month in Germany for at least one convict jailed in Russia on charges of spying for the West, a report said Monday. Russia's Kommersant newspaper said that the Russian secret services wanted to bring the pair -- known only by their code names Andreas and Heidrun Anschlag -- back home to Russia after decades as "sleepers" in Germany. In a Cold War-style exchange, Moscow would simultaneously hand over to the West at least one spy convicted of passing secrets to Berlin or its allies, the paper said. "The process of consultations (with Germany) on a possible exchange was started only recently, after their conviction" on July 2, a Russian security source told the paper. "We will get our guys out of there," the source added. Another source told the paper that Moscow had waited until after the trial was over to seek the exchange, in case the legal process shed further light on how their cover had been blown. Kremlin ...
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Obama's secret kill list – the disposition matrix
Guardian (UK) - over 3 years
The disposition matrix is a complex grid of suspected terrorists to be traced then targeted in drone strikes or captured and interrogated. And the British government appears to be colluding in it When Bilal Berjawi spoke to his wife for the last time, he had no way of being certain that he was about to die. But he should have had his suspicions. A short, dumpy Londoner who was not, in the words of some who knew him, one of the world's greatest thinkers, Berjawi had been fighting for months in Somalia with al-Shabaab, the Islamist militant group. His wife was 4,400 miles away, at home in west London. In June 2011, Berjawi had almost been killed in a US drone strike on an al-Shabaab camp on the coast. After that he became wary of telephones. But in January last year, when his wife went into labour and was admitted to St Mary's hospital in Paddington, he decided to risk a quick phone conversation. A few hours after the call ended Berjawi was targeted in a fresh drone strike. Perhaps t ...
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Dorian de Wind: Snowden's Legal and Financial Team
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Millions around the world support Edward Snowden for revealing secret information about NSA surveillance activities. But in his quest to continue to expose such information and to stay one step ahead of U.S. authorities who want to bring him home to face the justice system, Snowden needs more than just moral and emotional support. First, he needs financial support. Just the cost of a direct charter flight to take him from his Moscow International Airport transit-lounge quarters to Havana -- en-route to possible asylum in Venezuela -- or directly to Caracas itself, would cost $100,000 for starters. It has been reported that a chartered aircraft had been made available and put on standby to fly Snowden from Hong Kong to Moscow. Snowden eventually flew to Moscow on a regular Aeroflot flight. According to Olafur Vignir Sigurvinsson, an Iceland-based WikiLeaks representative, such a charter was made possible "through outside funds from 'friends.'" (To learn mo ...
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Jason Kitchen: Obama Implores Snowden's Neck Mole to Become NSA Mole
Huffington Post - over 3 years
A brainstorming session with top intelligence officials has spawned a proverbial 'Aha! moment' that the Obama administration hopes will lead to the arrest and extradition of NSA whistleblower/bulwark of civil liberties, Edward Snowden. Baffled, out of ideas, and extremely disappointed with the NSA's inability to track down one guy (despite their history of successfully monitoring millions of people), the Obama administration has reportedly reached out to the prominent mole on Edward Snowden's neck for assistance. An unnamed, mid-level NSA operative (who is conceivably spying on you as you read this very sentence) provided the following statement: "Strategically, it makes perfect sense - Snowden's mole is privy to every word Snowden utters, not to mention that, since moles share the same sleep/wake cycle as the human whose skin they inhabit, Snowden's mole is in the unique position to provide, literally, 24-hour-a-day surveillance." Reports indicate that Pres ...
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Russian Official: Venezuela Asylum Offer Is Snowden's 'Last Chance'
Huffington Post - over 3 years
MOSCOW -- An influential Russian parliament member who often speaks for the Kremlin encouraged NSA leaker Edward Snowden on Sunday to accept Venezuela's offer of asylum. Alexei Pushkov, who heads the international affairs committee in Russia's parliament, posted a message on Twitter saying: "Venezuela is waiting for an answer from Snowden. This, perhaps, is his last chance to receive political asylum." Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said Saturday his country hasn't yet been in contact with Snowden, who Russian officials say has been stuck in the transit area of Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport since arriving on a flight from Hong Kong two weeks ago. He has been unable to travel further because the U.S. annulled his passport. Jaua said he expects to consult with Russian officials on Monday about Snowden's situation. Pushkov's comments appeared to indicate that the Kremlin is now anxious to be rid of the former National Security Agency systems analyst, wh ...
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Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Proposes To NSA Leaker Edward Snowden
Radar Online - over 3 years
You can’t make this stuff up! Anna Chapman, the sexy Russian spy who was departed from the U.S. in 2010, has proposed to Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker wanted by the Feds! “Snowden, will you marry me?!” she’s tweeted. Chapman claimed to have had a number of high profile American lovers and also posed for a series of nude pics that were published in Playboy after she pleaded guilty to espionage charges and was booted back to Russia. EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman’s Playboy Pictorial And that’s where Snowden is currently stuck.  He’s been charged with espionage and theft of government property after leaking highly sensitive NSA documents and fleeing the country. He’s currently in limbo at the Moscow Airport while he tries to find a country to take him in.  Three South American nations have put out the welcome mat in the last 24 hours but without a valid passport — the U.S. has yanked his — it is unclear how he’ll get on a plane. PHOTOS: Sexy Russian Spy Ann ...
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A Day in the Life of a Snowden-Chasing Journalist at Sheremetyevo International Airport
Mother Jones - over 3 years
"Eighteen hours after their fools' errand of a flight landed in Havana, much of the Moscow-based press corps is still stranded continents away from the Snowden story they were chasing: sightseeing in the region, sniffing around the José Martí airport and wondering who exactly set them up." —Washington Post, June 25. "Moscow's main airport swarmed with journalists from around the globe Wednesday, but the man they were looking for, National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, was nowhere to be seen." —Washington Post, June 26. "Last week, journalists staked out a chain called Shokoladnitsa, hoping they would find Snowden drinking a $7 cappuccino or an $11 nonalcoholic mojito with $9 blini and red caviar." —Washington Post, July 4. Since late June, reporters from some of the world's most prestigious news outlets have been holed up at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, w ...
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Russian spy Anna Chapman tweets marriage proposal to Edward Snowden
Calgary Sun - over 3 years
A tabloid says Vladimir Putin is Russia's most eligible bachelor, but the president may have competition from an American half his age: Edward Snowden, the former U.S. spy agency contractor believed to be holed up at a Moscow airport.
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Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman proposes marriage to Edward Snowden
Yahoo News - over 3 years
The rest of the world may not want him, but NSA leaker Edward Snowden has at least one potential taker: Anna Chapman. The ex-spy tweeted yesterday, “Snowden, will you marry me?!” The former Russian spy may have sympathy for the man who spilled top-secret documents. Chapman, after all, is no stranger to run-ins with government [...]
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Yahoo News article
Russian Spy Turns Fashion Model In this photo taken Friday, June...
Fox News - over 4 years
Russian Spy Turns Fashion Model In this photo taken Friday, June 8, 2012, Russian ex-spy Anna Chapman walks a Turkish catwalk at a fashion show in Antalya, Turkey. The 30-year-old Chapman was deported from the United States in 2010 along with nine other Russian sleeper agents.
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Sen. Chuck Grassley Says Those Colombian Prostitutes The Secret Service Solicited Could Have Been Russian Spies
Business Insider - almost 5 years
Iowa senator Chuck Grassley is furious over the recent sex scandal involving Secret Service agents and Colombian prostitutes, saying that for the first time, he is not 100 percent confident that the country is safe. Grassley was on Radio Iowa Tuesday morning and blasted the Obama administration and the Secret Service for putting national security in jeopardy. "The issue here isn’t just people messin’ around with prostitutes," he said. "The issue is the security of the president of the United States and the issue is any national security implications that it might have because of the secrecy and the documents and things of that nature." Grassley added: “Who knows who might be using prostitutes. The Russians are famous for that to get information out of us. You want to know that the president is protected.” There's no evidence suggesting that the prostitutes had more clandestine day jobs, though according to a letter from the House Oversight Committee, they were brought into " ...
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Business Insider article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Anna Chapman
  • 2015
    Age 32
    In September 2015, Russian online magazine Starhit reported that Chapman had given birth to her first son although the identity of the child's father hadn't been revealed.
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  • 2013
    Age 30
    Chapman had been sighted in the breakaway region of Nagorno Karabakh in August 2013.
    More Details Hide Details She arrived with a group of Russian officials to discuss the view of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic on the chances for resolving their conflict with Azerbaijan over the territory, as well as to also reportedly work on her TV show series, Mysteries of the World. Her visit caused an outcry in Azerbaijan, causing the country's foreign ministry to declare that Chapman and the other Russian visitors will be regarded as personae-non-gratae in Azerbaijan. Chapman later visited Tsitsernakaberd, a memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, and stated in an interview that her visit to Armenia taught her the importance of family relationships and that her best friends are Armenians. She was impressed by the family values in Armenian society that Russian society lacks and said she is learning a lot from Armenia.
    On 3 July 2013 Chapman garnered media attention when, via Twitter, she asked Edward Snowden to marry her.
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  • 2012
    Age 29
    In June 2012, Chapman was again modelling on the runway for Antalya at the Dosso Dossi.
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    In 2012, FBI counter-intelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi said that Chapman almost caught a senior member of U.S. President Barack Obama's cabinet in a honeytrap operation; this was said to be a primary motive behind the move to round up the ten-person spy ring in which she was a member.
    More Details Hide Details The plan reportedly would have involved Chapman seducing her target before extracting information from him or her. Subsequent reporting suggested that these initial reports were sensational misinterpretation. Officials from the US Department of Justice claimed that the FBI's actual concern was that another of the alleged spies, Cynthia Murphy, "had been in contact with a fundraiser and 'personal friend' of Hillary Clinton".
  • 2011
    Age 28
    In April 2011, Chapman was on the runway as a catwalk model for Moscow Fashion Week at the Shiyan & Rudkovskaya show.
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  • 2010
    Age 27
    In late December 2010 Chapman was appointed to the public council of Young Guard of United Russia.
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    According to the news agency Interfax, effective 1 October 2010, Chapman was at that time employed as an adviser on investment and innovation issues to the President of FundserviceBank, a Moscow bank that handles payments on behalf of state- and private-sector enterprises in the Russian aerospace industry.
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    In October 2010, Chapman posed on the cover of Russian version of Maxim magazine in Agent Provocateur lingerie.
    More Details Hide Details The magazine also included Chapman in its list of Russia's 100 sexiest women.
    The Home Office issued legal papers revoking her citizenship on 13 July 2010.
    More Details Hide Details Steps are also being taken to exclude Chapman, meaning she could not travel to the UK. After her departure to Russia, Baum reiterated that his client had wished to stay in the UK; he also said that she was "particularly upset" by the revocation of her UK citizenship and exclusion from the country. After her arrest by the FBI for her involvement with the Illegals Program, Chapman gained celebrity status. Photos of Chapman taken from her Facebook profile appeared on the web, and several videos of her were uploaded to YouTube. Her affiliation with the Russian Federation led at least one media outlet to refer to her as "the red under the bed. " Magazines and blogs detailed her fashion style and dress sense, while tabloids displayed her action figure dolls. Chapman was described by local media in New York as a regular of exclusive bars and restaurants. U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, when jokingly asked by Jay Leno on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, "Do we have any spies that hot?", replied in a mock serious tone, "Let me be clear. It was not my idea to send her back".
    Chapman is one of only two of the Illegals Program Russians arrested in June 2010 who did not use an assumed name.
    More Details Hide Details Officials claimed Chapman worked with a network of others, until an undercover FBI agent attempted to draw her into a trap at a Manhattan coffee shop. The FBI agent offered Chapman a fake passport at Starbucks, with the instructions to forward it to another spy. He asked, "are you ready for this step?", to which Chapman unequivocally replied, "Of course". She accepted the passport. However, after making a series of phone calls to her father, Vasily Kushchenko, in Moscow, Chapman ended up heeding her father's advice and handed the passport in at a local police station. She was arrested shortly after. After being formally charged, Chapman and nine other detainees became part of a spy swap deal between the United States and Russia, the biggest of its kind since 1986. The ten Russian agents returned to Russia via a chartered jet that landed at Vienna International Airport, where the swap occurred on the morning of 8 July 2010. The Russian jet returned to Moscow's Domodedovo airport, where after landing the ten spies were kept away from local and international press.
    Chapman testified that it was only Poteyev who could have provided the U.S. authorities with the information that led to her arrest in 2010; she also alleged that she was arrested shortly after an undercover U.S. agent contacted her using a code that only Poteyev and her personal handler could know.
    More Details Hide Details Chapman wrote a column for Komsomolskaya Pravda. In October 2011, she was accused of plagiarizing material on Alexander Pushkin from a book by Kremlin spin-doctor Oleg Matveychev. The Guardian reported that this incident added to a general negative trend toward her in certain sections of Russian society, saying that in September 2011, she had been "heckled during a speech on leadership at St Petersburg University". Students had, it said, displayed signs stating: "Chapman, get out of the university!" and "The Kremlin and the porn studio are in the other direction!" Chapman's foundation supported the second International Conference "The Genetics of Aging and Longevity" in Moscow, where the top world scientists on aging present their speeches, including researchers who developed mice which lived more than twice as long as regular mice, and extended the lives of nematodes more than 10 times, study animals that do not age and develop innovative anti-aging drugs.
  • 2009
    Age 26
    Alex has stated that Anna told him the enterprise was continually in debt for the first couple of years, and then suddenly in 2009, she had as many as 50 employees and a successful business.
    More Details Hide Details She is reported to have been dating Michel Bittan, a prominent New York restaurant owner. She later described her time in the United States with the Charles Dickens quote, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times". After Anna was arrested in New York, Alex hired media publicist Max Clifford, and sold her story to The Daily Telegraph.
  • 2003
    Age 20
    In 2003 or 2004, Anna Chapman moved to London where she worked at NetJets, Barclays, and allegedly at a few other companies for brief periods.
    More Details Hide Details She took up residence at 20 Exchange Place, one block from Wall Street in Manhattan. Her LinkedIn social networking site profile identified her as CEO of PropertyFinder LLC, a website selling real estate internationally.
  • 2002
    Age 19
    According to a statement from her U.S. lawyer Robert Baum and media reports, Chapman had wished to move to the UK. As a result, the Home Office exercised the special powers by the British Home Secretary to deprive Chapman of her British citizenship under section 40 of the British Nationality Act 1981, introduced as part of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 and Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 and only used against a dozen people since its introduction.
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  • 2001
    Age 18
    Anna Kushchyenko met Alex Chapman at a London Docklands rave party in 2001 and they married shortly thereafter in Moscow; as a result she gained dual Russian–British citizenship, and a British passport.
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  • 1982
    Born on February 23, 1982.
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