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First Abbasid Caliph
Born Jan 1, 721 AD

Abu al-`Abbās `Abdu'llāh ibn Muhammad as-Saffāh, or Abul `Abbas al-Saffah, was the first Abbasid caliph (750 - 754). As-Saffah was the head of one branch of the Banu Hashim, who traced their lineage to Hashim, a great-grandfather of Muhammad, via al-Abbas, an uncle of the prophet. The Banu Hashim had great support from the camp of Ali, the fourth caliph, who had died in 661.… Read More

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721 AD Birth Born in 721.


754 AD 33 Years Old Caliph Abu al-`Abbās `Abdu’llāh as-Saffāḥ died of smallpox on June 10, 754 (136 AH), only four years after taking the title of caliph. … Read More
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