Baldwin I of Jerusalem

Baldwin I of Jerusalem

King of Jerusalem
Born Jan 1, 1058

Baldwin I of Jerusalem, formerly Baldwin I of Edessa, born Baldwin of Boulogne, 1058? – 2 April 1118, was one of the leaders of the First Crusade, who became the first Count of Edessa and then the second ruler and first titled King of Jerusalem. He was the brother of Godfrey of Bouillon, who was the first ruler of the crusader state of Jerusalem, although Godfrey refused the title of 'king' which Baldwin accepted.… Read More

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1058 Birth Born in 1058.


1080 22 Years Old As the youngest brother, Baldwin was originally intended for a career in the church, but he had given this up around 1080; according to William of Tyre, who lived in the 12th century and did not know Baldwin personally: "in his youth, Baldwin was well nurtured in the liberal studies. … Read More


1096 38 Years Old In 1096 he joined the First Crusade with his brothers Godfrey and Eustace III of Boulogne, selling much of his property to the church in order to pay for his expenses. … Read More
1097 39 Years Old In September 1097 he took Tarsus from Tancred, and installed his own garrison in the city, with help from a fleet of pirates under Guynemer of Boulogne. … Read More


1098 40 Years Old 1 More Event
Another invitation came from Thoros of Edessa, where Baldwin was adopted as Thoros' son and successor. When Thoros was assassinated in March 1098, Baldwin became the first count of Edessa, although it is unknown if he played any role in the assassination. … Read More
1099 41 Years Old At the end of 1099 he visited Jerusalem along with Bohemund I of Antioch, but he returned to Edessa in January, 1100. … Read More
1100 42 Years Old 1 More Event
After Godfrey's death in July 1100 Baldwin was invited to Jerusalem by the supporters of a secular monarchy, led by his kinsman Warner of Grez. … Read More
1101 43 Years Old 1 More Event
The struggle between church and state continued into the spring of 1101, when Baldwin had Dagobert suspended by a papal legate, while later in the year the two disagreed on the question of the contribution to be made by the patriarch towards the defence of the Holy Land. … Read More
1103 45 Years Old In 1103 Baldwin besieged Acre, without success as it was relieved by an Egyptian fleet. … Read More
1104 46 Years Old In 1104 however Baldwin was assisted by a Genoese fleet and Acre was captured.
1105 47 Years Old In 1105 another battle was fought at Ramlah and Baldwin was victorious here as well.


1109 - 1111 2 More Events
1113 55 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1113 Baldwin faced a large invasion by the combined forces of Toghtekin of Damascus and Aksunk-ur of Mosul, and though the kingdom was on the brink of destruction Baldwin was assisted by troops from Antioch and new arrivals of European pilgrims at the Battle of Al-Sannabra.
1115 57 Years Old In 1115 he led an expedition into Oultrejordain and built the castle of Montreal. … Read More
1117 59 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1117 he built the castle of Scandalion near Tyre, which was still in Muslim hands. … Read More


1118 60 Years Old 1 More Event
Baldwin recovered, however, and in 1118 he marched into Egypt and plundered Farama. … Read More
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