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Bob Heffron

Bob Heffron

Australian Politician and Premier of New South Wales
Born Sep 10, 1890

Robert James "Bob" Heffron was one of the longest-serving New South Wales state parliamentarians. He was the Australian Labor Party Premier of New South Wales from 28 October 1959, to 30 April 1964.

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1890 Birth Born in 1890.


1912 22 Years Old At 19, he went to California to work and to Yukon look unsuccessfully for gold and he returned to New Zealand in 1912.
1913 23 Years Old He joined the New Zealand Socialist Party in 1913 and became a union organiser.
1917 27 Years Old He married Jessie Bjornstad in 1917 and they travelled to Melbourne to avoid military service.


1921 31 Years Old He moved to Sydney in 1921 as secretary of the New South Wales branch of the Federated Marine Stewards' and Pantrymen's Association of Australasia. In 1927, Heffron contested Botany unsuccessfully on behalf of Lang Labor against Thomas Mutch, who had split from Jack Lang.


1930 40 Years Old He won Botany in 1930 and held it to 1950 and he was then member for Maroubra until 1968.
1936 46 Years Old In 1936, he began to organise against Lang, who had him and his followers expelled in August 1936. … Read More
1939 49 Years Old In 1939, ILP was readmitted to the New South Wales Labor Party, under pressure from the Federal Executive of the party, and Heffron, William McKell and Lang contested the leadership of the reunited party, with McKell winning. Once the state Labor Party had overcome the divisive 1930s legacy of Lang and had regained office in 1941, Heffron became a cabinet minister.


1941 51 Years Old In the series of Labor governments which ruled New South Wales uninterruptedly from 1941 to 1965, Heffron always held a prominent place.
1946 56 Years Old His main portfolios were those of Emergency Services (1941-44) and, above all, Education (1944-52, 1953-59); in 1946 he published a book on educational policy called Tomorrow Is Theirs.
1947 57 Years Old In youth a Catholic, he spent most of his adulthood – unusually for a New South Wales Labor politician at the time – outside the Roman Church. He unsuccessfully attempted to gain the Premiership upon the retirement of William McKell in 1947 (though McKell had hoped that Heffron would succeed him), and again at the departure of James McGirr in 1952. … Read More


1962 72 Years Old In Robert Askin the New South Wales Liberals had, for the first time, a confident, tough, and photogenic leader, skilled – unlike Heffron – in TV debate, although Labor did respectably at the 1962 election.
1964 74 Years Old Heffron retired to the backbenches in 1964, his successor as Premier being Jack Renshaw. Heffron died in the Sydney suburb of Kirribilli in 1978, aged 87, and was survived by two daughters. … Read More
1978 88 Years Old Died in 1978.
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