Bret Michaels
American singer
Bret Michaels
Bret Michaels is an American musician, actor, director, screenwriter, producer and reality television personality. He first gained fame as the lead vocalist of the glam metal band Poison who have sold over 30 million records worldwide and 15 million records in the United States alone. The band has also charted ten singles to the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, including six Top 10 singles and the number-one single, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn".
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Vertu slapped a Bentley logo on a mediocre Android phone and called it new
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Do you own a Bentley? Do you also enjoy spending over $9,000 on subpar Android phones? Well if you're a member of this group that undoubtedly (probably) includes Adrian Grenier and Bret Michaels, Bentley and Vertu have joined together to rebrand an existing a phone just for you.
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Poison Drummer Rikki Rockett Reveals He Has Oral Cancer
Huffington Post - about 1 year
Rikki Rockett, the drummer of glam rock band Poison, revealed on Monday that he is being treated with radiation and chemotherapy for oral cancer.  The 54-year-old rocker spoke about his cancer battle with SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk, explaining that a doctor at the University of Southern California found a tumor under his tongue over the summer. By that point, the cancer had also spread to two adjacent lymph nodes. "I went down to USC, to all the doctors down there, and the first doctor I went to sat me down, looked me in the eyes, and he said, 'You've had pretty good health all your life,'" Rockett said, according to a transcript of the interview by "He goes, 'You picked one of hell of a cancer to get.' He said, 'It is very treatable, it's very curable, but it is a son of a bitch to treat, and I'm gonna hurt you,'" he continued. "And it scared the hell out of me."  Rockett's treatment so far has lived up to the doctor's hype. He received nine rounds of ch ...
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How Near-Death Experiences Have Changed Bret Michaels
ABC News - almost 2 years
The iconic rocker reveals what he's learned after pushing things to the limit.
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Bret Michaels performs greatest hits on 'Fox & Friends'
Fox News - over 2 years
All-American Summer Concert Series
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Rocker Bret Michaels rushed offstage due to medical emergency - over 2 years
(Reuters) - Rocker Bret Michaels was rushed offstage apparently suffering from seriously low blood sugar during a New Hampshire concert on Thursday, his bandmate said in a statement posted on the singer's website.
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A Complaint Letter to Punsutawney Phil
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Dear Punxsutawney Phil, What the heck? Is it nice down there, in that burrow where you spend the winter hibernating in? Do you have a Netflix account? How about HBO GO? You must. I bet you're just so into Breaking Bad that you chose 6-more weeks of winter just so you can have an excuse to sit at home in your pizza-stained snuggie and binge on seasons 1-5. I understand, really, i do. But come on. For one thing, i'm running out of pants. Out of turtleneck sweaters. Out of patience to deal with 2 degree weather and ice that sneaks its way into my worn-out boots and takes forever to dry between the gaps of my toes. My tan lines even had an intervention with me last week because they feel ignored, displaced, unsure of how much longer they can last on my pale, pale body. They gave me the ultimatum that they're jet-setting some place warm until i come reclaim them in the spring time. Is that what you're doing too? Are you also a snowbird? I bet you secretly have a place down there in ...
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Bret Michaels Sings a Poison Classic on NBC's 'Revolution'
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JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Productions cannot be stopped Not counting past successes (and fanboy favorites) like Alias Lost and Fringe the Star Trek and Star Wars director has developed 14 television shows over the past 13 years with three still on the air CBS' Person of Interest FOX's Almost Human and...
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Kindle Love Stories chats with rocker Bret Michaels
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You know it's a good day to be a romance novelist when you get to hang out with Poison front man Bret Michaels to talk about romance.
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Bret Michaels rocks the All-American Summer concert stage
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Rocker salutes American heroes
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Getting TV Nostalgic At The 'Hot in Cleveland' Live Premiere
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When it comes to TV shows, I admit I’m a little (okay, a lot) stuck in the past. Golden Girls, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Cosby Show, Friends—there’s something so comforting to me about reliving episodes of my favorite old sitcoms, like visiting with a bestie you haven’t seen in a while. Fortunately I feel like TV Land has made it socially acceptable for people like me to bask in the glow emanating from our screens of series past. The TVs have gotten skinnier but the laughs are still the same. I mean if there’s an entire channel devoted to old favorites, I can’t be the only one, right? Watch: Bret Michaels Shares What Not To Put In Your RV When I attended TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland live season premiere viewing and after-party on Wednesday night, I felt totally in my element. My sister-in-law is a fellow die-hard Golden Girls fan so she was my guaranteed plus one. If I was going to breathe the same air as Betty White, I needed to have someone by my side who could apprec ...
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Bret Michaels Explains Why It's Not a Good Idea to Have a Stripper Pole in Your RV
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Bret Michaels is no stranger to an RV, after years of touring and even vacationing in one! So it's fantastic that he is now helping people turn their RV's into a dream ride on Travel Channel's Rock My RV. Photos: See the best dressed celebs of the week We sat down with Bret to chat about RV living, how to make your road home true to yourself, and the essentials you need inside and out. Watch: First trailer of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs Plus, Bret reveals why stripper poles are actually not such a great idea! OK! News: Cat pics and more of the best stuff on Reddit today Tune in to Rock My RV on the Travel Channel Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET. Have you taken a trip in an RV? What spots did you visit? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @OKMagazine.   MORE VIDEOS YOU'LL LOVE: * THE PROPERTY BROTHERS SHARE TIPS FOR CREATING A ROMANTIC DATE NIGHT AT HOME * FIND OUT CAROLINE, CHRIS AND ALBIE MANZO'S FAVORITE TV SHOWS! DO THEY KNOW EACH OTHER'S? * CAN SOMEONE ...
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Big Time Rush, The Lonely Island Release Albums; Watch Austin Mahone 'Live From MTV' Today
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Welcome to Buzzworthy's "The Week In Pop," where we round up new album releases, talk show musical guests, and TV performances by your favorite pop stars and more (so you don't have to). This week, Big Time Rush release their third album, 24/Seven. The boys are in the midst of "Big Time Rush" Season 4, which airs Thursdays on Nickelodeon. Also, The Lonely Island release their third LOL-inducing album with guest verses from some famous pals. Catch them on Tuesday's "Live With Kelly And Michael," where The Lonely Island's Andy Samberg also serves as guest co-host. Meanwhile, Surfer Blood drop their sophomore set, Pythons, Jimmy Eat World (who are on Tuesday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live") unleash album No. 8, Damage, Jason Isbell releases the intimate Southeastern, and the NOW series goes country, packaging some of the genre's biggest hits together for its sixth compilation. Additionally, catch Austin Mahone during "Live From MTV" today on at 4 p.m. ET; tweet questions for Austin to @ ...
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Bret Michaels turns designer for 'Rock My RV'
Fox News - over 3 years
Bret Michaels heading back to reality TV.
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Bret Michaels
  • 2015
    Age 51
    The compilation was released digitally May 5, 2015 and Michaels released the video for the new single Girls On Bars on May 12.
    More Details Hide Details The album is on physical release as a cd exclusively via his website.
    On April 9, 2015 Michaels announced his new solo album titled True Grit.
    More Details Hide Details The album will feature 21 new and classic hits.
    On April 7, 2015, Michaels released a new song titled "Girls On Bars", making it the second year in a row he released a new song during the month of April.
    More Details Hide Details The song was co written with Grammy award winning songwriter of the year, Luke Laird.
  • 2014
    Age 50
    On April 1, 2014, Michaels released his new solo single, "A Beautiful Soul", with a music video being released on April 2.
    More Details Hide Details Michaels announced that he will perform the track live on the April 2 edition of "Oprah's Lifeclass" which will be taped live on Oprah's website.
  • 2013
    Age 49
    In January, 2013, Michaels released a new single "You Know You Want It (Featuring Peter Keys)" from his upcoming new album titled "Jammin' With Friends".
    More Details Hide Details The new album features collaborations with some of the top artists and players in music from a variety of genres and generations. The album was released June 25, 2013 and charted at #13 on the Top Hard Rock Albums chart, #23 on the Top Independent Albums chart, #29 on the Top Rock Albums chart and #80 on The Billboard 200.
  • 2012
    Age 48
    In August 2012 Michaels released a new single "They Don't Make An App For That (The App Song)" through Michaels official Bret Michaels App.
    More Details Hide Details The song is a fun, tongue-in-cheek country crossover tune that takes on today’s social media culture. "The App song" features a teaser video.
    Michaels toured with Def Leppard and Lita Ford in 2012.
    More Details Hide Details
    In conjunction with his new single Michaels also released an alternate version titled "Get Your Ride On (featuring Phil Collen)" on January 10, 2012.
    More Details Hide Details The song will also Serve as Monster Energy AMA Supercross Opener all season on Speed with an exclusive video that premiered on SPEED TV January 7, 2012. The video will be customized for each race throughout the season.
  • 2011
    Age 47
    On December 31, 2011, Michaels celebrated the new year with a New Year’s Eve concert from the 'Get Your Rock On' Solo tour.
    More Details Hide Details The concert took place in Springfield, IL at the Prairie Capital Convention Center. To make the night complete, this New Year's Eve bash will be featured and well documented in the music video for the new single "Get Your Rock On" from Bret's upcoming new album. The single "Get Your Rock On (featuring Phil Collen & Sal Costa)" was released January 9, 2012.
    In early 2011 Michaels recorded a brand new song "Hit and Roll" for Top Gear (U.S. TV series) which also included a music video featured on the series and the promo commercials.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2010
    Age 46
    On August 4, 2010, Michaels appeared in the fifth season of America's Got Talent and performed "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", accompanying himself on acoustic folk guitar.
    More Details Hide Details Despite not being released as a single, a music video was produced for "Riding Against the Wind" a song from Michaels' latest album "Custom Built" that also doubles as the theme song for his new VH1 reality show Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It. The music video was released on October 7, 2010, exclusively at Billboard's and contains footage from the series, which officially premieres on VH1 on October 18, 2010. Michaels also released a music video for the cover of Sublime's song "What I Got", which is the fourth single from "Custom Built". The music video is a special tribute to his fans and was released on Thanksgiving.
    On July 6, 2010, Michaels released his new album Custom Built.
    More Details Hide Details The album became Michaels highest charting solo album to date peaking at No. 1 on both the Top Independent Albums and Top Hard Rock Albums chart and also charting at No. 4 on the Top Rock Albums and No. 14 on the Billboard 200.
    Michaels also performed a duet of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with Miley Cyrus on the June 18, 2010 episode Good Morning America.
    More Details Hide Details
    In April 2010, he released the second single "Lie to Me" and in May 2010 released the third single, "Wasted Time".
    More Details Hide Details Michaels performed on the American Idol season 9 finale on May 26 against his doctor's recommendation.
    In 2010, Michaels released a new single called "Nothing to Lose" from his upcoming new studio album, Custom Built.
    More Details Hide Details The song featured the guest vocals of Miley Cyrus.
  • 2008
    Age 44
    In December 2008, Michaels released a single version of "Driven" (rock mix) which also featured a music video with preview clips for the third season of Rock of Love, titled Rock of Love Bus.
    More Details Hide Details Michaels also re released the "Fallen" single with acoustic, piano and demo versions included.
    Michaels released a best of album called Rock My World in June 2008 which featured music from his reality television series Rock of Love including the new singles "Go That Far" (Rock of Love theme), "Fallen" and "Start Again", the first two singles also featuring music videos with clips from the series.
    More Details Hide Details The album charted at No. 40 on the Billboard 200, No. 4 on the Top Independent Albums, No. 4 on the Top Hard Rock Albums and No. 16 on the Top Rock Albums chart.
    On April 13, 2008, Michaels selected Ambre Lake as his "Rock of Love".
    More Details Hide Details After the show the two maintained a relationship, but parted ways after just a few months due to personal commitments, but they remain good friends. A third season, Rock of Love Bus, premiered on January 4, 2009. which was a series high for VH1, Michaels chose Penthouse Pet Taya Parker as the winner. When asked about a fourth season of Rock of Love, Michaels said "Now they want me to come back for a fourth 'Rock of Love.' I feel that it should be something that changes up, but I still want that fun element. What you see is what you get with me." Michaels and actor Charlie Sheen established a film production company, Sheen/Michaels Entertainment, which produced the movie A Letter from Death Row (1998), in which Michaels wrote, directed and starred, and for which he released a soundtrack album. They also produced No Code of Conduct that same year, which Michaels also directed and acted in. Their company also produced the feature film Free Money, starring Marlon Brando and Mira Sorvino, and the surfer movie In God's Hands in which Michaels also had a small acting role.
    Michaels released a 30-minute DVD from Time Life in 2008 called Hard & Heavy Confidential featuring Bret Michaels which included acoustic versions of "All I Ever Needed", "Driven", "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and "Something to Believe In", it also included in depth interviews.
    More Details Hide Details The DVD was included in the Hard & Heavy CD/DVD collection from (Time Life) advertised on TV by Bret Michaels. The same four acoustic performances were also released on CD titled "Bret Michaels Acoustic Sessions".
  • 2007
    Age 43
    Michaels starred in the reality television dating competition series Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, the first season of which premiered in July 2007.
    More Details Hide Details Jes Rickleff was the winner of Season One. However, she announced during the October 2007 reunion show that she and Michaels were not right for each other and told runner-up Heather he was all hers and that he should have chosen Heather. The first season was released on DVD in early 2008. The show's second season premiered on January 13, 2008.
  • 2005
    Age 41
    Michaels served as a judge on the 2005 season of the reality television singing competition Nashville Star and released a country rock album in the same year called Freedom of Sound.
    More Details Hide Details The album features the singles "Right Now, Right Here", "Open Road" which Michaels performed live on the show and the hit single "All I Ever Needed" (featuring Jessica Andrews) which appeared on Billboard's "Hot Country Songs" chart, with its best position being number 45. The song also featured a music video which appeared on Billboard's "Hot Videoclip Tracks" chart in 2008.
  • 2003
    Age 39
    In 2003, Michaels released a brand new studio album Songs of Life which featured the singles "Raine" (dedicated to his daughter) and "Bittersweet".
    More Details Hide Details Michaels also released his first solo music video for the single "Raine" which was directed by award winning director Shane Stanley. The album also featured a music video for "Menace to Society" and a 9/11 tribute "One More Day".
  • 2001
    Age 37
    In 2001 Michaels released a unique storytellers CD titled Ballads, Blues & Stories which featured Poison and Michaels solo tracks along with recorded stories about each song.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2000
    Age 36
    In 2000 Michaels released a country demos ep and also released the album "Show Me Your Hits" which featured re-recorded Poison classics, the album featured Michaels performing Poison hits in a new way and also featured other artists with Michaels on selected tracks.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1998
    Age 34
    Michaels recorded his first solo album in 1998 titled A Letter from Death Row which was the soundtrack to the same-titled movie he directed, wrote, and starred in.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1990
    Age 26
    However, their lives were characterized by the escalating tension between Michaels and DeVille that derived from their mutual drug use, which came to a head during their 1990/91 "Flesh and Blood" world tour.
    More Details Hide Details Also cited is the spectacle of DeVille's behavior during the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards. After getting into a fistfight with Michaels, DeVille left the band, and descended further into addiction. Poison went on with new guitarist Richie Kotzen recording the Gold album Native Tongue and then with guitarist Blues Saraceno recording the album Crack a Smile... and More! In the mid-1990s, after a night of partying, Michaels came close to dying when he crashed his Ferrari into a telephone pole. He incurred serious injury, including broken ribs, a disfigured nose and lost teeth. In 1999, reunited with original guitarist C.C. Deville, Poison went on a successful greatest hits reunion tour. In the next decade, Bret Michaels would split his time between Poison and a successful solo career.
  • 1987
    Age 23
    1987 also saw the dissolution of his relationship with Lewis, who felt that fame had changed him.
    More Details Hide Details Though Michaels contends that Lewis was unfaithful to him, Lewis (now Lewis Crosby) insists that it was Michaels who was unfaithful. Michaels was inspired by the breakup to write "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", explaining that the rose represented his fame and success, whereas the loss of his relationship represented the thorn. The song was released as a power ballad single in December 1988, and is regarded as "the ultimate '80s anthem about heartbreak". Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Poison became one of the biggest glam metal bands in the world, recording their second album, the multi-platinum selling Open Up and Say... Ahh!, and their third album, the multi-platinum selling Flesh & Blood.
    Local publicity about the band eventually led to a record deal with Enigma Records, and their first album, Look What the Cat Dragged In. It did not see great success until 1987, when Michaels convinced the band to film a video for their song, "Talk Dirty to Me".
    More Details Hide Details The album went platinum, and the band became famous. In March of that year, Poison headlined a show at Madison Square Garden. Michaels took his insulin injection before the show but was so nervous about performing that he neglected to eat. Several songs into Poison's set, Michaels went into insulin shock and collapsed onstage. When subsequent media reports alleged that Michaels collapsed due to a drug overdose, Michaels publicly announced that he was a diabetic.
  • 1963
    Born on March 15, 1963.
    More Details Hide Details
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