Carol Vorderman
English TV presenter
Carol Vorderman
Carol Jean Vorderman MBE is a British media personality, best known for co-hosting the popular game show Countdown for 26 years from 1982 to 2008. She is a freelance presenter. In September 2011 she became a co-host of the ITV panel show Loose Women.
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Cadet is presented her ‘wings’ by ambassador Carol Vorderman
Hemel Today - almost 2 years
A young cadet is on cloud nine after completing her pilot scholarship and being presented with her ‘wings’ by Carol Vorderman - an accomplished pilot herself and air cadets ambassador.
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Snapshot: 17 Photos of British Snowmen
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Jayne Dawson: Thanks to Brian we can wear geekiness with pride
Yorkshire Evening Post - over 3 years
It’s too late for me, but I’m thrilled anyway. The world has turned and now it’s okay to be ...a geek. Once, there was nothing worse. A geek was a person who was boring and unfashionable, it says so in the dictionary. Geeks lived in their bedrooms and their geekiness excluded them from all kinds of normal interaction, like sharing a bottle of cheap sherry with fellow teenagers in the park, or walking up and down the high street exchanging insults with boys who were also walking up and down the high street. Geeks did not have even the faintest grasp of popular culture, not the tiniest notion of how sexy David Bowie truly was and, horror of horrors, sometimes they talked to their parents. I wasn’t one. Actually, I say that but, at one stage, there were fears that I might be. Luckily, my grandma soon snapped me out of it by referring to me frequently as “that bookworm” in tones that were not complimentary. I came to realise that, what with my tallness, paleness and quietness – als ...
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Carol Vorderman, 52, shows off her toned legs as she models summer shorts for online fashion campaign
Daily Mail (UK) - over 3 years
Mother-of-two Carol looks ready for business in the matching cream shorts and jacket, worn over a green top and accessorised with cream and tan heels and matching bag.
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Francesca Segal: Food and Marriage in the Suburbs
Huffington Post - about 4 years
Several years ago, when I was writing for Tatler, I was invited to cover the Hennessy Gold Cup. A disparate, rather mismatched collection of celebrities populated the sponsor's box: a smattering of Windsors; Richard Madeley strode back and forth with an extremely serious expression - perhaps he had a large bet on. A newly thin Carol Vorderman. Small assemblies of aristos, both minor and major, ambled around, behatted. Salman Rushdie advised a gaggle of worshipful young ladies (incorrectly, it transpired, although with great charm) that a certain horse preferred to run the other way around a racecourse, and so would make a bad bet. And I busied myself as I usually do at sporting events - in a serious investigation of the food. Hot pursuit of the canapés was every bit as exciting as the thundering hooves far below us on the Newbury course. Perhaps more exciting. A rather grand colleague drifted over to me as I was flagging down a passing tray of miniature devilled eggs. "Your ...
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Brit Awards: Worst Dressed Stars EVER!
Huffington Post - about 4 years
Not only have the Brit Awards provided us with some truly memorable awards moments over its 33 year history, the British music industry's biggest night has also given us some of the worst outfits ever to have graced a red carpet. From Carol Vorderman in a leather catsuit, through to Kelly Brook's boob-busting corset via Caprice's, errrrm, well, we're still trying to find the words, we've captured all the biggest Brits style offenders right here. So, as the latest batch of nominees and celebrities ready themselves to take to the red carpet on Wednesday night, here is a lesson in how NOT to do it. HUFFPOST UK CELEB ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER
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Back in the mac: Carol Vorderman leaves ITV studios in a chic coat... as her first Twitter fan club is formed
Daily Mail (UK) - about 4 years
Every outfit Carol Vorderman wears certainly gets noticed - and now the loose-lipped Loose Woman has got the ultimate accolade as her first Twitter fan club has formed.
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Carol Vorderman shows off her real curves in figure-hugging shift
Daily Mail (UK) - about 4 years
TV presenter looked glam as she left the Loose Women studios.
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Make-up time machine: How warpaint can help you look nearly TEN years younger
Daily Mail (UK) - over 4 years
A survey has revealed that three quarters of women believe that make-up makes them look dramatically younger - and say that made-up, Carol Vorderman, 51, looked nine years younger.
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Carol Vorderman reveals the secret to her enviable curves
Daily Mail (UK) - over 4 years
The 51-year-old TV presenter says that despite having a figure most women dream of, looking good is not on the top of her priority list.
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Daily Mail (UK) article
Carol Vorderman wears a very strict all-black ensemble as she leaves Loose Women
Daily Mail (UK) - over 4 years
The TV Presenter was spotted leaving the ITV studios in London in a black dress
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Carol Vorderman counts down to her TV comeback with Simon Cowell as she gets set to host new cookery contest
Daily Mail (UK) - over 4 years
Carol Vorderman will host Simon Cowell's new cookery contest Food Glorious Food, which begins filming next month and will be screened on ITV in the New Year.
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John Lydon fails to bring anarchy to Question Time
Guardian (UK) - over 4 years
The punk rocker put in a game display as a panellist – but those hoping for a Bill Grundy moment were disappointed The presence of John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten on Thursday night's Question Time, broadcast from Derby, seemed to offer the guarantee of profanity, controversy and danger. Younger viewers were doubtless wondering why a public fondness for butter should be sufficient qualification to appear on a current affairs discussion programme. But for others Lydon's appearance prompted some mouth-watering speculation. Would the programme makers ditch the usual theme tune in favour of a few bars of Pretty Vacant? No such luck – the producers were presumably waiting to use that for Chloe Smith's next appearance. How would the man who had been so dismissive of Her Majesty, dismissing her as not even a human being in God Save the Queen, treat the quasi-regal David Dimbleby – another beneficiary of the hereditary principle? The producers had initially hoped to include Lydon during Jubile ...
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Carol Vorderman pulls awkward face as she highlights curves in tight pink dress
Daily Mail (UK) - over 4 years
She may have lost her coveted title of Rear Of The Year, but Carol Vorderman is still going strong.
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Daily Mail (UK) article
Oliver Cross: Time to start over
Yorkshire Evening Post - almost 5 years
This week, I dipped into 56 Up, the revealing ITV series which has followed a group of children since they were seven, stopping for a catch-up every seven years. I watched it with huge interest until the group turned 28, by which time – apart from the troubling Liverpool lad, Neil, who started out so twinkly and charming then became hauntingly bleak and sad – most of the children had settled into a perfectly predictable pattern of life and demonstrated that it’s very difficult to move far from the background you were born into. If it wasn’t for Neil, you’d say that the producer, Michael Apted, had proved the point that ‘the child is father to the man’ so comprehensively that there was little more to be said. Except that, like meeting relatives you only see at weddings and funerals, you like to keep up, and not only because of the interesting effects of male baldness patterns and Clairol. If these people who periodically invade your life were to vanish, they would take part of you ...
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Yorkshire Evening Post article
Carol Vorderman is an inspiration as she shows off curvy figure in tight red dress
Daily Mail (UK) - almost 5 years
Vorderman was the big name star on the night and she wore a figure hugging dress that ensured all eyes were on her.
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Daily Mail (UK) article
Why No One Finishes a Book on Business Storytelling
The Huffington Post - almost 5 years
In every library - sandwiched between Richard Branson's autobiography and a fat volume of John Betjeman - you'll find five books about business writing. The first is on Twitter for the small business owner. The next two books cover higher-end business punctuation; such as the semi-colon. You can't tell if book number four has been misfiled but Carol Vorderman always looks good with a crossword grid behind her. More...
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The Huffington Post article
Carol's TV tears for tragic pal Richard
Herald - Ireland - almost 5 years
CAROL Vorderman breaks down in tears on TV tonight as she recalls the death of old friend and Countdown colleague Richard Whiteley.
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Herald - Ireland article
Vorderman loved Countdown presenter
The Evening Telegraph - almost 5 years
Carol Vorderman breaks down in tears on TV on Friday night as she recalls the death of old friend and Countdown colleague Richard Whiteley.
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The Evening Telegraph article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Carol Vorderman
  • 2014
    Age 53
    In 2014 she became the first celebrity to win the award twice.
    More Details Hide Details Vorderman has been critical of the Labour Party's education policies. In February 2009, it was announced that she was to head a task force established by the Conservative Party to look at the teaching of mathematics. David Cameron commented, "Carol has got a passion for maths. We have all seen that on Countdown with her brilliant mental arithmetic and she is going to lead this task force so we can get the answers right." In an appearance on Question Time in March 2010, Vorderman was critical of all three major parties for hypocrisy in taking donations from non-domiciled taxpayers. Vorderman is a patron of the Cleft Lip and Palate Association (CLAPA) (her older brother, Anton, was born with a cleft lip and palate). In 2005 she was the winner of Ant and Dec's Gameshow Marathon. As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations ITV ran a series of the nation's favourite game shows featuring celebrities competing to become Gameshow Marathon winner and raise money for the charity of their choice. As series winner Vorderman won £60,000 for CLAPA. In November 2011 Carol also appeared in the music video for New Vorder's 'Carol O Carol' (playing herself) a song written by Jim Salveson in 1999 about his love for Carol Vorderman. The video is directed by Tim Cocker and was released on 28 November 2011 in aid of charity CLAPA.
    On 20 November 2014 Vorderman accepted the appointment of ambassador to the Royal Air Force Air Cadets saying; "I am truly honoured to be appointed as an ambassador for the RAF Air Cadets.
    More Details Hide Details I can’t wait to meet the cadets, and the adult volunteer staff who give so much of their time to support them. The cadets themselves are a shining example of the best of British youngsters, standing with them on a parade square will be a great privilege." Vorderman will assume the rank of Honorary Group Captain RAFVR(T) for the duration of her appointment. She is the first and only female to be appointed Ambassador in the Royal Air Force Air Cadets' 75 year history after taking over from former ambassador Group Captain Sir Chris Hoy MBE RAFVR(T) Retd.
    In 2014 Vorderman qualified for a private pilot's licence and announced that she plans to fly solo around the world.
    More Details Hide Details
    On 14 July 2014, Vorderman announced her departure as a presenter on Loose Women.
    More Details Hide Details Vorderman explained: I am getting into the hard work for my planning and training to go round the world next year. In the first two years on Loose I did over 100 days a year but in the last year I have only managed just over 20 days because I kept having to cancel days due to other work commitments. I tried appearing just once a week up until Christmas and I just couldn't do it. I write a lot of educational books and have a big maths website so my time is spent with those too. I like to do things properly and it's unfair to commit to something half-heartedly Vorderman has had newspaper columns in The Daily Telegraph, and in the Daily Mirror on Internet topics. She has written books on Detox diets. Her No 1 Bestseller was Detox For Life, produced in collaboration with Ko Chohan and Anita Bean and published by Virgin Books, which sold over a million copies.
  • 2013
    Age 52
    However, after the show returned from its summer break in September 2013, she began to host one episode per week with McLean anchoring the remaining four.
    More Details Hide Details On 3 October 2013, it was announced that former Loose Women presenter Kaye Adams would be returning to the show later in the year and Ruth Langsford would join the panel in January 2014. Adams, Langsford and Andrea McLean hosted the show in rotation with Vorderman remaining as an occasional presenter on the programme, usually presenting one episode a fortnight.
  • 2011
    Age 50
    From September 2011 to June 2013, Vorderman and fellow Loose Women host Andrea McLean hosted two to three shows per week.
    More Details Hide Details
    This was later confirmed with Vorderman presenting her first live show on 5 September 2011.
    More Details Hide Details
    In July 2011, Vorderman and Sally Lindsay were tipped for roles on Loose Women following ITV's decision to axe Kate Thornton and Zoë Tyler from the programme.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2008
    Age 47
    Vorderman recorded her last Countdown show on 13 November 2008 which was broadcast on 12 December 2008.
    More Details Hide Details Both her children were in the audience, together with many of the previous guests from "Dictionary Corner". After the prizegiving at the end of the show, Des O'Connor was presented with a bouquet of flowers by the show's lexicographer Susie Dent, and Vorderman received one from Gyles Brandreth. She was too moved to complete her farewells. A special show, One Last Consonant, Please Carol, hosted by Brandreth and featuring Vorderman's highs and lows during the 26 years of the show, was also filmed and transmitted just before her final Countdown appearance. After leaving Countdown, Vorderman continued contributing her column to the British magazine Reveal. Vorderman is the presenter of the annual Pride of Britain Awards, which are televised by ITV. She began hosting The Pride of Britain Awards when they were first introduced in 1999.
    Vorderman and O'Connor both left the show in December 2008.
    More Details Hide Details The producers auditioned for Vorderman's and O'Connor's successors. On 21 November 2008, it was announced that 22-year-old Oxford graduate Rachel Riley and Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling would replace them
    On 25 July 2008, after 26 unbroken years with the show, it was announced that Vorderman was stepping down from Countdown.
    More Details Hide Details She later said she had resigned after failing to agree terms with Channel 4 for a new contract, and it was reported that she had been asked to take a cut of 90% from her previous salary, estimated as £900,000. She had considered leaving the show when the show's original host Richard Whiteley died in 2005, but remained on the show when Lynam took over, and until 2008 when his eventual replacement O'Connor announced he was also to step down as the show's host.
  • 2007
    Age 46
    In January 2007 Des O'Connor replaced Lynam; Vorderman continued to co-host the show.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2006
    Age 45
    After five years together, Vorderman and Kelly separated in December 2006, publicly announcing the amicable split in January 2007 and after a brief reconciliation in Bristol according to reports.
    More Details Hide Details Vorderman shares her Bristol home with her mother, her two children and her best friend Mandy along with her own two teenage boys. Vorderman has commented that it is like a commune with endless coming and goings and much laughter and noise. Vorderman has lived with her mother all her life. Her brother lives in The Hague.
  • 2005
    Age 44
    In October 2005, Des Lynam replaced Whiteley and co-hosted with Vorderman.
    More Details Hide Details
    In June 2005, the producers of Countdown asked Vorderman if she wanted to fill the role of main presenter vacated by the recently deceased Richard Whiteley.
    More Details Hide Details Vorderman declined, and a search for a new presenter began while the show went into a four-month hiatus.
  • 2000
    Age 39
    She has been elected as an Honorary Fellow of Bangor University in North Wales and, in 2000, received an Honorary Degree (MA) from the University of Bath.
    More Details Hide Details Vorderman was voted UK Female Rear of the Year in 2011.
    Vorderman was honoured as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for "services to broadcasting" in the Queen's Birthday Honours in June 2000.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1990
    Age 29
    Her second marriage was to management consultant Patrick King in 1990 at age 29.
    More Details Hide Details Vorderman had two children, Katie (b. 1992) and Cameron (b. 1997), with King; the couple separated in 2000. After meeting at a Christmas party in 1999, Vorderman and Daily Mail columnist and PR consultant Des Kelly lived together in London from 2001, also using their other house in Glandore, West Cork, Ireland.
  • 1985
    Age 24
    Vorderman was first married in 1985 at age 24 to Christopher Mather, a Royal Navy officer and former international rugby league player, but the marriage lasted only twelve months.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1982
    Age 21
    Vorderman appeared on Countdown with Richard Whiteley from the show's inception in 1982, until Whiteley's death in June 2005, and with Des Lynam then Des O'Connor, until 2008.
    More Details Hide Details Initially, Vorderman's only contribution to the show was the numbers game, and she formed part of a five person presentation team. However, over the following years, the team was pared down, and Vorderman's contribution increased. Vorderman thus became a new type of game show hostess, revealing her intellectual ability by carrying out fast and accurate arithmetical calculations during the show. Her lasting success on the show led to her becoming one of the highest-paid women in Britain, ultimately earning her an estimated £1 million per year.
  • 1978
    Age 17
    Vorderman was educated at the Roman Catholic comprehensive Blessed Edward Jones High School in Rhyl. In 1978, when she was 17, she matriculated to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, where she studied engineering; Vorderman, earning a third in all three years of her education at Cambridge and thus a member of the 'Nines Club', graduated with a third-class honours degree three years later.
    More Details Hide Details Vorderman did not trace the Dutch side of her family until 2007 (as part of the BBC genealogy programme Who Do You Think You Are? It was only at this point that she discovered that her father had been an active member of the Dutch resistance during the Nazi occupation. He died while the programme was being filmed. Her great-grandfather Adolphe Vorderman played a key role in the discovery of vitamins. Vorderman initially found employment as a junior civil engineer at Dinorwig Power Station in Wales and later as a graduate management trainee in Leeds. In her spare time, she was briefly a backing singer with friend Lindsay Forrest in the Leeds-based pop group Dawn Chorus and the Blue Tits, fronted by radio DJ Liz Kershaw during the early 1980s. The group recorded such songs as a version of The Undertones' hit Teenage Kicks (one of the tracks Vorderman had to identify during the "intros round" when she appeared on Never Mind the Buzzcocks in December 2009 – the series often includes questions from contestants' pasts). During 1984/85 she made regular appearances on the Peter Levy show on Radio Aire, appearing mid-morning to read a story for any pre-school children who might be listening with their mothers.
  • 1970
    Age 9
    In 1970, her mother married Italian immigrant Armido Rizzi.
    More Details Hide Details The couple separated ten years later. Vorderman's father remarried; his wife died in the early 1990s.
  • 1960
    Born on December 24, 1960.
    More Details Hide Details
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