Charles Woodmason

Charles Woodmason

Born Oct 23, 1720

Charles Woodmason was an author, poet, Anglican clergyman, American loyalist, and West Gallery psalmodist. He is best remembered for his journal documenting life on the South Carolina frontier in the late 1760s, and for his role as a leader of the South Carolina Regulator movement.… Read More

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Born in 1720.
1722 2 Years Old Charles Woodmason’s mother died in August 1722 and his father remarried in October 1725.


1735 15 Years Old In June 1735, Woodmason completed the seven-year apprenticeship to a Gosport mercer named Thomas Levet.


1745 25 Years Old He married Hannah Page in 1745 and they had two children, a daughter and a son. … Read More
1747 27 Years Old In 1747, he was responsible for the removal of the organ used by George Frederick Handel from the deceased Duke of Chandos' private chapel at Canongate to Holy Trinity, where it still remains in use today.
1748 28 Years Old His tune book, A Collection of Psalm Tunes with Basses Fitted for the Voice and Figured for the Organ, for the Use of Gosport in Hampshire, saw its second edition in 1748. … Read More


1750 30 Years Old In September 1750, Benjamin Woodmason died.
1752 32 Years Old 1 More Event
Sometime in 1752, his son left England for America and settled in the colony of South Carolina where he initially prospered as a planter and store proprietor.
1754 34 Years Old Writings from both of them were included in a microfilm edition Selected Materials Relating to America, 1754-1806 that the Society published in the 1960s.


1766 46 Years Old 1 More Event
After a series of reverses, including a failed attempt to become a distributor under the hated Stamp Act, Charles Woodmason returned to England and was ordained a Church of England minister. On Friday, Apr. 25, 1766, Charles Woodmason was ordained a deacon by John Green, the Bishop of Lincoln, at the Chapel Royal, Whitehall, Westminster. … Read More


1772 52 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1772, Charles Woodmason accepted a parish in Virginia only to find upon his arrival that the vestry in their patriotic zeal had resolved to hire only native-born Americans. … Read More
1776 56 Years Old 1 More Event
That act, coupled with his refusal to publish at that service the “Brief for collecting Money for relief of the poor of Boston, (but in fact to purchase Ammunition)” according to Woodmason's 1776 memorial to the Bishop of London, led a local Patriot committee to advise him to “consult his safety”. … Read More


1782 62 Years Old On 18 January 1782, tragedy struck the Woodmason family. … Read More
1789 69 Years Old 1 More Event
In late March 1789, Rev. Charles Woodmason died.
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