Chiyonofuji Mitsugu

Chiyonofuji Mitsugu

Sumo Wrestler
Born Jun 1, 1955

, born June 1, 1955, as Mitsugu Akimoto in Hokkaidō, Japan, is a former champion sumo wrestler and the 58th yokozuna of the sport. He is now the stable master of Kokonoe stable. Chiyonofuji was one of the greatest yokozuna of recent times, winning 31 tournament championships, second only to Taihō. He was particularly remarkable for his longevity in sumo's top rank, which he held for a period of ten years from 1981 to 1991.… Read More

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1955 Birth Born on June 1, 1955.


1970 15 Years Old Chiyonofuji began his career in September 1970.
1974 19 Years Old He reached the second highest jūryō division in November 1974, and was promoted to the top makuuchi division in September 1975. … Read More


1978 23 Years Old He finally won promotion back to the top division in January 1978. … Read More
1979 24 Years Old In 1979, due to his shoulder trouble, Chiyonofuji briefly fell to the second division, but he soon came back to the top division. … Read More
1980 25 Years Old Showing much more consistency, he earned three kinboshi (i.e. defeated yokozuna in three regular matches) in total in March and July 1980 tournaments, where he also got technique prizes (Ginō-shō). … Read More
As a sekiwake, he scored 11-4 in November, and in January 1981 he scored 14-1, losing only one regular match to dominating yokozuna Kitanoumi, and then defeated him in the subsequent playoff to win a top makuuchi division title for the first time. … Read More
1982 27 Years Old As his rival Kitanoumi went into a long slump, Chiyonofuji dominated sumo in 1982, winning four of the six tournaments. … Read More
1983 28 Years Old He was restricted to just one championship in the nine tournaments held from May 1983 to September 1984.


1985 - 1986 2 More Events
1988 33 Years Old In 1988 he went on a winning streak of 53 bouts, the third longest in sumo history second to current Yokozuna Hakuho's 62, and Futabayama's all time record of 69. … Read More
In July 1989 he took his 28th championship in a playoff from his stablemate Hokutoumi, marking the first time ever that two yokozuna from the same stable had met in competition. … Read More
1991 36 Years Old Following his retirement from the ring in May 1991, Chiyonofuji inherited the elder name of Jinmaku; then in 1992 he and his stablemaster Kokonoe (the 52nd Yokozuna Kitanofuji) exchanged their elder names (Jinmaku and Kokonoe) and he took over Kokonoe stable. … Read More


2008 53 Years Old In February 2008 he joined the board of directors of the Japan Sumo Association, where he was responsible for organising the regional tours or jungyō, but he had to resign in April 2011 after his wrestler Chiyohakuhō admitted involvement in match-fixing and retired from sumo. … Read More
2010 55 Years Old …  That record stood for 22 years until Hakuhō broke it with his 54th straight win in September 2010. … Read More
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