Claudia Schiffer
German model and actress
Claudia Schiffer
Claudia Schiffer is a German model and Creative Director of her clothing label. Schiffer rose to popularity and became a household name during the early 1990s as one of the world's most successful models. In her early career, there were many comparisons drawn to her resemblance to Brigitte Bardot. She has appeared on more than 700 magazine covers and continues to front global campaigns for luxury fashion and fragrance houses.
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Supermodel Claudia Schiffer unveils her fall cashmere collection
Yahoo News - 6 months
Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has launched a cashmere collection under the name Claudia Schiffer Knitwear with New York-based luxury ready-to-wear label TSE, following her previous spring 2016 and fall 2015 collaborations with the brand.
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The hottest supermodels from the 90s are back!
Houston Chronicle - about 1 year
“What Just Happened”: Some of the biggest supermodels from the ‘90s are back as the new faces of Balmain’s 2016 spring campaign. Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer joined Olivier Rousteing’s #BalmainArmy and proved that they are just as super as they’ve ever been. You can tweet our host @TheNickPaschal.
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Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer star in Balmain campaign
Yahoo News - about 1 year
Balmain and the house's artistic director Olivier Rousteing have unveiled their Spring/ Summer 2016 campaign on the fashion brand's Instagram account.
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7 Ways Every Holidayer Can Freak Out in Mallorca
Huffington Post - about 1 year
It's the holiday season again. If you are like me, you might have a hard time choosing between the splendor of history, the beckoning of the beach, the call of the quaint quiet life watching the magnificent sunset, or the craving for adventure, exploring peaks and trenches and yet, suffer from fear of missing out on city life - you could hit a sweet spot on this lovely island of Spain - Mallorca. This lovely group of islands sitting on the Mediterranean Sea offers you a great mix of everything on a platter, and will still leave you craving for more.  The Lonely Planet declares Mallorca a top European summer destination with a marked history. The destination is such a favourite among the Europeans that they have a whole new name for the island - Majorca - with reference to it being the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago. To the natives and rest of the world, it is Mallorca.  It comes as no surprise that many from the rich and famous tribe like Claudia Schiffer, Boris ...
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Where Beyonce, Britney Spears and Claudia Schiffer go to escape the paparazzi 
Daily Mail (UK) - almost 2 years
We see them soaking up the sun on the deck of a superyacht in St Bart's, St Tropez or Cabo San Lucas. But where do the superstars go when they want to get away from public's glare?
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Kate Moss Playboy Photos Revealed: Model Goes Topless
US Magazine - about 3 years
Blonde bunny! The highly-anticipated Playboy 60th anniversary issue, featuring world-famous supermodel Kate Moss on its cover, is out -- and in it, she strips down and reveals the hot body that catapulted her into the arena of '90s icons. On the cover, Moss, 39, wears a skintight black leotard, Saint Laurent pumps and a fluffy, white snowball of a tail as she is tastefully shot from the backside. Her toned physique is accentuated as she stretches to her left with her arms elegantly cuffed, as the super gives a smoldering stare over her shoulder. The 18-page editorial, which was shot by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, includes several topless images of Moss -- as well as a full-frontal nude shot. PHOTOS: Kate Moss through the years In one, the married mother of one wears nothing but two flashy pieces of jewelry, as she drapes her right hand across her chest. Another shot includes the model, topless, in a pair of retro black bunny ears, staring into the ca ...
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Priyanka Chopra, The New Guess Girl, 'Honored' To Be Brand's First Indian Model
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Say hello to the new Guess girl: Priyanka Chopra. The Bollywood star and former Miss World has been tapped by the brand to front its Holiday 2013 campaign, making Chopra the first Indian Guess girl. "I'm like their first brown model," Chopra told Women's Wear Daily. "For a global fashion brand, for them to move their campaign into a global space, for me it's an honor." The stunning black-and-white photos, shot by Bryan Adams, feature Chopra sporting Guess' signature teased hair, cat eyeliner and sexy clothes in a Mediterranean villa. Translation: The campaign is an instant classic, bringing to mind the ads of Claudia Schiffer and Anna Nicole Smith, Chopra's predecessors. Chopra said she was hand-selected by Paul Marciano, Guess' president, after he met her and immediately dubbed her the new Sophia Loren. Since Marciano's last model of choice, Kate Upton, has become the poster child for glamorous bombshell beauty, we have no doubt that Chopra will be the name on everybody's lips c ...
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Candice Swanepoel To Wear $10 Million "Royal Fantasy Bra" at 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
US Magazine - over 3 years
This bra has some major bling! Victoria's Secret announced Wednesday that South African supermodel Candice Swanepoel, 24, is the chosen one to don the enviable Fantasy Bra -- a tradition that dates back to the 1996 show when Claudia Schiffer first sported the "Million Dollar Miracle Bra -- in the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  A majestic $10 million price tag accompanies the "Royal Fantasy Bra," which certainly lives up to its name. PHOTOS: The world's highest-paid supermodels The Mouawad-designed piece, complete with a bow and matching belt, includes over 4,200 precious gems including rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires. The stones are set in 18-carat gold with a rather large 52-carat pear-shaped ruby that dangles at the center; Therefore, the $10 million price tag, up from last year's $2.5 million "Floral Fantasy" bra showcased by Alessandra Ambrosio.  This is the blonde supermodel's first time wearing a version of the Fantasy Bra. Her predecessors include Mir ...
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Tyra Banks' Model Photos Show Her Amazing Ability To Transform
Huffington Post - over 3 years
We've seen Tyra Banks teach her "Top Model" protégées the art of transformation for 20 cycles now, so it's nice to see the model practice what she preaches... and then some. When Banks released three images of her uncanny supermodel impersonations on Saturday, we were stunned. Little did we know, she had 12 more up her sleeve, all part of a photography exhibition entitled "15" (named for the 15 models she channels). Styled by Bank's stylist, Ty-Ron Mayes, the Udo Spreitzenbarth-lensed shots are "un-retouched" and each more stupefying than the last -- Tyra's spot-on portrayals are borderline creepy. Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Lauren Hutton, Jerry Hall, Iman, Kate Moss, Twiggy, Brooke Shields, Claudia Schiffer, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Grace Jones all made the list of iconic supermodels imitated in the exhibition. But modern fashion darlings like Kate Upton, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne were also deemed worthy of a Banks rendering. Oh, and of course she threw in a nod to he ...
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Alexa Curtis: My Big Problem With The Fashion Industry
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Let me first get the average question out of the way when it comes to the fashion industry and my position: "So you get to play with pretty clothes all day, right?" Or, "Waiittttt, you must be soo rich from all this." No. Nor do we (models, bloggers, whatever you wish to call us) get paid (majority of the time), keep the clothes (again, majority of the time), or have any real recognition unless you happen to be BFFs with the editor of (insert teen magazine here with heartthrob boy on the cover). Fashion is not an easy industry. Competitive, cut-throat and nonstop? Yes, yes and yes. Whether it be modeling, blogging, social media, magazines, sales... most likely, you're going to be underpaid, overworked, and in way above your head. That doesn't mean this isn't the place for you, but unless you have that certain je ne sais quoi (cue Carrie Bradshaw), a traditional path can sometimes be more rewarding. This article isn't one that is supposed to turn anyone away from becomi ...
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Karl Lagerfeld Deemed 'Fashion Pope' In New Documentary
Huffington Post - over 3 years
Karl Lagerfeld has earned plenty of epithets in his long career helming Chanel: "opinionated," "multitasker," "controversial," "rock star." Now, he adds a new moniker to his collection: "Fashion Pope." Of course, Czar Karl thought of this nickname himself, in the course of a new, four-hour documentary comparing fashion to religion. "Mode Als Religon," a German project by Martina Neuen, compares fashion fanatics' fervent devotion to a religious experience. "Fashion involves powerful symbols, a tight-knit community, age-old rituals and a system of beliefs," Women's Wear Daily expands, "Mechanism[s] that can drive the industry as surely as they compel churchgoers." Neuen follows Lagerfeld throughout the course of the film, shot over a span of 16 months. The documentarian also speaks to neurologists who prove, according to WWD, that the brains and emotions of "a Catholic priest and a devoted fashionista" react identically in the face of their respective "religions." As we'v ...
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Huffington Post article
Vicki Hogarth: The Return of the Supermodel
Huffington Post - over 3 years
The moment was impossible to stage. "Teach Me How to Dougie" blasted from the loudspeakers at an LA Clippers game. A (then unknown) model named Kate Upton showed off her best Cali Swag District dance moves while her friend captured it all on his iPhone. All it took was one tweet, and Upton's star was instantly born on computer screens around the world. In an era where Hollywood stars had supposedly stomped out the supermodel, a handful of girls have still risen to the ranks of superstars. Upton, along with her contemporaries Coco Rocha and Cara Delevingne, have become brands in a time when models are accustomed to the idea of being seen and not heard on runways, while actresses and pop stars do the talking in magazine cover stories and international ad campaigns. The original six supermodels -- Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Stephanie Seymour, and Christy Turlington -- may have created the concept of the supermodel, but Upton, Rocha and ...
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Former Vogue editor: The truth about size zero
Guardian (UK) - over 3 years
The fashion industry is not a pretty business. Here, one of its own, the former editor of Australian Vogue Kirstie Clements describes a thin-obsessed culture in which starving models eat tissues and resort to surgery when dieting isn't enough One of the most controversial aspects of fashion magazines, and the fashion industry, is models. Specifically, how young they are and how thin they are. It's a topic that continues to create endless debate, in the press and in the community. As the editor of Australian Vogue, my opinion was constantly sought on these issues, and the images we produced in the magazine were closely scrutinised. It's a precarious subject, and there are many unpleasant truths beneath the surface that are not discussed or acknowledged publicly. When I first began dealing with models in the late 1980s we were generally drawing from a pool of local girls, who were naturally willowy and slim, had glowing skin, shiny hair and loads of energy. They ate lunch, sparingly f ...
Article Link:
Guardian (UK) article
Check Out Seal's Hot Ex
Popeater - about 4 years
Tatjana Patitz was one of the biggest supermodels of the '80s and '90s. The German-born stunner rose to fame posing for hundreds of magazine covers and strutting down countless runways with the likes of Kathy Ireland and Claudia Schiffer. Between her long-term relationship with singer Seal and her many roles in big commercials, Patitz has been hot on the scene for some time. In this 1994 photo, we see the 5'11" model at LAX looking as stylish as ever (proving that flying doesn't necessitate sweatpants and hoodies). This ensemble is easily something that we would wear today, in fact, didn't Mary-Kate Olsen sport this look last week? We love the practicality of her classic white T-shirt and miniskirt and sheer tights combo -- they are perfect for traveling, but still leave her looking polished. To jazz up her outfit, she added a pair of John Lennon-esque sunglasses and lace-up boots. Jetsetters, take note. WireImage/Ron Galella, Ltd./Contributor Shop the look and ch ...
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Popeater article
Sheila Moeschen: No Thank You, GQ: Redefining Sexy Sexiness
Huffington Post - about 4 years
GQ's annual Sexiest of the Sexy issue, in which editors rank the most stunningly perfect of female specimens, hit newsstands this January. This year's edition featured the "100 Sexiest Women of the Millennium," thus sparing us the anticipation of discovering the future "hotties," "babes" and (likely) "robolicious" women of the next 88 years. Look no further. They are all already filed neatly betwixt GQ's pages like tidy binders full of women. The issue has already drawn some controversy and raised eyebrows for what editors proclaim in a collective frat boy shrug to be some tongue-in-cheek comic liberties with their cataloging to include designations such as "Hottest Pregnant Sri Lankan" (What? How is that even a thing?), "Hottest Indian Chick" and "Hottest Italian Chick." Mega-superstar and giver-of-life to the anointed Blue Ivy, Beyoncé, graced the cover, thereby winning GQ's title of Miss Millennium. Decked out in a tiny, sporty half-shirt strategically raised to reveal ...
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David Beckham: Make Children the Real Winners of London 2012
Huffington Post Sports - about 4 years
The eve of the London 2012 Olympics is finally here. For the next two weeks we will all be cheering on Team GB, hoping our athletes will realise the Olympic dreams they have trained so hard for. But I hope they will not be the only winners of these Olympic Games. I hope the 180 million children who are currently suffering from the hidden hunger crisis - known as stunting - will be able to steal some of the limelight too. Stunting occurs when children don't get the right nutrients in the first 1000 days of life and is the silent crisis crippling the potential of millions of children. It stops a child developing mentally and physically. It stops them from achieving their full potential and from growing up to achieve their dreams. The damage is irreversible. Once inflicted, there is no cure. Everyone has seen images of starving children on their TV screens and it is painful to watch. I have seen the effects myself during a trip to Sierra Leone with UNICEF four years ago. ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post Sports article
Sheila Moeschen: Breaking the Belly Barrier: The Preoccupation With the Perfect Pregnant Body
Huffington Post - about 4 years
Rumors swirled this week about the suspected, but likely soon-to-be-officially-confirmed, second pregnancy of pop star Jessica Simpson. ABC News blogger Luchina Fisher encapsulates the skewed cultural mindset when it comes to women and body image when she writes: "Jessica Simpson could be gaining back some of the 60-plus pounds she lost after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew in May." Fisher skips a chirpier, pop media approach to the story that might offer tentative congratulations for Simpson and her fiancé, Eric Johnson, or make some other kind of cutesy remark about Simpson, who also has a clothing line, "designing for two." Instead, Fisher cuts right to the proverbial chase by zeroing in on Simpson's body. During her first pregnancy, Simpson's weight fluctuation became typical tabloid fodder. Her subsequent campaign to lose the weight by becoming a spokesperson for Weight Watchers garnered equal attention, a tacit nod that Fisher makes in leading her piece with a ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Claudia Schiffer
  • 2014
    In May 2014, fire ripped through Schiffer's Elizabethan mansion, severely damaging swathes of her sprawling property.
    More Details Hide Details The blaze gutted several outbuildings and former stables. Around 50 firefighters spent more than two hours battling the fire at the 16th century hall.
  • 2011
    The Autumn–Winter 2011 season saw her fashion design debut and has been followed by a Spring–Summer 2012 collection.
    More Details Hide Details The collection is sold globally in department stores and high-end boutiques. Schiffer is the creative director of the brand.
  • 2006
    In 2006, Schiffer and her husband were twice spoken to by policemen from the local Suffolk force after a number of incidents involving their two dogs, an Irish wolfhound and a German shepherd, and local people using the public footpath across the grounds of their Coldham Hall home.
    More Details Hide Details These included severely mauling a Jack Russell being walked on the footpath, chasing deer on the estate, intimidating people using the footpath, and biting one of the local postmen.
  • 2004
    In 2004 a Canadian man was accused of harassing Schiffer, also at her mansion in Suffolk.
    More Details Hide Details He called at her mansion in the hope of seeing her. He also repeatedly left letters at her home.
  • 2002
    Schiffer had two significant problems with harassment in the past. In 2002 an Italian kitchen porter was arrested after making 9 visits to Schiffer's £5 million Coldham Hall mansion near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, attempting to see her.
    More Details Hide Details Charges against him were dropped however, as he was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He believed that the Pope had told him to marry Schiffer.
    On 25 May 2002, she married the film director Matthew Vaughn in Suffolk.
    More Details Hide Details Schiffer and Vaughn have three children: son Caspar Matthew (born 30 January 2003, Westminster, London) and daughters Clementine Poppy (born 11 November 2004, Westminster) and Cosima Violet (born 14 May 2010).
  • 2000
    Following her break-up with Copperfield, she had a short relationship with art dealer and Green Shield Stamp heir Tim Jefferies until 2000.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1999
    In 1999 Schiffer won an undisclosed sum and a retraction from Paris Match when a French court ruled that the magazine's story was false.
    More Details Hide Details Copperfield's publicist confirmed that while Schiffer had a contract to appear in the audience at Copperfield's show in Berlin where they met, she was not under contract to be his "consort."
    After a nearly six-year engagement, in September 1999 they announced their separation citing work schedules.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1998
    From her appearances in a 1998 Citroën advertisement she allegedly earned £3 million.
    More Details Hide Details Schiffer still holds a contract with L'Oréal and is one of their longest standing ambassadors. Karl Lagerfeld photographed Schiffer for a Dom Pérignon campaign, around 17 years after her first appearance for Chanel. Schiffer is signed to a few agencies solely for her modelling interests including d'management group in Milan, 1/One Management in New York City and Marilyns in Paris. Her mother agency is Model Management in Hamburg. Schiffer was a judge on Fashion Fringe in 2011. In 2012, she posed again for Guess black and white ads marking the brand's 30th anniversary. Schiffer launched her eponymous cashmere collection during Paris Fashion Week in March 2011.
  • 1997
    In 1997 Copperfield and Schiffer both sued Paris Match after the magazine claimed their relationship was a sham, that Schiffer was paid for pretending to be Copperfield's girlfriend and that she didn't even like him.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1995
    With fellow models Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Elle Macpherson, Schiffer was joint owner of a chain of restaurants called the Fashion Café in 1995.
    More Details Hide Details Schiffer remains a prominent figure in German society and helped present and carry the trophy with Pelé during the opening ceremonies at the 2006 World Cup. She also presented Prince William with a polo trophy in 2002. When talking about the model profession at present, she said: "Supermodels, like we once were, don't exist any more." Claudia began her involvement with UNICEF by becoming a member of the Arts & Entertainment Support Committee and is currently a UK Goodwill Ambassador for the organisation. Claudia was also a spokesman for Make Poverty History where she appeared in the powerful Click advertisement. In July 2005, she appeared as a presenter at both the Berlin and Edinburgh Live 8 concerts. In 1993 at a Berlin celebrity gala Schiffer met magician David Copperfield when he brought her on stage to participate in a mind reading act and in his flying illusion, and in January 1994 they became engaged. During this engagement, Schiffer sometimes appeared on stage with Copperfield to act as his special guest assistant in illusions including being levitated, guillotined and sawn in half. She also appeared alongside Copperfield in David Copperfield: 15 Years of Magic (1994), a documentary in which she played the role of a reporter interviewing him, and at the end of which they reprised their performance of the "Flying" illusion.
  • 1994
    Schiffer has appeared in a number of films and music videos. Her first appearance in film was in the children's movie Richie Rich in 1994 and then starred opposite Dennis Hopper and Matthew Modine in The Blackout.
    More Details Hide Details She then went on to appear in Friends & Lovers, Black and White in 1999, In Pursuit and Life Without Dick in 2001, and then Love Actually in a semi-cameo role. Schiffer has made other cameo appearances in films including Ben Stiller's Zoolander (2001). Schiffer has appeared on several talk shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, The Jonathan Ross Show, and sitcoms Dharma & Greg and Arrested Development. She also appeared for Comic Relief in boyband Westlife's music video for Uptown Girl and in 2000, she made a cameo appearance in Bon Jovi's video for "Say It Isn't So". Schiffer has released four exercise videos, entitled Claudia Schiffer's Perfectly Fit, which were successful and reached the best seller list. Schiffer has hosted the French Fashion Awards and the World Music Awards in Monaco.
  • 1987
    She originally wanted to become a lawyer and used to work in her father's law firm. She later dropped these aspirations when, in October 1987 at 17, she was spotted in a nightclub in Düsseldorf by Michel Levaton, the boss of Metropolitan Model Agency who signed her up to become a model.
    More Details Hide Details Her big break came shortly after this at a beach resort, where a chance meeting with Patrick Lafontaine with connections in the industry, saw her connected with the Elite Model Agency, where her success started. Schiffer completed her high school education and then began to work as a model. She flew out to Paris for a trial photo shoot and soon after she appeared on the cover of French Elle after being well received in Paris. In the early 1990s, she starred in the highly publicised Guess? Jeans campaigns. Paul Marciano said in E! Forbes Top 15 Supermodel Beauties Who Made Bank, "Guess name became really much more known around the world because of Claudia". After several other magazine appearances including the cover of British Vogue shot by Herb Ritts, Schiffer quickly achieved supermodel status and was selected by Karl Lagerfeld to become the new face of Chanel. She went on to become world-famous, instantly recognisable with her blue eyes, blonde hair and tall figure, standing at 1.81 m (approx. 5 ft 11 in.). In May 1997, Schiffer was featured on the cover and in the pictorial of Playboy.
  • 1970
    Born on August 25, 1970.
    More Details Hide Details
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