Constantine II of Greece

Constantine II of Greece

King of Greece

Constantine II was King of Greece from 1964 until the abolition of the monarchy in 1973, the sixth and last monarch of the Greek Royal Family. He succeeded his father Paul in March 1964, being styled His Majesty Constantine II, King of the Hellenes .

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1940 Birth Born on June 2, 1940.
1946 6 Years Old He returned to Greece with his family in 1946.
1947 7 Years Old King George died in 1947, and Constantine's father became King Paul, making Constantine crown prince. … Read More


1960 20 Years Old Constantine was a keen sportsman. In 1960, aged 20, he won an Olympic gold medal in sailing (Dragon Class), which was the first Greek gold medal in sailing since the Stockholm 1912 Summer Olympics. … Read More
1963 23 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1963 Constantine became a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
However, due to his youth, he was also perceived as a promise of change. The ascension of Constantine coincided with the recent election of Centrist George Papandreou as prime minister in February 1964, which ended 11 years of right-wing rule by the National Radical Union (ERE). … Read More
1965 25 Years Old …  Although the accession of the young monarch was initially regarded auspiciously, his reign soon became controversial: Constantine's involvement in the Apostasia of July 1965 created unrest among sections of the population and aggravated the ongoing political instability that culminated in the Colonels' Coup of 21 April 1967. … Read More
1966 26 Years Old After his failure, Novas was succeeded by Ilias Tsirimokos, who also failed to form a stable government and was dismissed. Constantine next appointed some of Papandreou's dissidents, known as the July Apostates and led by Stefanos Stefanopoulos, to form a government of "king's men," which lasted until December 1966, amidst mounting strikes and protests, supported by the right-wing ERE.
1967 27 Years Old 1 More Event
When Stefanopoulos resigned in frustration, Constantine appointed a caretaker government under Ioannis Paraskevopoulos, which called elections for May 1967. … Read More


1973 33 Years Old In June 1973, George Papadopoulos condemned Constantine as "a collaborator with foreign forces and with murderers" and accused him of "pursuing ambitions to become a political leader." … Read More
1974 34 Years Old 1 More Event
He resigned in 1974 because he was no longer a Greek resident, and was made an Honorary IOC Member.


1981 41 Years Old Constantine remained in exile for almost forty years after the vote in favour of the republic. He was strongly discouraged from returning to Greece, and he did not return until February 1981, when the government only allowed him to return for a few hours, to attend the funeral of his mother, Queen Frederica, in the family cemetery of the former Royal Palace at Tatoi.


1992 52 Years Old There were also legal disputes with the Greek state. In 1992 he concluded an agreement with the conservative government of Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis, ceding most of his land in Greece to a non-profit foundation in exchange for the former palace of Tatoi, near Athens, and the right to export a number of movables from Greece. … Read More
1993 53 Years Old In 1993, Constantine visited Greece, but faced with government insecurity, he was asked to leave.
In 1994, the second government of Andreas Papandreou passed new legislation reversing the 1992 agreement and stripping Constantine of his property in Greece and his Greek citizenship. … Read More


2004 64 Years Old 1 More Event
In 2004, Constantine was back in Greece temporarily during the Athens Olympic Games as a member of the International Olympic Committee. … Read More
2008 - 2013 2 More Events
2015 75 Years Old In November 2015, the autobiography of Constantine was published in three volumes by the national newspaper, To Vima. … Read More
2016 76 Years Old In an interview he gave on May 31, 2016 at the Istories show of Skai TV, he said: "I am not the ex King Konstantine, I am the King Konstantine". … Read More
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