Corbin Bernsen
American actor
Corbin Bernsen
Corbin Dean Bernsen is an American actor and director, known for his work on television. He is best known for his roles as divorce attorney Arnold Becker on the NBC drama series L.A.  Law, and as retired police detective Henry Spencer on the USA Network comedy-drama series Psych, and as Roger Dorn in the films Major League (film), and Major League II. He has also appeared regularly on other shows, including General Hospital and Cuts.
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HBO Orders an '80s-Set Music-Video Comedy from David Fincher
Yahoo News - almost 2 years
Did you know that at one point, music was just music? Like, you would listen to a song on something called a "radio" and you'd have to make up the singer's face in your mind because it was a purely aural medium. But then the 1980s came along and the music video came into the mainstream thanks to MTV and the awesome hair of Mark Goodman. And then all hell broke loose in the music industry! Why am I giving you a brief history lesson in music videos? Well, I wanted to paint a picture of what HBO's new series Video Synchronicity might look like. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has given a series order to the comedy, which is set in the 1980s and follows a video producer who moves to Los Angeles right at the beginning of the music-video boom. There's a big name behind the show, too. David Fincher ( Fight Club, House of Cards) will direct and produce the series. Starring as Robby, a green director who moves to Hollywood looking to direct a sci-fi movie but falls into making ...
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Yahoo News article
Psych Asks Viewers To Vote
Boom Tron - over 3 years
Today’s news isn’t really about doing your civic duty. Rather, in the name of good entertainment, fans of USA network series, Psych are being asked to vote. Before you pull out the markers and start designing James Roday for President signs, let me explain. The vote is for which storyline you’d like to see in upcoming series 8 episodes. Originally series 8 only had an 8-episode order, as we announced right here on Boomtron. A full season is often filled with as many as 16 installments. The happy news this week is that the USA network has expanded its order. Instead of just 8 shows, season 8 has been bumped up to consist of 10 episodes. After you give a shout, keep reading because you can get involved in the fun. THR announced that viewers like you will have the opporunity to vote on the Psych website ( for the type of episode they would prefer to see broadcast during the season. The results of the vote and scheduled to be announced during Psych‘s Comic-Co ...
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Lonna Saunders: Bold & Beautiful Kay Alden: Putting Words in Other People's Mouths
Huffington Post - over 3 years
That Kay Alden, always putting words in other people's mouths! It started with her Communication Arts dissertation for her Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Encouraged by her college advisers to write about dead people because their body of work is complete, Kay instead decided to write about her passion, soap operas, hooked on since age twelve. Her dissertation title was Daytime Serials as Mediators of Social Change. Why mediators of social change? Often times, Kay found soaps to be ahead of the curve in dealing with everyday family problems with their characters serving as positive role models for their viewers in dealing with sticky domestic situations. For example, a pregnancy outside of marriage. Years ago, in families too often the attitude was, "Ban her!" from the family. Alden feels soaps helped viewing families to be more compassionate in those real-life situations and found viewers looking to soaps for help in getting them through tough time ...
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Corbin Bernsen: I'd rather talk about God than Lindsay Lohan
Fox News - almost 4 years bernsen 660 AP graphics bank.jpg
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'Psych' Premiere Sneak Peek: Shawn Reacts To A Shocking Family Crisis
Huffington Post - about 4 years
"Psych" fans have waited almost a year for the premiere of Season 7 and to find out what would happen after Shawn's (James Roday) father Henry (Corbin Bernsen) was shot. In HuffPost TV's exclusive clip from "Santabarbaratown 2," the Season 7 premiere of the USA seres, Shawn visits his father Henry in the hospital. Juliet (Maggie Lawson) is by Shawn's side, but it's still a tough moment. Juliet has advice for Shawn, but will the fake detective follow it? There are no guest stars in this clip, but as "Psych" Season 7 rolls on, the pop-culture-obsessed USA show will receive visits from Garcelle Beauvais, Jeffrey Tambor and WWE’s Big Show, and Parminder Nagra will play a possible love interest for Gus. That's not all: Cybill Shepherd and Kristy Swanson will return to "Pysch" in Season 7, and the show will air a two-hour musical as well. "Psych" Season 7 premiere on Wednesday, February 27 at 10 p.m. EST on USA.
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Huffington Post article
Inside Actor Corbin Bernsen's Flea Market Find-Filled Home
Huffington Post - about 4 years
It's always exciting to get a glimpse inside celebrity homes. We're so curious to get an peek at their luxe decor and to learn about which famous designer they've chosen to help them bring their vision to life. So of course this is what we expected when we got an exclusive look at the house tour of PSYCH actor Corbin Bernsen and his wife Amanda Pays' California home featured in the March issue of Country Living. But boy, were we pleasantly surprised to see that the home, though gorgeous and impressive, was anything but extravagant... and the actors designed it themselves! Nestled in the Studio City neighborhood, the 1940s ranch house is filled with flea market finds and decor that the couple curated together. For instance, in the living room, Pays reupholstered the sofa with textiles from Ikea. And in the kitchen you'll find cabinets made from reclaimed barn wood and appliances from Sears. Pays' even DIYed the lemon art that hangs next to the spice rack. And while we ...
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Huffington Post article
Blake Henderson: My 15 Thoughts on the 2nd Presidential Debate
Huffington Post - over 4 years
1) Americans looked really good. Robust, overwhelmingly Caucasian, pearish, male, resigned, sated. We're now in post-America America, and our citizens are looking the part! 2) Candy Crowley moderated the debate. Asking the questions. Kickstarting dialogue. Setting the tone. And how serendipitous and American is it that someone with her first name was moderating a debate in October? Sweet. 3) I had no idea it was going to take place on Long Island, which is the 17th most populous island in the world and also the home of the Lohans. 4) I, for one, was surprised that both candidates wore ties. I really didn't think that was going to happen. 5) I admit that I was only halfway listening, but I think its bullshit that the economy was never mentioned once. 6) The scatting was unexpected. But welcome. 7) Is it just me, or did this remind you of the subplot from Major League when Roger Dorn's (Corbin Bernsen) wife was sleeping with Rick Vaughn (Charlie Sheen)? That is ...
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USA's Psych packs some drama in Season 7
USA Today - over 4 years
USA's Psych takes a heavier dramatic turn in its upcoming season as Shawn's dad, Henry (Corbin Bernsen), is shot.
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USA Today article
Game Of Thrones Recap: How Not To Train Your Dragons
Best Week Ever - almost 5 years
It’s Game Of Thrones Episode 16, entitled “The Old Gods And The New,” which refers to both the symbolic ‘changing of the guard’ at Winterfell and King’s Landing, as well as the literal disparity between the Wildlings’ “Old Gods” (The Gods of Murder and Rape) and the modern society’s “New Gods” (The Gods of More Humane Murder and Slightly Lighter Rape). The episode opens with Winterfell instantly being conquered by Theon, thus confirming Bran’s prophetic dream: Theon instructs Bran to yield the town to him and Bran does, prompting the wildling Osha to tell Bran “Don’t you see? It’s your dream – the sea has come to Winterfell.” Bran’s like, “Thanks, Sparknotes, but we all figured that out a week ago.” With this dream now come true, Bran worries, “Uhoh, I hope I don’t have to take the SATs naked at this place that’s kind of like my high school gym but also part of it’s like my friend Jeff’s house, and Jeff was there but it wasn’t really Jeff, you know? But I knew him in the drea ...
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Best Week Ever article
'Psych' finale: [Spoiler] gets shot?!
Zap 2 it - almost 5 years
After three seasons of Yin-Yang killer plots, "Psych" went in a different direction for the Season 6 finale, but it was no less effective. In fact, it was our favorite Corbin Bernsen episode yet.
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Zap 2 it article
Lisa Steinberg: Get Psyched
Huffington Post - almost 5 years
If you know what pineappling is, you might be a Psych-o. If you have ever made up an elaborate, yet hilarious nickname for your trusty best friend, you might be a Psych-o. If you squeal like a young school girl over a Labradoodle, you might be a Psych-o. If you know every single word to the Psych theme song you might be a Psych-o. For years now, fans who adore the show Psych -- known as Psych-o's -- have known what an exceptional and special program the USA Network show is. If you have never partaken in an episode, you're seriously doing yourself an injustice because it is one of the best and funniest programs on television today. Just one episode will hook you in because of the humor, camaraderie, chemistry, and showmanship that Psych continues to exude. Every episode is chock full of pop culture references and layered smarmy goodness that if you blink, you might miss out on a fantastic zinger. With Psych you always have to keep your eyes and ears open at all times and that ...
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Huffington Post article
The Cypress Times - almost 5 years
The 168 Film Project hosts summit this Sunday in Las Vegas LAS VEGAS, NV - The 168 Film Project is, once again, partnering with NAB Show to offer the Faith 'N' Film Summit.   According to a news release, the event will be held on Sunday, April 15, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Las Vegas Convention Center - Room S219. The announcement was made today by John David Ware, Founder of the 168 Film Project. 'Last year's Summit was a monumental success,' noted Ware. 'The faith community has no shortage of talented people who have produced compelling, inspirational content for the entertainment industry. They are professionals; stellar at their craft and eager to offer ideas and insights in the ongoing conversation. The NAB Show is the perfect venue for such an event.'
Article Link:
The Cypress Times article
‘Suing the Devil’ to Be Released Into 100 Million Homes on Good Friday
Charisma - almost 5 years
In what is seen as a huge boon to all Christian filmmakers, Suing the Devil will reach over 100 million households this Good Friday. The film will be available through On Demand through Comcast, AT&T, Time-Warner, Cox, Cablevision, Rogers, Verizon, and iTunes in the U.S. and Canada. “It’s a miracle,” says a spokesman for RiverRain Distribution. “We survived the hale storm of atheist groups and devil worshippers attacking the film almost 24/7.” The film will also be available on DVD through Bridgestone Media and Wesscott Marketing—two of the largest Christian distributors in the world. While pastors are praying over the film, anti-Christian comments such as ‘Christian propaganda’, ‘Christian-brainwashing’ ‘Christian idiots’ and ‘Eliminate Christians’ are permeating through the film’s message boards. One of the atheist groups emailed the producers warning of a ‘mob attack’ on IMDB. Within three days, the film’s rating dropped from a near seven to a four on IMDB, which is ...
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Charisma article
FirstEnergy to sponsor Soapbox Derby
NPR - almost 5 years
Akron-based First Energy has agreed to be the title sponsor of the 75th All-American Soap Box Derby.It's the first title sponsor for the non-profit in five years. The derby was near financial collapse three years ago, and FirstMerit Bank went to court to call in a $600,000 loan. Soapbox Derby President Joe Mazur won't say how much First Energy is putting up for the sponsorship. He credits Corbin Bernsen's movie about the derby, "25 Hill," with the start of its turnaround, and says he's now working with Kent State and the University of Akron to create a national education program. WKSU's Maranda Shrewsberry reports.
Article Link:
NPR article
Theatrical Releases for August 26th: 'Colombiana' Fires Into Theaters - FanBolt.Com
Google News - over 5 years
Stars Malcolm McDowell, Shannen Fields, and Corbin Bernsen. Swinging with the Finkels (R), Comedy - A bored suburban couple that decides to spice up their sex life by swinging. Stars Mandy Moore, Martin Freeman, and Melissa George
Article Link:
Google News article
Iula's book chronicles Derby days - Akron Leader Publications
Google News - over 5 years
Editors suggested the book be organized like a scrapbook, with lots of photos dating back to the Derby's earliest days on a dirt track to a section on actor/director Corbin Bernsen and the making of “25 Hill.” Iula said he was happy to provide photos
Article Link:
Google News article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Corbin Bernsen
  • 2015
    Age 60
    In October 2015 Bernsen's debut novel was released by Pelican Book Group.
    More Details Hide Details The book, Rust: the Novel, is an adaptation of Bernsen’s 2010 feature film, Rust, in which Bernsen played the main character as well as served as writer and director. Bernsen has been married to British actress Amanda Pays since 1988. They have four sons: Oliver, Angus, Henry and Finley. In 2008, Bernsen and his family appeared on the NBC show Celebrity Family Feud, defeating the Margaret Cho family before losing to the crew from American Chopper. Bernsen has one of the largest snow globe collections in the world, with 8000 globes.
  • 2012
    Age 57
    Bernsen, along with producing partner Chris Aronoff, formed Home Theater Films, an independent production company that, develops, produces, and markets films and television shows for the Christian market. 25 Hill, the company's first title, was released in July 2012.
    More Details Hide Details This was followed by 3 Day Test (2012), Beyond the Heavens (2013), and Christian Mingle (2014).
  • 2010
    Age 55
    In recent years, Bernsen has focused on making Christian-themed films. His first such film was RUST, released in 2010 by Sony Pictures.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2006
    Age 51
    Bernsen then went on to form Team Cherokee Productions led him to follow up with Kyle MacDonald, the blogger behind one red paperclip. According to the book One Red Paperclip, in June 2006, Bernsen traded a role in the Team Cherokee Productions film Donna on Demand to the book's author, blogger Kyle MacDonald, for a snow globe of the band KISS.
    More Details Hide Details It was for this role that MacDonald eventually traded for a two-storey farm house.
  • 2005
    Age 50
    Bernsen was president and co-owner of Public Media Works, a new media company that develops entertainment for targeted fan bases. He directed and starred in Carpool Guy, the company's first film; it was targeted at soap opera fans and released on DVD in 2005.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2004
    Age 49
    Bernsen portrayed John Durant on General Hospital from September 2004 until the character was murdered in May 2006.
    More Details Hide Details Bernsen played Jack Sherwood on Cuts, appeared twice on Celebrity Mole, and played a lawyer on Boston Legal. He appeared as Q2 on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He also had a recurring role as Captain Owen Sebring on the military drama JAG and played a Republican senator on two episodes of The West Wing. He directed, produced and appeared in the horror film Dead Air. Bernsen also co-starred in USA's Psych, playing the role of Henry Spencer, the father of the main character, Shawn Spencer (James Roday). In the film Rust, Bernsen played a former minister who returns to his hometown. Bernsen appeared in 25 Hill, a film he produced, directed and wrote, which is centered around the All-American Soap Box Derby, and is planning a baseball movie about zombies, called "Three Strikes, You’re Dead."
  • 1994
    Age 39
    He remained on L.A. Law for the entire run of the show, until it ended in 1994.
    More Details Hide Details Bernsen appeared with the British actor Bruce Payne in the films Kounterfeit and Aurora: Operation Intercept. He starred as the title character, Dr. Alan Feinstone, in the horror film The Dentist and its sequel. Bernsen was also cast as prima donna third baseman, Roger Dorn, in the sports comedy Major League and appeared in both of the film's sequels.
  • 1986
    Age 31
    After a two-year appearance on the soap opera, Ryan's Hope, Bernsen was cast as lawyer Arnold Becker on the Steven Bochco television series, L.A. Law in 1986.
    More Details Hide Details The series became a hit, and the role earned him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, appearances on magazine covers, and guest-starring roles on Seinfeld and The Larry Sanders Show.
  • 1977
    Age 22
    Bernsen is also a "double Bruin," having received both a BA in Theatre Arts in 1977 and an MFA in Playwriting in 1979 from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1972
    Age 17
    Bernsen was born in North Hollywood, California, the son of Harry Bernsen, Jr., a Hollywood producer, and veteran soap actress Jeanne Cooper, who appeared on The Young and the Restless. He graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1972.
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  • 1954
    Born on September 7, 1954.
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