Dan Gertler

Dan Gertler

Born 1973

Dan Gertler is an Israeli businessman, the founder and President of the DGI (Dan Gertler International) Group of Companies. He has large interests in diamonds and copper mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

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1973 Birth Dan Gertler was born in December 1973, a grandson of Moshe Schnitzer, first President and co-founder of the Israel Diamond Exchange in 1947, who won the Israel Prize in 2004. … Read More


1996 - 1997 2 More Events
2000 27 Years Old 1 More Event
Through his friendship with the young Joseph Kabila, Gertler was introduced to his father Laurent Kabila, then President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in 2000.
2001 28 Years Old 1 More Event
After Laurent Kabila died in January 2001, Gertler briefly lost influence in the Congo. … Read More
2002 29 Years Old In April 2002, Emaxon Finance Corp secretly signed a contract through which Gertler gained a four-year right to market 88% of the rough-diamond production of the Societé minière de Bakwanga(MIBA), about a quarter of the DRC's legitimate diamond exports at around 600,000 carats a month. … Read More


2004 31 Years Old In March 2004, Dan Gertler International founded Global Enterprises Corporate (GEC) in partnership with Beny Steinmetz Global. In May 2004 GEC signed an agreement with the state-owned Gécamines, finalized in September 2004, to rehabilitate and operate the Kananga and Tilwezembe copper mines. The deal was ratified October 13, 2005 by presidential decree., … Read More
Gertler soon managed to reestablish a relationship with Joseph Kabila. becoming increasingly close, to the point that in 2006 Kabila invited him to his wedding. … Read More
In 2007 Tremalt was owned by Prairie International Ltd, of which Dan Gertler's family trust was a major shareholder. … Read More
2008 35 Years Old 1 More Event
In July 2008 Catela Global, a company owned by Gertler's family trust, offered about C$296 million to buy Anvil Mining shares, around 25% of Anvil, in a private placement. … Read More
2009 36 Years Old 1 More Event
In 2009 Vancouver, Canada-based through Dan Gertler's newly formed British Virgin Island-based company, Highwinds old ENRC 50.5% of Kolwezi Mine Tailings (KWT) a "multi-billion dollar copper and cobalt tailings reprocessing facility" which had been expropriated in 2009 by the DRC from Vancouver, Canada-based through Dan Gertler's newly formed British Virgin Island-based company, Highwinds. … Read More
Biko Invest Corporation BVI linked to Dan Gertler and incorporated February 23, 2011 in the British Virgin Islands, bought a quarter of Kansuki Sprl from Gécamines in 2011. … Read More


2013 40 Years Old In April 2013, Gertler sold one of his Congo-based oil companies, Nessergy Ltd, for $150 million.
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