Daniel Day-Lewis
English actor
Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis is an English actor with both British and Irish citizenship. He has twice won the Academy Award for Best Actor, for portraying Christy Brown in My Left Foot (1989) and Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood (2007).
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Comedian Ritch Shydner All photos courtesy of Ritch Shydner Ritch Shydner's new book, "Kicking Through The Ashes: My Life as a Stand-up in the 1980s Comedy Explosion", has just been published. In the 1980s, Ritch made numerous appearances on TV, including "Late Night with David Letterman" and "The Tonight Show" with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. He did an HBO half-hour special, "One Night Stand." He played Al Bundy's co-worker on "Married with Children", and made guest appearances on many other TV shows, such as "Designing Women" and "Roseanne." Ritch was able to translate his modest success on TV into an obscure film career, appearing in Steve Martin's, "Roxanne," and Eddie Murphy's, "Beverly Hills Cop II," before moving on to minor roles on smaller pictures. Ritch wrote for sitcoms such as "Roseanne", "The Jeff Foxworthy Show," and HBO's "The Mind of the Married Man." He wrote material for Jeff Foxworthy's Grammy-nominated comedy albums, "Totally Committed," and "Big ...
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Ronald Tiersky January 9, 2016 Arthur Miller, Mark Strong: 'A view from the bridge' (Lyceum Theater, Manhattan, dir. Ivo van Hove, until Feb. 21) Catharsis. The London Young Vic's revival production of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge (1956) is a mesmerizing theater experience that echoes Greek tragedy as Athenian theatergoers must have felt it. In its conception, mid-twentieth century playwright Miller demonstrated that the American Common Man and the Greek Hero inhabit the same world, whatever differences of time, place and culture. To see this play is to recognize again Miller's achievement -- connecting modern America with universal history. America may be a uniquely exceptional experiment in democratic life but it's also viscerally embedded in the evolution of human civilization, a product of the very life force it strains to dominate. Willy Loman in his way fought the same battles as Achilles. Set in 1950s Brooklyn (thus "A view from the bridge" is the Brooklyn B ...
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Chiwetel Ejiofor to be honored at British Independent Film Awards
Chicago Times - about 1 year
Chiwetel Ejiofor will be honored at the British Independent Film Awards on Dec. 6. He will receive the Richard Harris Award, which recognizes an outstanding contribution to British film by an actor. Previous recipients have included John Hurt, Bob Hoskins, Daniel Day-Lewis, Helena Bonham Carter,...
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Interview: Mark Strong on the Bridge</em>, Part 1
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Mark Strong in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge. Photo: Jan Versweyveld British actor Mark Strong is making his Broadway debut as Eddie Carbone in director Ivo van Hove's production of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge. Strong, a 52-year-old actor recently seen in such films as "Zero Dark Thirty," "The Imitation Game" and "Kingsman: The Secret Service," sat with us before a recent preview in his dressing room at the Lyceum. PART 1: THE ACTOR You have a busy film and television career, but your background is in theatre? MARK STRONG: I studied at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, which was founded by Laurence Olivier, and has alumni like Jeremy Irons and Daniel Day Lewis. It's a very erudite institution; its ethos, really, was always theatre-based. Then I did a year in rep, and then went to the Royal Shakespeare Company and did a year there playing various monks and lepers and spear holders. I kind of fell in love with theatre and the stage, and then went on to th ...
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There's Glass Menage-erie. There's Nicky Minaj. There's ménage à trois. And then there's Hasan Minhaj. Think Deepak Chopra meets Chris Rock. Spiritual meets comical. Gandhi meets Woody. He's nimble yet noble, profound yet playful, a rebel with reverence. And oh yes, he's Indian. The chai tea kind, not the Cheyenne headdress kind. Let's face it. We Americans don't really know our samosas from our pakoras, our chapati from our chutney. We arrogantly think we're pretty Indian hip if we watch Sanjay Gupta on CNN. We imagine we're uber open-minded if we so much as watch a you-tube video on "How to Wear a Sari." We think we deserve Groupons to a cruise down the Ganges if we tip our cabbie in Bengali. Honestly, we're clueless. Ok, so we can order chicken tandoori and garlic naan and we can proudly drop a few names like Taj Majal, Hare Krishna and Ravi Shankar. But seriously, we still pigeonhole our Indian career professionals into the roles of pharmacists and radiologists, wit ...
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How New York Ate Me Alive (And I'm Still Hungry)
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Europeans have tried to take New York for hundreds of years. The fact that we keep coming is a measure of our optimism and, of course, our stupidity. Manhattan is littered with the detritus of failed attempts to impress it. I know this because I tried -- and failed -- to take New York once before. In 1999 an Irish publisher hired me to edit a new guide to luxury goods. Described in the Financial Times as "the yellow pages for billionaires," America's Elite 1000 was supposed to show its readers how to be classy. Being Irish, half Jewish and nearly as brazen as my boss, my function was to dazzle New York society with my chutzpah and gift of the gab. "I'm going uptown," he told me, "and you're going to open the door." Together we walked into a great many closed doors, and I have scars to prove it. This frivolous venture collapsed shortly after 9/11, at which point we shuffled back across the pond. Upon returning to Ireland I launched The Dubliner, in the hope that my compatriots we ...
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Comment on Meet The Man Behind The Gender/Jewish/Everything Updated Remake Of Annie Hall by Dee
Heeb - almost 2 years
For future reference: Actors of fully Jewish background: -Logan Lerman, Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, Bar Refaeli, James Wolk, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Julian Morris, Adam Brody, Esti Ginzburg, Kat Dennings, Gabriel Macht, Erin Heatherton, Odeya Rush, Anton Yelchin, Paul Rudd, Scott Mechlowicz, Lisa Kudrow, Lizzy Caplan, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gal Gadot, Debra Messing, Robert Kazinsky, Melanie Laurent, Shiri Appleby, Justin Bartha, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Margarita Levieva, Elizabeth Berkley, Halston Sage, Seth Gabel, Skylar Astin, Mia Kirshner, Alden Ehrenreich, Eric Balfour, Jason Isaacs, Jon Bernthal, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy. Andrew Garfield is Jewish, too (though I don’t know if both of his parents are). Actors with Jewish mothers and non-Jewish fathers -Jake Gyllenhaal, Dave Franco, James Franco, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel Radcliffe, Alison Brie, Eva Green, Joaquin Phoenix, River Phoenix, Emmy Rossum, Rashida Jones, Jennifer Connelly, S ...
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This Live-Action 'Frozen' Parody Proves It's Finally Time To 'Let It Go'
Huffington Post - about 2 years
Mae Whitman probably doesn't want to build a snowman anytime soon. For the first time in forever, Funny or Die is taking you behind the scenes of Disney's new live-action version of "Frozen." In this adaptation, "The DUFF" stars Bella Thorne and Whitman bring our favorite heroines, Anna and her sister Frozen Girl ... er ... Salsa ... uh ... the blue one, to life. There's an actual moose, crows eating a dead animal for some reason and more method acting than a Daniel Day-Lewis film. Okay, so this is actually just a parody. But, if anything, it shows us it might be time to end this whole "Frozen" craze. And by the way, where the heck is Olaf? It looks like Eliza could use a warm hug right about now ... er ... whatever her name is.
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Oscars 2014: Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence to present
LATimes - about 3 years
The Academy Awards' reigning best actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, and best actress, Jennifer Lawrence, will join this year's ceremony as presenters, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced.
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A Roger Ailes Movie Will Likely Happen—Here's Who Should Play Him
Mother Jones - about 3 years
Earlier this week, TheWrap published an interview with author and journalist Gabriel Sherman, about The Loudest Voice in the Room, his new, much-discussed unauthorized biography of Fox News president Roger Ailes. The biography has gained attention for its juicy content (such as a producer claiming that Ailes, then at NBC, offered her an extra $100 a week if she agreed to have sex with him whenever he asked), and for being the target of a campaign, by Fox News and others in conservative media, to discredit Sherman's reporting. At the end of the Wrap Q&amp;A, reporter L.A. Ross asks Sherman if he has received any offers from studios or production companies about turning his book into a movie. "Well...it's too early to talk about that, but I think Ailes is an incredibly cinematic character, and would find a natural home on the big screen," Sherman replied. When pressed further, he simply said, "No comment." The idea of a Hollywood epic chronicling the saga of Ailes was intriguing, ...
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An Open Letter to the Academy Award Nominees
Huffington Post - about 3 years
Dear Hollywood Celebrities, We don't hate you because you're famous. We don't hate you because you're rich. We don't hate you because you're beautiful. (I'm talking to you, Bruce Dern.) We hate you because of your crappy acceptance speeches. Well, that and because you're famous. Actually, I'm using the word "speech" incorrectly. A speech has a point, a purpose. A speech inspires, it enlightens. A "speech" is not twenty minutes of thanking people. Or at least it feels like twenty minutes when you're rambling on with nothing to say. Congratulations on your Academy Award nominations. Personally, I would've voted for Jean-Claude Van Damme in Timecop. But you guys were good, too. Now if you win... give a real speech! Say something! In 2003, actress Charlize Theron won an Oscar for Monster, in which she portrayed real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who spent her life in dysfunctional settings, surrounded by abusive individuals. Charlize Theron, when she sto ...
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Daniel Day-Lewis
  • 2015
    Age 57
    In July 2015, he became the Honorary President of the Poetry Archive.
    More Details Hide Details A registered UK charity, the Poetry Archive is a free website containing a growing collection of recordings of English-language poets reading their work.
  • 2014
    Age 56
    In November 2014, Day-Lewis was formally knighted by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace.
    More Details Hide Details
    In June 2014, Day-Lewis was made a Knight Bachelor in the 2014 Birthday Honours for services to drama.
    More Details Hide Details
    In June 2014, he received a knighthood at Buckingham Palace for services to drama.
    More Details Hide Details Day-Lewis was born in Kensington, London, the son of poet Cecil Day-Lewis and English actress Jill Balcon. His father, who was born in Ballintubbert, County Laois, Ireland, was of Protestant Anglo-Irish and English background, lived in England from the age of two, and later became the Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom. Daniel's mother was Jewish, and his maternal grandparents' families had emigrated to England from Latvia and Poland. His maternal grandfather, Michael Balcon, an important figure in the history of British cinema, was the head of Ealing Studios. Two years after his birth, the family moved to Croom's Hill, Greenwich, south-east London, where Day-Lewis grew up along with his older sister, Tamasin, who became a documentary filmmaker and television chef. Living in Greenwich, Day-Lewis found himself among tough South London children, and, being partially Jewish and "posh", he was often bullied. He mastered the local accent and mannerisms and credits that as being his first convincing performance. Later in life, he has been known to speak of himself as very much a disorderly character in his younger years, often in trouble for shoplifting and other petty crimes.
  • 2012
    Age 54
    In October 2012, he donated to Oxford University papers belonging to his father, the poet Cecil Day-Lewis, including early drafts of the poet's work and letters from actor John Gielgud and literary figures such as W. H. Auden, Robert Graves, and Philip Larkin.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2010
    Age 52
    On 15 July 2010, Day-Lewis received an honorary doctorate in letters from the University of Bristol, in part because of his attendance of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in his youth.
    More Details Hide Details Day-Lewis has stated that he had "no real religious education" and that he "supposes" he is "a die-hard agnostic".
  • 2008
    Age 50
    When, in 2008, he received the Academy Award for Best Actor from Helen Mirren (who was on presenting duty having won the previous year's Best Actress Oscar for playing Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen) Day-Lewis knelt before her and she tapped him on each shoulder with the Oscar statuette, to which he quipped; "That's the closest I'll come to ever getting a knighthood".
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1997
    Age 39
    For The Boxer in 1997, he trained for weeks with the former world champion Barry McGuigan who said that he became good enough to turn professional.
    More Details Hide Details He returned to work with Jim Sheridan on In the Name of the Father, in which he played Gerry Conlon, one of the Guildford Four who were wrongfully convicted of a bombing carried out by the Provisional IRA. He lost 30lbs for the part, kept his Northern Irish accent on and off the set for the entire shooting schedule, and spent stretches of time in a prison cell. He also insisted that crew members throw cold water at him and verbally abuse him. The film earned him his second Academy Award nomination, third BAFTA nomination, and second Golden Globe nomination.
  • 1996
    Age 38
    In 1996, while working on the film version of the stage play The Crucible, he visited the home of playwright Arthur Miller where he was introduced to the writer's daughter, Rebecca Miller.
    More Details Hide Details They married later that year. The couple have two sons, Ronan Cal Day-Lewis (born 1998) and Cashel Blake Day-Lewis (born 2002) and divide their time between their homes in New York City and Ireland. Day-Lewis became an Irish citizen in 1993 and currently holds British and Irish dual citizenship. He has lived in Annamoe, County Wicklow since 1997. He stated "I do have dual citizenship, but I think of England as my country. I miss London very much but I couldn't live there because there came a time when I needed to be private and was forced to be public by the press. I couldn't deal with it". He is a supporter of South-East London football club Millwall.
  • 1995
    Age 37
    Day-Lewis rarely discusses his personal life. He had a relationship with French actress Isabelle Adjani, which lasted six years and eventually ended after a split and reconciliation. Their son Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis was born in 1995 in New York City, several months after the relationship ended.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1993
    Age 35
    Day-Lewis returned in 1993, playing Newland Archer in Martin Scorsese's adaptation of the Edith Wharton novel The Age of Innocence.
    More Details Hide Details To prepare for the film, set in America's Gilded Age, he wore 1870s-period aristocratic clothing around New York City for two months, including top hat, cane and cape. In 1996, Day-Lewis starred in The Crucible, a film version of the play by Arthur Miller. During the shoot he met his future wife, Rebecca Miller, the author's daughter. He followed that with Jim Sheridan's The Boxer as a former boxer and IRA member recently released from prison. His preparation included training with former boxing world champion Barry McGuigan, and attending professional boxing matches such as the Nigel Benn vs. Gerald McClellan world title fight at London Arena. Following The Boxer, Day-Lewis took a leave of absence from acting by going into "semi-retirement" and returning to his old passion of woodworking. He moved to Florence, Italy, where he became intrigued by the craft of shoemaking, eventually apprenticing as a shoemaker with Stefano Bemer. For a time his exact whereabouts and actions were not made publicly known.
  • 1992
    Age 34
    In 1992, three years after his Oscar win, The Last of the Mohicans was released.
    More Details Hide Details Day-Lewis's character research for this film was well-publicized; he reportedly underwent rigorous weight training and learned to live off the land and forest where his character lived, camping, hunting and fishing. Day-Lewis also added to his wood-working skills and learned how to make canoes. He carried a long rifle at all times during filming to remain in character and learned how to skin animals. Playing Gerry Conlon In the Name of the Father, Day-Lewis lived on prison rations to lose 30lbs, spent extended periods in the jail cell on set, went without sleep for two days, was interrogated for three days by real policemen, and asked that the crew hurl abuse and cold water at him.
  • 1989
    Age 31
    Day-Lewis returned to the stage in 1989 to work with Richard Eyre, in Hamlet at the National Theatre, London, but collapsed during the scene where the ghost of Hamlet's father appears before him.
    More Details Hide Details He began sobbing uncontrollably and refused to go back on stage; he was replaced by Jeremy Northam who finished the performance word-and-action-perfect and received a standing ovation. Ian Charleson then formally replaced Day-Lewis for the rest of the run, except that Charleson's ill-health forced Northam to stand in again many times. Although the incident was officially attributed to exhaustion, Day-Lewis later claimed to have seen the ghost of his own father. He has not appeared on stage since. The media attention following his breakdown on-stage contributed to his decision to eventually move from England to Ireland in the mid-1990s to regain a sense of privacy amidst his increasing fame.
    Day-Lewis threw his personal version of method acting into full throttle in 1989 with his performance as Christy Brown in Jim Sheridan's My Left Foot, which garnered him numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Actor and BAFTA Award for Best Actor.
    More Details Hide Details Brown, a writer and painter, was born with cerebral palsy and was only able to control his left foot. Day-Lewis prepared for the role by making frequent visits to Sandymount School Clinic in Dublin, where he formed friendships with several people with disabilities, some of whom had no speech. During filming, he refused to break character. Playing a severely paralysed character on screen, off screen Day-Lewis had to be moved around the set in his wheelchair, and crew members would curse at having to lift him over camera and lighting wires, all so that he might gain insight into all aspects of Brown's life, including the embarrassments. Crew members were also required to spoon-feed him. It was rumoured that he had broken two ribs during filming from assuming a hunched-over position in his wheelchair for so many weeks, something he denied years later at the 2013 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
  • 1987
    Age 29
    In 1987, Day-Lewis assumed leading man status by starring in Philip Kaufman's adaptation of Milan Kundera's The Unbearable Lightness of Being, where he portrayed a Czech surgeon whose hyperactive sex life is thrown into disarray when he allows himself to become emotionally involved with a woman.
    More Details Hide Details During the eight-month shoot he learned Czech and first began to refuse to break character on or off the set for the entire shooting schedule. During this period, Day-Lewis and other young British actors of the time such as Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tim Roth, and Bruce Payne, were dubbed the "Brit Pack".
  • 1985
    Age 27
    In 1985, Day-Lewis gave his first critically acclaimed performance playing a gay man in an interracial relationship in the film My Beautiful Laundrette, set in 1980s London during the period when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.
    More Details Hide Details Day-Lewis gained further public notice with A Room with a View (1985). Set in the Edwardian period of turn-of-the-twentieth-century England, he portrayed an entirely different character: Cecil Vyse, the proper upper class fiancé of the main character.
  • 1982
    Age 24
    In late 1982 he had his big theatre break when he took over the lead in Another Country.
    More Details Hide Details The following year, he had a supporting role as the conflicted, but ultimately loyal first mate in The Bounty, after which he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, playing Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and Flute in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
  • 1975
    Age 17
    Leaving Bedales in 1975, Day-Lewis's unruly attitude had diminished and he needed to make a career choice.
    More Details Hide Details Although he had excelled on stage at the National Youth Theatre in London, he applied for a five-year apprenticeship as a cabinet-maker, but was rejected due to lack of experience. He was then accepted at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, which he attended for three years, eventually performing at the Bristol Old Vic itself. At one point he played understudy to Pete Postlethwaite, with whom he would later co-star in the film In the Name of the Father. John Hartoch, Day-Lewis's acting teacher at Bristol Old Vic, recalls, "There was something about him even then. He was quiet and polite, but he was clearly focused on his acting – he had a burning quality. He seemed to have something burning beneath the surface. There was a lot going on beneath that quiet appearance. There was one performance in particular, when the students put on a play called Class Energy, when he really seemed to shine – and it became obvious to us, the staff, that we had someone rather special on our hands."
  • 1972
    Age 14
    For a few weeks in 1972, he and his parents and sister lived at Lemmons, the north London home of Kingsley Amis and Elizabeth Jane Howard.
    More Details Hide Details Cecil Day-Lewis had cancer and Howard invited the family to Lemmons as a place they could use to rest and recuperate. Cecil died there in May that year.
  • 1968
    Age 10
    In 1968, Day-Lewis' parents, finding his behaviour to be too wild, sent him to the independent Sevenoaks School in Kent as a boarder.
    More Details Hide Details At the school, he was introduced to his three most prominent interests: woodworking, acting, and fishing. His disdain for the school grew, and after two years at Sevenoaks, he was transferred to another independent school, Bedales in Petersfield, Hampshire, which his sister attended, and which had a more relaxed and creative ethos. The transfer led to his film debut at the age of 14 in Sunday Bloody Sunday in which he played a vandal in an uncredited role. He described the experience as "heaven", for getting paid £2 to vandalise expensive cars parked outside his local church.
  • 1957
    Born on April 29, 1957.
    More Details Hide Details
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