David Lee Roth
Rock vocalist; lead singer with Van Halen
David Lee Roth
David Lee Roth is an American rock vocalist, songwriter, actor, author, and former radio personality. In 2007, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Roth is best known as the original (1973-1985) and current (2006-present) lead singer of the Southern California-based hard rock band Van Halen. He is also known as a successful solo artist, releasing numerous RIAA-certified Gold and Platinum records.
David Lee Roth's personal information overview.
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(Refiled to add dropped word "is" in 4th paragraph) * Outrage over rising income inequality behind proposal * Initiative rejected by two-thirds of voters * Opponents warned proposal could hurt competitiveness By Caroline Copley ZURICH, Nov 24 (Reuters) - Swiss voters rejected a proposal on Sunday to cap the salaries of top executives at 12 times that of a company's lowest wage, heeding warnings from industry leaders that the measure could harm the country's economy. The wealthy nation, which is home to some of the world's biggest companies including food group Nestle and commodities giant Glencore Xstrata, voted 66 percent against imposing the limit, according to a projection from Swiss television. The so-called "1:12 initiative for fair pay," was brought about by the youth wing of the Social Democrats (JUSO). The idea behind the proposal was that nobody should earn ...
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How Banker Paradise Switzerland Became The Leader In Fighting Inequality
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There's something strange going on in Switzerland. This Sunday, Swiss voters will vote on the 1:12 Initiative, a plan to limit the monthly pay of Swiss companies' top executives to the yearly pay of their lowest paid employees, an annual ratio of one to twelve. The people behind that idea hope both to curb enormous executive salaries and to raise the standards of living for the poor. Then there's another, even more radical idea — a plan to give everyone a minimum basic income of 2,500 francs ($2,800) a month. To get this money, all you would have to do is be an adult citizen — and you could get this money even if you had a job. A vote on this idea is likely to be held in early 2016. These ideas might sound crazy, but they're real possibilities. In fact, Switzerland has been debating a lot of ideas like this over the past year — in March, the country approved a plan that would give shareholders an annual ballot on managers’ pay (the plan was called an "initiative against 'fat cat ...
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By Caroline Copley ZURICH (Reuters) - Switzerland will vote on Sunday on whether to limit the salaries of top executives so they don't earn more in a month than the lowest paid workers earn in a year, a move that could mean big pay cuts for business leaders earning millions. The so-called 1:12 initiative for Fair Pay, the latest attempt to narrow a growing wage gap in one of the world's wealthiest nations, was brought about by the youth wing of the Social Democrats (JUSO), who gathered the 100,000 signatures needed to force a nationwide vote. Despite its high standard of living, Switzerland is a generally egalitarian country, increasingly unhappy with rising wealth inequality as wages of executives balloon while those of low-skilled workers lag. "After the Second World War the growth of salaries and wealth was more or less parallel," JUSO President David Roth told Reuters.
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A Proposal To Limit Swiss Executive Pay To 12 Times That Of Low-Paid Employees Has Fat Cats Worried
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On 24 November, Swiss voters will go to the polls to vote on a radical new idea — limiting the monthly pay of the highest earners in Swiss firms to that of the yearly pay of lowest earners. It's being called the 1:12 Initiative — and it sure has some people worried. To understand the context of the vote, you need to know two things about Switzerland. First, the country has a relatively unique system of direct democracy — if 100,000 people sign a proposed change to the constitution, or "popular initiatives," a referendum is held. If a majority of voters and cantons (Swiss states) agree with the proposal, the change can be come law. The second factor is how these Swiss initiatives have been used recently. Earlier this year Swiss voters agreed to an idea proposed by entrepreneur Thomas Minder that limited executive (in his words, "fat cat") salaries of companies listed on the Swiss stock market. On the other end of the spectrum, a proposal to give every Swiss adult an unconditional ...
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How Chic's Nile Rodgers Became The God Of Game Music
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Gaming may be a few decades old, having long ago ridden its light cycle out of the arcade, yet many still seem to think game music consists of bloops and bleeps. It's an idea as outdated as disco. So it;s fitting that Nile Rodgers -- the legendary producer and Chic member who best connects that era to this one thanks to his Daft Punk collab "Get Lucky" -- is the person most responsible for giving game music a proper hearing in North America. Back in 1998, three years after the first PlayStation popularized CD technology in gaming -- dramatically increasing game music's complexity by allowing prerecorded streaming rather than just live sequencing -- Rodgers launched Sumthing Else Music and Sumthing Distribution to get game soundtracks off screen and into stores. But this story really begins back in the late '70s, when Rodgers first became a gamer. “When we first started making records, recording studios were not the sort of high-tech, inviting atmospheres they are ...
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Texas Children's Hospital doctor named chief of pediatric urology at Baylor College of Medicine
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Dr. David Roth, a renowned pediatric urology surgeon and chief of urology at Texas Children's Hospital, was recently appointed as chief of pediatric urology at Baylor College of Medicine.
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Danko Jones: METZ Bring Hope to the Music Biz
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No matter how incredible a band thinks their new album is or how much self-congratulatory backslapping happens within the safe confines of the recording studio, every band, even the most self-assured, tense up when faced with its initial round of reviews. You want to make the record that pleases you first and foremost with no compromise but when it's unleashed onto the general public you pray everyone likes it just as much as you do. You will usually find out whether your new offering, this thing you've slaved over day and night for months, gets a cursory "yay" or "nay" during the inevitable press junket. For our new album ROCK AND ROLL IS BLACK AND BLUE, press days started way back in July when we kicked it off with two ten-hour days of interviews in Paris, France. Since then it's been an almost non-stop flurry of phoners, emailers, radio station ids and video clips everywhere from Los Angeles to Berlin with Canada being the last swing of interviews. It was during this ...
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5 Things: Retirement Board, Book Club, Housing Authority
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Born on this day in history: novelist Nora Roberts (1950), singer David Lee Roth (1954), actor Chris Penn (1965), Brett Favre (1969) and racecar driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (1974). 1. The Braintree Retirement Board meets again this morning at 8 p.m. in the board room at 74 Pond St. 2. Thayer Public Library hosts the Brown Bag Book Club from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in the Reading Room. This month's selection is The Long Way Home: An American Journey from Ellis Island to the Great War by David Laskin. 3. The Board of Assessors meets at 5 p.m. in the upstairs Johnson Chambers at Town Hall. 4. The Housing Authority meets at 7:30 p.m. at 25 Roosevelt St. 5. Activities today at the Senior Center on Cleveland Avenue include: 9:15 a.m. No Exercise Class 9:30 a.m. Ask the Lawyer (free) by appointments 10 a.m. Crafts and Quilting Group Noon Pool Players and Poker
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4 Tactics to Make Smarter Decisions
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Should you trust your gut or your data? Bestselling authors Dan and Chip Heath say, neither. Here's what really goes into making sound decisions. Behavioral economists have been prolific of late with wisdom about why people make poor decisions. What people really need are guidelines for making good decisions. That's the message of Chip and Dan Heath, the best-selling brothers who previously decoded the art of making ideas stick and the science of helping organizations change. At a presentation before an audience of Inc. 500|5000 CEOs the brothers previewed their latest book, Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, to be published in March. They urged attendees not only to get in touch with their inner Solomons, but also to create cultures and processes that enable smart decision-making organization wide. Poll any group and they'll brag about how well they make decisions. Then look at the investments they've made, the losers they date, and the size of their waistline ...
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Michael Sigman: Carol Miller On 40 Years In Rock And Her Cancer Battle: 'Face The Truth With A Sense Of Humor'
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"I thought Steven Tyler was dead." That opening line from veteran New York DJ Carol Miller's new memoir "Up All Night, My Life and Times in Rock Radio" suggests yet another saga of sex, drugs and rock & roll in the music business. But Miller's encounter with Tyler, in which she sleeps near but not with him, foreshadows a far more compelling story: a story of thriving for 40 years in an industry with a half-life that's often measured in months, a story of a woman's heroic struggle with two kinds of cancer. For total-immersion rock & roll debauchery, you'll want "Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?" Tyler's hilarious 2011 memoir, which overflows with the Aerosmith frontman's picaresque postcards from the edge. Don't get me wrong. There's plenty of excitement, musical and extra-musical, in "Up All Night." Miller's professional journey -- from early '70s progressive radio at Philadelphia's WMMR to AOR (Album Oriented Rock)/Classic Rock at NY's powerhouse WPLJ ...
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OMG PD: The Odd and Odder from Police Reports
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It's been immortalized on radio morning shows such as Dave and Carole and Kramp and Adler ... here's this week's installment of strange and incredible suburban crime, OMG PD.  There’s a two-Bomb-Pop minimum If David Lee Roth of Van Halen really was the “Ice Cream Man,” this is probably how he would operate the truck. And not a TV camera in sight Sussex residents can rest easy knowing that bounty hunters can find the Pick ‘n Save. At least he had a solid alibi You could say a man who had items stolen from his Port Washington apartment had it coming to him. ‘Do you know who I am?’ Mistake No. 1: Title-dropping at the McDonald’s drive-through. Mistake No. 2: Using a made-up title. Bet this never happened on Law & Order A Wauwatosa officer’s foot chase ended prematurely, but not because of debris thrown in his path, or gunfire, or a superhuman suspect leaping across traffic. _____________________ The above items are from reports from local police de ...
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David Lee Roth addresses Super Bowl rumors
USA Today - over 4 years
It is never too early to address those pesky rumors about what band will play the Super Bowl.
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Sacramento Van Halen show officially cancelled
The Sacramento Bee - over 4 years
Those boys in Van Halen sure know how to toy with a rock fan's heart. First, they skip Sacramento on their 2012 U.S. tour. Then they announce new dates, including an Aug. 25 show at Power Balance Pavilion. Then that concert is postponed. Now the show officially has been cancelled. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen and singer David Lee Roth have said in interviews the band had overextended itself with the new dates. For information on refunds, see the Ticketmaster site. According to the site, phone orders and Internet sales to the show are being refunded automatically.
Article Link:
The Sacramento Bee article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of David Lee Roth
  • 2015
    Age 59
    On Jan 2, 2015, Roth posted a Happy New Year video featuring the full version of his cover of the song "Mustang Sally".
    More Details Hide Details Albums with Van Halen Studio albums/EPs Other appearances
  • 2012
    Age 56
    On October 14, 2012 Roth began to broadcast a video webcast on his YouTube channel, and soon also on iTunes, called The Roth Show.
    More Details Hide Details In the show Roth speaks about a wide variety of topics including making music videos with Van Halen, tattoos and sarcasm. On November 1 a music video was posted dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Roth has been a resident of Tokyo, Japan since May 2012 but maintains homes in New York City and Pasadena, California.
    The new Roth-fronted Van Halen album A Different Kind of Truth was released on February 7, 2012.
    More Details Hide Details A tour commenced in February 2012. In March 2015, a new live album was released to fans, Tokyo Dome Live in Concert, which was recorded in June 2013 during the A Different Kind of Truth Tour. That same month, the band made its first foray into American television by appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, announcing a new tour in the process.
  • 2011
    Age 55
    In December 2011, Van Halen announced a 2012 tour with Roth.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2008
    Age 52
    On June 5, 2008, Van Halen announced that the 2007–2008 tour with Roth grossed more than $93 million, a record for the rock band.
    More Details Hide Details Van Halen played to nearly one million people during 74 arena shows throughout the United States and Canada, beginning September 27, 2007 in Charlotte, N.C. and wrapping June 3, 2008 in Quebec City, QC for the 400th anniversary of the city.
  • 2007
    Age 51
    On August 13, 2007, 6 months after the initial reunion tour was postponed, it was finally confirmed by Van Halen with Roth at a press conference in Los Angeles that they would start the tour back up again and schedule it starting in September 2007.
    More Details Hide Details At that conference, Eddie Van Halen stated that he and Roth were "like brothers" now. Calling Van Halen a "real band", both Van Halen and Roth spoke of the possibility of further worldwide touring and a new album in mind for the future.
    On February 2, 2007 The Official Van Halen Web Site released information that Roth had rejoined the band along with current members Alex, Eddie, along with Eddie and Valerie Bertinelli's teenage son, Wolfgang Van Halen.
    More Details Hide Details Michael Anthony, Van Halen's original bass player, played the summer 2004 tour with Sammy Hagar under a 'hired gun' contract. On March 8 the official Van Halen website posted a letter from Eddie Van Halen stating that Ed did not feel he could perform his absolute best and the tour with Roth would be postponed. In March 2007 five members of Van Halen, the four original members and Sammy Hagar were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Van Halen brothers did not attend due to Eddie's condition. Roth was to perform with the band Velvet Revolver; however, conflict with the band caused his part to be canceled. Roth subsequently did not attend the induction, leaving only Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar to represent Van Halen. Both Anthony and Hagar thanked Roth publicly for his contribution to the band during the awards acceptance. Roth did not attend the ceremony and the event was considered yet another public embarrassment for the band.
    On January 24, 2007, after much anticipation, Billboard.com reported that Roth would rejoin Van Halen for a 40-date arena and amphitheater tour in Summer 2007.
    More Details Hide Details This report, among many others, was confirmed with an official press release posted on the official Van Halen website on February 2, 2007.
  • 2006
    Age 50
    Langford and Roth met last on Roth's final day, April 21, 2006; Roth performed the Rolling Stones song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" for Stern and discussed an impending lawsuit against CBS.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 2006, Roth appeared on two tracks of an album entitled Strummin' with the Devil which cover a number of classic Van Halen songs, in bluegrass style.
    More Details Hide Details This album topped out at 66 on the U.S. Billboard country charts. Roth was tapped to replace his friend, Howard Stern, on terrestrial radio, following Stern's decision to align himself with SIRIUS satellite radio. Roth's show lasted for four months, and ended in a lawsuit. During the course of the show, Roth maintained a relationship with Howard 100 News reporter Steve Langford. Roth and Langford met frequently after shows, with Langford bringing tape back to Stern of Roth's complaints towards WXRK's management. Issues included Roth's firing, the missing podcast, and his show being cut off early.
  • 2004
    Age 48
    On July 4, 2004, Roth performed with the world-renowned Boston Pops Orchestra at Boston's annual Pops Goes the Fourth celebration.
    More Details Hide Details The performance was witnessed by over 100,000 people live in Boston, and by millions more on U.S. television.
    In 2004, Roth appeared on the TV series The Sopranos as a poker-playing guest of Tony Soprano.
    More Details Hide Details Regarding this, Roth was quoted on his website as saying, "Mom says I'm going to look like Lee Marvin in 10 years whether I'm in movies or not, so I might as well get after it!"
  • 2003
    Age 47
    In 2003, Roth released his final solo album called Diamond Dave, which included one last self-penned John 5 collaboration among numerous cover songs.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2002
    Age 46
    Despite the monetary success and publicity generated by the tour, Roth's future with Van Halen seemed uncertain. "Yankee Rose" appeared in the 2002 videogame Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, playing on rock station V-Rock, while generally, Roth became more visible than he'd been in years, e.g. appearing on commercials for MTV with Justin Timberlake.
    More Details Hide Details
    In 2002, The "Song for Song: The Heavyweight Champions of Rock and Roll Tour" paired Roth with his musical nemesis Sammy Hagar, and proceeded to revive the career of Roth.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1999
    Age 43
    In 1999, Roth contacted the Songs of Love Foundation asking if he would be able to sing a song for an ailing child.
    More Details Hide Details He went on to record a "Song of Love" for 9-year-old Ashley Abernathy who was battling leukemia.
  • 1998
    Age 42
    In 1998, Roth released a final album of self-penned solo material entitled DLR Band.
    More Details Hide Details The album featured a popular song, "Slam Dunk," which, like a majority of the album, was co-written by rising guitar hero and longtime Roth fan, John 5. The album was considered a return to form for Roth by critics.
  • 1997
    Age 41
    In 1997, Roth wrote a well-received, New York Times best-selling memoir, entitled Crazy From the Heat.
    More Details Hide Details The 359-page book was a selected collection of 1,200 pages of monologues, which were recorded and transcribed by a Princeton University graduate who followed Roth around for almost a year. The book received mostly positive critical and reader reaction, and helped to reinvent Roth's image as a popular wit and adventurer, with a bon vivant personality.
  • 1995
    Age 39
    In 1995, Roth returned with an adult lounge act, performing largely in Las Vegas casinos, with a brass band that featured Nile Rodgers, Edgar Winter, and members of the Miami Sound Machine.
    More Details Hide Details It also featured several exotic dancers, who in Roth's words were "so sweet, I bet they shit sugar!" In the late 1990s, Roth trained as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in New York City, and worked as one for some time. He occasionally told stories about his experiences as an EMT on his 2005 radio show, which replaced Howard Stern's legendary radio show, after the latter moved to satellite radio.
  • 1994
    Age 38
    In March 1994, Roth released Your Filthy Little Mouth, a musically-eclectic album produced by Nile Rodgers.
    More Details Hide Details The album failed to achieve positive critical or commercial success, proving to be Roth's first solo effort not to achieve RIAA Gold or Platinum status shortly after its release. The support tour found Roth playing smaller venues in the U.S., and larger venues in Europe. Your Filthy Little Mouth saw a remastered re-release in 2007.
  • 1993
    Age 37
    In April 1993, Roth was arrested in New York City's Washington Square Park for buying what he described as "$10 worth of Jamaican bunk reefer" from an undercover police officer.
    More Details Hide Details The arrest made headlines and became a late-night television punch-line. When asked by Howard Stern whether the bust was a publicity stunt, Roth said, "Howard, in New York City this small of a bust is a $35 traffic citation. It literally says 'Buick, Chevy, Other'. Your dog poops on the sidewalk, it's $50. If I was looking for publicity, I would have pooped on the sidewalk."
  • 1991
    Age 35
    Later in 1991, Nirvana and grunge rock emerged, altering musical tastes and suddenly making Roth's brand of hard rock seem unfashionable.
    More Details Hide Details Roth's band fractured shortly following the tour's completion. With one exception - 1997's well-received DLR Band album, featuring guitarist John 5 and drummer Ray Luzier - until his reconciliation with Van Halen in 2006, Roth would utilize hired-hands and studio musicians on his club and amphitheater solo tours.
  • 1988
    Age 32
    In January 1988, Roth released Skyscraper, a more experimental recording featuring the hit single "Just Like Paradise."
    More Details Hide Details Co-produced by Roth and Steve Vai under the working title "Cliffhanger", Skyscraper peaked at #6 on the Billboard album chart and ultimately sold two million copies in the US. Soon after Skyscrapers release, Billy Sheehan left Roth's band due to musical differences. He was replaced in time for the album's support tour with bassist Matt Bissonette, (drummer Gregg Bissonette's brother.) The international, arena tour was a major production featuring, at different points during each concert, Roth surfing above the audience on a surfboard suspended from an arena's rafters, and lowered into the center of each arena in a descending boxing ring (see Skyscraper Tour). Both parts of the stage show were featured in the "Just Like Paradise" music video. The show also featured the band in a calypso segment playing Caribbean steel drums and in an unplugged segment where the band performed acoustic covers of some rock and roll classics. Following the tour for Skyscraper, Steve Vai left Roth's band to pursue a solo career and record and tour with Whitesnake.
  • 1987
    Age 31
    Roth and his band toured arenas extensively in support of Eat 'Em and Smile (see Eat 'Em and Smile Tour), before returning to the studio in 1987 to record a follow-up.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1986
    Age 30
    With veteran Van Halen producer Ted Templeman producing, Roth released his debut solo LP, Eat 'Em and Smile in July 1986.
    More Details Hide Details The album saw Roth return to hard rock music, but also incorporated some of his more eclectic musical tastes, ranging from jazz to speed metal. Eat 'Em and Smile met with widespread commercial and critical success, charting at #4 on the Billboard Top 200, and selling over 2 million copies in the U.S. alone.
  • 1985
    Age 29
    In late 1985, Roth assembled a virtuoso solo band, consisting of guitarist Steve Vai (previously of Frank Zappa's band), bassist Billy Sheehan (previously of Talas), and drummer Gregg Bissonette (previously of Maynard Ferguson's big band).
    More Details Hide Details
    Roth formally parted ways with his bandmates on April 1, 1985.
    More Details Hide Details In his 1998 autobiography, Crazy From the Heat, Roth characterized Van Halen's music just before his 1985 departure as "morose." Roth wished to record an album quickly, tour, and shoot a movie. "We've created a whole retinue of characters," he noted of his and Pete Angelus's production. "It's a genuine film. It's not 'Dave Singing' or 'Elvis'." Entitled Crazy From The Heat, the film was budgeted at $20 million by CBS Films; however, the project folded after the consolidation of CBS Studios. In June 1996, Roth briefly reunited with Van Halen, to great public fanfare. He recorded two new songs for Van Halen's Best Of – Volume I, "Can't Get This Stuff No More" and "Me Wise Magic." After an infamous appearance on September 5, 1996, at the MTV Video Music Awards during which Roth and Eddie Van Halen reportedly threatened each other, Roth was passed over for Van Halen's vocalist job in favor of Gary Cherone. In 2012, Cherone confirmed the longtime rumor that he had already been chosen long before the MTV incident, connoting that Van Halen used Roth to create public interest in the hits collection. '"Me Wise Magic," Van Halen's virtuosic display of psychedelia-influenced rock with Roth on vocals became a #1 Billboard Mainstream Rock hit in 1996.
  • 1983
    Age 27
    Van Halen constructed his own recording studio at home during 1983, which led to an argument with the rest of the band as it allowed him to develop songs without their input.
    More Details Hide Details Furthermore, he began to move towards a more radio-friendly pop direction with keyboards and synthesizers while Roth opposed this and felt that the band should play straight hard rock with only guitars and drums. Their sixth album, 1984, was a critical and commercial success but continued the move towards mainstream pop.
  • 1978
    Age 22
    Released in 1978, the debut album Van Halen earned the band significant national attention.
    More Details Hide Details The album was a success, eventually selling more than twelve million copies by 2014. The original Van Halen released five more successful albums over the next seven years. Roth is often credited with promoting Van Halen's image as the quintessential rock band, one devoted to a lifestyle described by David Fricke in Rolling Stone as "a nonstop booze-and-babes party train." Despite this wild image, Roth was a key to the band's success both as lead singer and as their principal lyricist. Roth's clever lyrics worked in harmony with music composed by Edward Van Halen to create the trademark tunes that helped transform Van Halen, in Fricke's words, into "the monster rock action squad that ruled the charts and the airwaves for seven years." In early 1985, while still a member of Van Halen, Roth released Crazy from the Heat, a popular solo EP of off-beat standards. Singles for "California Girls" and "Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody" succeeded largely due to innovative music videos (produced by Jerry Kramer and co-produced by Glenn Goodwin and Bobby Diebold), which featured ridiculous characters created by Roth and his Creative Chief Director, Pete Angelus, who directed Van Halen's Roth-era videos.
  • 1976
    Age 20
    In 1976, Gene Simmons took note of the band (in particular Eddie Van Halen, who Simmons hoped to recruit for his own band, KISS) and assisted them in producing their first demo tape.
    More Details Hide Details Although featuring many of the songs that would be included on their future debut album, the tape garnered little major label attention. In early 1977, Warner Brothers' Ted Templeman came to the Starwood, heard the group, and signed them to a contract. During this period Roth's stage persona was heavily influenced by that of Black Oak Arkansas vocalist Jim "Dandy" Mangrum.
  • 1954
    Age -2
    Born on October 10, 1954.
    More Details Hide Details
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