Diane von Fürstenberg

Belgian-american Fashion Designer
Born Dec 31, 1946
Age 69
Other Names Halfin, Diane Sim...

Diane von Furstenberg, formerly Diane, Princess of Furstenberg, is a Belgian-American fashion designer best known for her wrap dress. She initially rose to prominence when she married into the German princely House of Fürstenberg, as the wife of Prince Egon of Fürstenberg. Following their divorce in 1972, she has continued to use his family name, although she is no longer entitled to use the title princess following her divorce and subsequent remarriage in 2001.… Read More

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Diane von Fürstenberg
Diane von Fürstenberg
Age 69


  • Leon Halfin
    Leon Halfin
  • Liliane Nahmias
    Liliane Nahmias



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1946 Birth Born on December 31, 1946.


1969 22 Years Old Married in 1969, the couple had two children, Prince Alexander (born six months after their wedding) and Princess Tatiana, who were born in New York City. … Read More
1970 23 Years Old In 1970, with a $30,000 investment, Diane began designing women's clothes - "The minute I knew I was about to be Egon's wife, I decided to have a career. … Read More
1972 25 Years Old …  Following their divorce in 1972, she has continued to use his family name, although she is no longer entitled to use the title princess following her divorce and subsequent remarriage in 2001. … Read More
1974 27 Years Old 1 More Event
She is best known for introducing the knitted jersey "wrap dress" in 1974, an example of which, due to its influence on women's fashion, is in the collection of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. … Read More


1985 38 Years Old In 1985, she moved to Paris, France where she founded Salvy, a French-language publishing house.


1991 44 Years Old Fürstenberg started a number of other businesses including a line of cosmetics and a home-shopping business, which she launched in 1991.
1992 45 Years Old In 1992, Diane sold $1.2 million dollars worth of her Silk Assets collection in two hours on QVC. … Read More


1997 50 Years Old Diane re-launched her company in 1997, and re-introduced the wrap dress, which gained traction with an entirely new generation of women.
1998 51 Years Old In 1998, she published her business memoir, Diane: A Signature Life.
2001 54 Years Old 1 More Event
The Fürstenberg's marriage, though not popular with the groom's family because of the bride's Jewish ethnicity, was considered dynastic, and on her marriage Diane became Her Highness Princess Diane of Fürstenberg, but is no longer entitled to use the title following her divorce and then her remarriage in 2001.
2004 57 Years Old In 2004, she introduced the DVF by H. Stern fine jewelry collection, and launched scarves and beachwear.
2005 58 Years Old In 2005, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) awarded her the Lifetime Achievement Award and the following year named her as their president, a position she has held since 2006. … Read More


2008 61 Years Old In 2008, she received a star on Seventh Avenue’s Fashion Walk of Fame.
2009 62 Years Old In 2009, a large-scale retrospective exhibition entitled "Diane von Fürstenberg: Journey of a Dress" opened at the Manezh, one of Moscow's largest public exhibition spaces. … Read More
2010 63 Years Old 1 More Event
Also in 2010, Diane von Fürstenberg was award a Gold Medal at the annual Queen Sofia Spanish Institute Gold Medal Gala. … Read More
2012 65 Years Old In 2012, she launched her first children’s collection with GapKids and a denim collaboration with CURRENT/ELLIOTT. … Read More
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