Dominique Dawes
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Dominique Dawes
Dominique Margaux Dawes is a retired United States artistic gymnast. She was 10-year member of the U.S. national gymnastics team, the 1994 U.S. all-around senior National Champion, a three-time Olympian, a World Championships silver medalist and a member of the gold-medal winning "Magnificent Seven" at the 1996 Summer Olympics.
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Simone Biles makes breaking records look easy. In Rio, the 19-year-old won four Olympic gold medals, making her the first U.S. gymnast to do so. To top it off, she also earned a bronze medal for her performance on the beam. Did we mention this was her first time competing at the Olympics? Off the floor (and vault, beam, etc.) Biles has recently teamed up with Tide PODS for a commercial called “The Evolution of Power” (scroll down to watch) that stars Biles and includes footage of gymnasts Nadia Comaneci and Dominique Dawes. The gymnast took a break from shining her gold medals to talk to The Huffington Post about what it was like to be featured alongside such historic gymnasts, how she plans on finishing her time in Rio, and which athlete outside of gymnastics she admires: Serena Williams. This “Evolution of Power” spot you’re in focuses on the power of gymnasts and their strength. What does the word “power” mean to you? Everyone has a different power. For me, I feel like ...
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Dominique Dawes wants to help push the stories of three visionary black women to the forefront of America’s history after taking a special interest in a new film. The three-time Olympic gymnast has shared her celebrity influence in her studio promotion of Fox 20th Century’s upcoming film, “Hidden Figures.” Starring Taraji P. Henson (as Katherine Johnson), Octavia Spencer (as Dorothy Vaughn) and Janelle Monáe (as Mary Jackson), the film highlights the untold true story of three African-American women mathematicians who provided NASA with integral data during astronaut John Glenn’s historical orbit in 1962. Following her discovery of the trio’s inspiring story in June, Dawes told HuffPost that it was the perfect opportunity for her to promote “such an inspiring” movie. During the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Dawes helped to introduce the film’s trailer on the NBC network.  “I know I’ve been blessed to inspire thousands of young girls with the desire to step inside the gymnastics gy ...
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WATCH: Dominique Dawes on Team USA's Wins in Rio
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The four-time Olympic medal-winning gymnast discusses Simone Biles and Aly Raisman's gold and silver medals and the swimming domination of Michael Phelps.
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With Rio just days away, the "Fierce Five" have become the darlings of the gymnastics world. Three-time Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero to talk about Rio and her life after the "Magnificent Seven."
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1. Milky Pens are the most superior writing tool (rivaled only by Gelly Rolls). 2. Kelly Kapowski's cut off sweatshirt is the cute, but casual, look, perfected. 3. Lisa Frank is the greatest artistic genius of our time. (But apparently a terrible employer, sadly.) 4. The colors, fonts, song lyrics and inside jokes you include in your AIM profile (and status) say a lot about you. 5. It's 11:30 and the club is jumpin’ jumpin’. 6. The ultimate sign of love is matching denim on denim (on denim). 7. The older Shawn Hunter gets, the better Shawn Hunter gets. 8. April 25th is the perfect date. 9. Your feet will know no greater joy than Steve Madden fluffy slippers. 10. Britney Spears’ “Lucky” is the best song to act out at sleepovers, but Kelly Clarkson’s “Miss Independent” is the best for making up dances. 11. The downfall of anklets and toe rings should have made it into history books. 12. Put a man on the moon, fine. But until Cher Horowitz’s c ...
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WASHINGTON — Michelle Obama said Friday that her anti-childhood obesity campaign is creating a "cultural shift" in how Americans live and eat, and is beginning to have a positive influence on children's health. As an example, she cited something she said she couldn't imagine when the "Let's Move" program was launched nearly four years ago: television commercials pitching fast-food breakfast sandwiches made with healthier egg whites instead of whole eggs. But the first lady said more work is needed to solve the childhood obesity problem. "Make no mistake about it, we are changing the conversation in this country," Mrs. Obama said at a back-to-school event at a District of Columbia elementary school. "We are creating a cultural shift in how we live and eat and our efforts are beginning to have a real impact on our children's lives." "But I also want to be very clear. While we're finally beginning to make some progress, we still have a very long way to go before we solve this problem," ...
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Sarah Elizabeth Ippel: Modeling Excellence for Transformative Change in Education
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Last week, we had the opportunity to bring 22 students from the Academy of Global Citizenship (AGC) to join thousands of children from across the Chicagoland area at the latest of first lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign events. Government officials, business representatives and notable athletes gathered at the McCormick Center for the event. The atmosphere was upbeat and exciting as students participated in guided exercise classes, shared healthy snacks and heard from powerful speakers. Still, the day's message remained clear throughout: health, wellness and physical activity are integral to a holistic education and it allows students to succeed in school. Michelle Obama knows how to relate to children. "She is magnificent," exclaimed AGC fifth-grader Emma May Tadla. The first lady communicated powerfully: "It is so important for each of you to realize that every day you, and you alone, have the power to choose the life you want for yourself. ... The only ...
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Lots of athletes have done cameos on TV. And some select others have actually pursued acting as a second career after retirement from their respective sports. But Broadway is a different ballgame entirely. On Broadway, much like in the big game, you only get one shot at the glory. Here's a look at five athletes who have gone for it on The Great White Way and lived to tell the tale: Joe Namath: With the nickname "Broadway Joe," you'd think the Jets quarterback was an acting pro. In actuality, the nickname didn't reflect his prowess on the stage at all. He made his only appearance on Broadway as a cast replacement in a revival of The Caine Mutiny Court Martial in 1983. He replaced Jay O. Sanders during the run, but eventually the show had to move on to bigger and better things. Muhammad Ali: Ali appeared on Broadway in the musical Buck White in 1969, but the show only had seven performances. Still, it lasted enough time for the entire cast to have the chance to perform the ...
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Is Dominique Dawes Copying Michelle Obama's Style?
Huffington Post - over 4 years
My entire world changed when I watched a tiny brown gymnast named Dominique Dawes twist and tumble her way to win a bronze medal in the 1996 Olympics. In a sport traditionally dominated by Caucasians, the Silver Spring, Maryland native was like a breath of fresh air amidst a cloud of powdered chalk. And to my mother's dismay, the reason I went about contorting my extremely long legs into high jumps along the brick border of her raised flower beds. Up until Gabby Douglas' gold-winning Olympic performance, Dawes was the only African-American female to have ever earned a gold medal in gymnastics. The entire world watched with bated breath as Dawes and fellow Magnificent Seven members (including Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu and Kerri Strug) earned the U.S.A. its first ever gold medal in the women's team competition. Dawes has given some of her best athletic performances since making her Olympic debut in 1992 while wearing red, white and blue high-cut leotards, matching ...
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Kiratiana Freelon: Thank You Dominique Dawes and Gabby Douglas
Huffington Post - over 4 years
For those of us who grew up watching Dominique Dawes, Gabrielle Douglas' win in the women's gymnastics all-around competition completes a journey that started in the early 90s when we were just tweens. That's when we got hooked on gymnastics and watched every moment that was broadcast on national television. For a brief moment, I even wanted to be a gymnast. But I soon realized that twelve was just too late to start a journey toward the Olympic Games. Even for those who couldn't dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast, Dawes gave us hope that we could accomplish things in sports and careers where there are no African-Americans. Dominique Dawes also got me into the Olympic sport and the Olympic Games. She kept me on top of Olympic sport during the years when most people forget about it. Whether it was the national championships, the American cup, or the World Championships, I watched every minute of it to support her. I have vivid memories of an early Saturday morning when I ...
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Dawes: 'Fab Five' out from 1996 shadow
CNN - over 4 years
Olympic gymnastic gold medalist Dominique Dawes on Team USA coach's claim the 2012 gymnastics team is better than 1996.
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First Lady Michelle Obama previews trip to 2012 Olympic games during press conference call
Fox News - over 4 years
THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the First Lady ________________________________ For Immediate Release                              July 23, 2012     REMARKS BY THE FIRST LADY PREVIEWING TRIP TO THE 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES DURING PRESS CONFERENCE CALL ALSO INCLUDES REMARKS BY DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR FOR STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS BEN RHODES; SENIOR POLICY ADVISOR FOR HEALTHY FOODS INITIATIVES SAM KASS; USTA COUNCIL CHAIR KEVIN DOWDELL; AND PRESIDENTIAL DELEGATION MEMBERS DOMINIQUE DAWES AND GRANT HILL Via Conference Call 1:13 P.M. EDT   MS. AUGUST:  Great.  Thank you so much, and thank you to everybody for joining the call today.  All of you should already have the schedule for Mrs. Obama’s trip that we put out this morning.   Joining us on the call today we have, of course, First Lady Michelle Obama.  We also have Ben Rhodes, who is the Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications.  We also have Sam Kass, who is the Senior Adv ...
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More on Kim Kelly Warren, Joey Peters
The Morning Call - Blogs - over 4 years
Every time I think about Kim Kelly Warren -- and I mean EVERY time -- the anger wells up inside me. What the gymnastics community did to her in 1992 was disgusting. I wrote story after story about the way she was tossed aside by the he-can-do-no-wrong Bela Karolyi. The United States won a bronze medal behind the Unified Team (formerly Russia) and Romania that year, but I could not watch. I have absolutely nothing against Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, Kim  Zmeskal, Kerri Strug, Wendy Bruce -- even Betty Okino, who took Warren's place on that team. I just did not want to see the American media slobbering all over Karolyi along the way. Miller won the silver medal all-around that year and that '92 team helped set the table for 1996 and the gold-medal team effort in the Atlanta Games. I'm sure all the girls felt bad for Warren. Okino said as much the day she was hand-picked to replace Warren. But 20 years later, Warren is living a fulfilling life in Cullman, Ala. When I spoke wit ...
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Week in Review: Cranes, Al Roker, Summer Arrives
Dundalk Patch - over 4 years
The week of June 17 began with Father's Day, recognized on Dundalk Patch with a series of essays written by Grange Elementary School kindergarten students. In other news, tragedy struck a Baltimore City home on the city/county line near Dundalk when Bruce Wagner, 51, died in a house fire on Eastbourne Avenue. Seagirt Marine Terminal welcomed four 14-story, state-of-the-art cranes that took two months to ship from China to Baltimore; the first day of summer arrived Tuesday and was ushered in by a two-day mini-heat wave with temperatures close to 100; and NBC weatherman Al Roker, in Baltimore to cover Star-Spangled Sailabration activities, visited Costas Inn to sample some of the restaurant's crabs. In case you missed them, here are some of the week's top headlines: Eastbourne Avenue Fire Kills Resident Dundalk Crime: Burglars Hit Businesses Checking in with Dominique Dawes, Olympian Around Town: Dundalk House Hunt NBC's Al Roker Enjoys Crabs at Costas Dundalk ...
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Checking in with Dominique Dawes, U.S. Olympian
Bethesda Patch - over 4 years
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Kim Washburn: Former Olympian Dominique Dawes Reflects On Gold And God
Huffington Post Sports - almost 5 years
With fewer than 100 days to the Olympic Games in London, the memories come tumbling back. Elite gymnast Dominique Dawes knows how it feels to stand on the highest podium with gold around her neck. And she knows how one misstep in an exacting sport means going home early. During her career in artistic gymnastics she became the only American to medal in an unprecedented three Olympics, and she was the first African American to win both an individual medal and an Olympic team gold. For nearly 20 years, structured sacrifice and singular dedication kept Dawes intensely focused on her goals. Even during the unique spectacle of the Olympic experience, she stayed outside of the Olympic Village, skipped Opening and Closing Ceremonies altogether and ignored the attractions of new countries. But now in her 30s, Dawes' perspective is wider. And looking back, the thing she notices throughout her journey is the hand of God. When Dawes was 6 years old, her parents unceremonious ...
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Changing TV habits center stage at digital media presentation
LATimes - almost 5 years
NEW YORK -- The prime-time television ratings drop took center stage at the Digital Content NewFront presentations in New York, with former ABC Entertainment Chairman Lloyd Braun seizing on the numbers as an opportunity to talk about changing viewing habits -- and the rise of digital media. In an onstage conversation with MediaLink Chairman and digital guru Michael E. Kassan, introductions had barely been concluded before the topic was broached: The four broadcast networks have lost viewers in recent weeks. And, unlike in years past, audiences aren't gravitating to the cable networks. Braun, who joined the world of digital media after being forced out in 2004 as the top programming executive at ABC, referred to a trend reported in the New York Times as evidence that viewers are moving away from watching television shows live, when they initially air. Viewers increasingly are using online services, such as Netflix Inc., to get caught up on past seasons of award-winning shows, such ...
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Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Dominique Dawes
  • 2016
    Age 39
    Dawes appeared with gymnasts Nadia Comăneci and Simone Biles in a commercial for Tide called "The Evolution of Power" prior to the 2016 Summer Olympics.
    More Details Hide Details Her music for floor routines was: Gold Olympic medalist Atlanta Georgia, 1996 Shout out from Broad City S3 E1 Opening scene is a bakery named "Dominique Däas Bakery" that pioneered the Churron. (combination churro/macaron) Dawes' flipping ability has been used as the root metaphor in hip-hop songs by such artists as Ras Kass ("It's a Given," "12"), The Hit Squad ("International," "Zero Tolerance"), Janelle Monáe ("Tightrope (Wondamix)" featuring B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco), Cam'ron (featuring Beyonce and Jim Jones - Do It Again) and Lil Wayne's Stunt Hard.
  • 2012
    Age 35
    Dawes became engaged in December 2012, to Catholic school teacher Jeff Thompson. Dawes converted to Catholicism and they married on May 25, 2013.
    More Details Hide Details She had her first child, a daughter, in March 2014. Dawes was competing as a junior elite by the age of 10.
  • 2010
    Age 33
    On October 28, 2010, Dawes was working for Yahoo Weekend News when she met with Center for Inquiry (CFI)'s investigative partner IIG to test Power Balance Bracelets for their claim that they improve balance, flexibility and strength.
    More Details Hide Details She states "The fact is, all athletes know that nothing can replace good old-fashioned hard work – practice, practice, practice Can a silicone wristband with a hologram sticker really give you an added edge?" In the trial four bracelets were taped so no participant knew if the bracelet they were wearing contained the Power Balance hologram. One bracelet was the control with no hologram, another contained only a PEZ candy. From Wendy Hughes report "The claim was that if the hologram worked, the speed of the participants would increase, and it would show on the graph. But it didn't. Out of 64 heats, 16 participants using 4 bracelets in 4 random heats, the results were almost flat. The main result was that if there was any change, the familiarity with the course caused a slight increase in efficiency. The Pez didn't make a difference either." Dawes's conclusion is that superstition makes the Power Bracelet work.
    In June 2010, President Obama appointed Dawes to be co-chair of the newly renamed President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, along with New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2008
    Age 31
    She provided commentary for Yahoo's coverage of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2004
    Age 27
    Dawes served as President of the Women's Sports Federation from 2004–2006; she was the youngest President in the Foundation's history.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 2002
    Age 25
    She was the first spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts of the USA's "Uniquely Me" self-esteem campaign in 2002.
    More Details Hide Details Dawes, whose younger brother has autism, has also supported events for autism awareness, such as the 2001 Power of One rally in Washington D.C.. She is presently on the Advisory Board of Sesame Workshop's "Healthy Habits for Life" program and also works as a motivational speaker, concentrating on youth issues.
    She graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2002.
    More Details Hide Details Pursuing a career in acting, modeling, and television production, she has appeared in Prince's music video "Betcha By Golly Wow" and Missy Elliott's 2006 video "We Run This" in the role of Missy's gymnastics coach. Dawes also briefly appeared on Broadway in a revival of the musical Grease, playing cheerleader Patty Simcox.
  • 2000
    Age 23
    However, she placed 9th all-around at 2000 U.S. Nationals and 7th at the Olympic Trials, and earned a spot on her third Olympic team.
    More Details Hide Details In team preliminaries at the Sydney Olympics, Dawes posted the second highest score of the American team on uneven bars but the lowest on beam. In the team finals, she performed well on three events and contributed to the team's bronze medal, awarded April 28, 2010 when the International Olympic Committee stripped China of its 2000 team medal for an underage competitor. Dawes attended Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland and Gaithersburg High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where she was the 1994 prom queen.
  • 1998
    Age 21
    She returned briefly in 1998 to participate in the Goodwill Games, where she placed 19th in the Mixed Pairs event with Chainey Umphrey.
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  • 1996
    Age 19
    Dawes also finished first at the Olympic trials, earning a berth on the 1996 Olympic team at the age of 19.
    More Details Hide Details Dawes planned to attend Stanford University in fall 1995 but could not receive an athletic scholarship as she turned pro to train for the 1996 Olympics. The team, later nicknamed Magnificent Seven, dominated the team competition. A key member of the team, Dawes performed without serious error and was the only team member to have all eight of her scores count towards the total. Along with Shannon Miller, Jaycie Phelps, Dominique Moceanu, Amanda Borden, Amy Chow and Kerri Strug, Dawes claimed her gold medal as part of the first American team to take the Olympic title. Another first, she became the first black woman of any nationality to win an Olympic gold in gymnastics. Later in the week, however, Dawes lost yet another opportunity to win a major all-around title. Going into the competition, she was considered one of the heavy favorites to medal. She was ranked sixth overall among all competitors after the team event, and her scores from team optionals were the highest on the American team and the second highest overall. Dawes led the competition after two rotations, with Shannon Miller right behind her. Both gymnasts were on Floor Exercise for the 3rd rotation. Miller had a substantial mistake in her routine, knocking her out of the medals. On the middle tumbling pass of Dawes's floor routine, she under-rotated for fear that she might step out of bounds; she sat down the tumbling pass (and went out of bounds anyway) causing her position to plummet in the standings.
    At the 1996 U.S. National Championships Dawes sweep all four event finals for the second time in her career, making her the only gymnast ever to accomplish this feat twice.
    More Details Hide Details
    At the 1996 World Championships, Dawes missed out on a medal on the uneven bars, but tied Liu Xuan for a bronze medal on the balance beam.
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  • 1994
    Age 17
    The same fate befell her in at the 1994 Worlds.
    More Details Hide Details Leading after three events, she again came to vault with a chance of winning the title. This time her mistake came on the first vault where Dawes over rotated and hurled forward into a somersault. Her low score dropped her to 5th. Her mistakes continued throughout the event finals and left the championships without winning a single medal. Dawes would finish her year on a positive note, however. She dominated the National Championships, placing first in the all-around and all four event finals at the expense of rival Shannon Miller. It was the first year since 1969 that a gymnast had swept the competition. She went on to lead the American team to a silver medal at the World Team Championships in Dortmund, Germany, posting the third highest all-around score in the process. Dawes struggled through a difficult 1995, riddled by wrist and ankle injuries. She finished 4th at Nationals, and was forced to sit out the World Championships that year.
    Known in the gymnastics community as 'Awesome Dawesome,' she was a 10-year member of the U.S. national gymnastics team, the 1994 U.S. all-around senior National Champion, a three-time Olympian, a World Championships silver medalist and a member of the gold-medal winning "Magnificent Seven" at the 1996 Summer Olympics.
    More Details Hide Details Dawes is also notable as being the first African-American woman to win an individual Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics, and the first black person of any nationality or gender to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics. She is also one of only three female American gymnasts, along with Muriel Grossfeld and Linda Metheny-Mulvihill, to compete in three Olympics and was part of three Olympic medal-winning teams: Barcelona 1992 (bronze), Atlanta 1996 (gold), and Sydney 2000 (bronze). Dawes is the first female gymnast to be a part of three Olympic medal winning teams since Lyudmila Turischeva won gold in Mexico City (1968), Munich (1972), and Montreal (1976). Since Dawes, Svetlana Khorkina is the only gymnast to accomplish this feat, winning silver in Atlanta (1996) and Sydney (2000) and bronze in Athens (2004). Dawes was born in Silver Spring, Maryland on November 20, 1976 to Don and Loretta Dawes. She has an older sister, Danielle and a younger brother, Don Jr. Dominique Dawes participated in the Olympic games.
  • 1993
    Age 16
    In 1993, Dawes led the competition after three events, even beating her more famous teammate Shannon Miller.
    More Details Hide Details However, she decided to try her harder vault (1½ twisting layout Yurchenko) which was worth a 10.00 instead of simply a full-twisting layout Yurchenko which had been devalued to a 9.8. She made the first vault, but slipped and fell on the second, immediately bursting into tears. With the new rule that both vaults were averaged in all-around competition, her fall dropped her to 4th overall while Miller won the title. Famously, after the vault fall Dawes's coach Kelli Hill exhorted her to be proud of her performance anyway, stating: "When did you ever think you would be in that position? You have to be happy with yourself. Come on. Be happy. Stand up and wave". Dawes did so, and earned a standing ovation from the crowd. After this disappointment she rebounded in the event finals, winning two silver medals on bars and beam.
    She is probably best known for her performances at the 1993 and 1994 World Championships.
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  • 1992
    Age 15
    The crowd pleasing athlete placed 4th at the 1992 Olympic trials and was awarded a place on the United States Olympic team.
    More Details Hide Details Despite battling very painful tendinitis in both ankles and Osgood-Schlatter disease during pre-Olympic training, Dawes performed respectably throughout the competition, even having the boldness to try a brand-new move in her balance beam routine in the team competition--back handspring to three layout stepouts. She also won over the crowd with a solid optional floor exercise routine and, with a mark of 9.925, tied with Kim Zmeskal for the highest score for the American team on the event. The team won bronze, and Dawes and teammate Betty Okino became the first African American females to win an Olympic gymnastics medal. Dawes only competed in the team competition in 1992, not breaking through as an all-around gymnast until 1993.
  • 1991
    Age 14
    Though she was not part of the 1991 World Championship team, Dawes continued to move up on the national and international scene throughout 1991 and 1992.
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  • 1990
    Age 13
    She placed 3rd in the all-around in the junior division at the 1990 U.S. National Championships.
    More Details Hide Details At the 1992 USA vs. Japan dual meet, the 15-year-old Dawes received a standing ovation, after an energetic floor routine in which she revived the back-to-back tumbling revolutionized by Soviet star Oksana Omelianchik. The judges were equally impressed, and gave her a perfect 10.
  • 1989
    Age 12
    In 1989, at the age of 12, she was sent to Australia to compete in her first international meet, the Konica Grand Prix.
    More Details Hide Details By the early 1990s, Dawes was achieving success both nationally and internationally.
  • 1988
    Age 11
    She placed 17th in the all-around junior division at her first U.S. National Championships in 1988.
    More Details Hide Details
  • 1976
    Born on November 20, 1976.
    More Details Hide Details
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