Duane Chapman

Bounty Hunter
Born Feb 2, 1953
Age 63
Hometown State of Colorado
Other Names Duane Lee Chapman

Duane Lee "Dog" Chapman, Sr. is an American bounty hunter and a former bail bondsman. He had starred in a weekly reality television program called Dog the Bounty Hunter. The show was cancelled in 2012 after 8 seasons.

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  • Beth Smith
    Married 2006 - Present
  • Tawny Chapman
    Married 1991 - 2003
  • Lyssa Greene
    Married 1982 - 1991
  • Anne M Tengell
    Married 1979 - 1982
  • Anne Tegnell
    Married 1979 - 1982
  • La fonda Sue Honeycutt
    Married 1972 - 1977
  • LaFonda Darenll
    Married 1972 - 1977


Discover the family history of Duane Chapman.

Duane Chapman
Duane Chapman
Age 63


  • Wesley Chapman
    Wesley Chapman
    Father, Age 86
  • Barbrara Chapman
    Barbrara Chapman
    Mother, Age 82


  • Christopher Michael Hecht
    Christopher Michael Hecht
    Son, Age 46
  • Leland Chapman Leland Chapman
    Son, Age 39
  • Wesley Chapman
    Wesley Chapman
    Son, Age 35
  • James Robert Chapman
    James Robert Chapman
    Son, Age 34
  • Tucker Dee Chapman
    Tucker Dee Chapman
    Son, Age 32
  • Domnick Davis
    Domnick Davis
    Son, Age 31
  • Lyssa Chapman Lyssa Chapman
    Daughter, Age 28
  • Barbara Katie Chapman
    Barbara Katie Chapman
    Daughter, d.2006
  • Cecily Chapman
    Cecily Chapman
    Daughter, Age 22
  • Bonnie Chapman
    Bonnie Chapman
    Daughter, Age 16
  • Garry Chapman
    Garry Chapman
    Son, Age 15
  •  Zebediah Duane Chapman
    Zebediah Duane Chapman
    Son, d.1980
  • Nicholas Chapman
    Nicholas Chapman


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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Duane Chapman.


1953 Birth Chapman was born on February 2, 1953 to Wesley and Barbara Chapman. … Read More


1972 19 Years Old Chapman married La Fonda Sue Honeycutt on April 1, 1972, in Pampa, Texas; they divorced October 27, 1977, while he was in prison. … Read More


1976 23 Years Old In 1976, Chapman was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to five years in a Texas prison. … Read More
1979 26 Years Old Chapman married Anne M. Tegnell on August 22, 1979, in Colorado. They were divorced, according to court records, on August 5, 1982. … Read More
1982 29 Years Old Chapman married Lyssa Rae Brittain on June 22, 1982. They were divorced on November 20, 1991. … Read More


1992 39 Years Old Chapman and Tawny Marie were married in 1992, but filed for divorce in 1994. Court records show they were officially divorced in 2002. … Read More


1996 43 Years Old He had been convicted in absentia on 86 counts including multiple rape charges connected to assaults in 1996, 1997 and 2000. … Read More


2003 50 Years Old Since they did not obtain permission to leave the country while out on bail in 2003, the Mexican Government declared Duane, Leland and Tim Chapman fugitives from justice and tried to get them extradited to Mexico for sentencing. … Read More
2004 51 Years Old …  On August 30, 2004, the first series of Dog the Bounty Hunter made its television debut. … Read More
After 16 years together, they married on May 20, 2006, at the (Hilton Hotels) Waikoloa Village in Hawaii. … Read More
…  Honolulu news outlet KHNL reported on August 1, 2007 that the arrest warrant issued for Chapman and his associates might be invalidated, as a Mexican court had found that the statute of limitations regarding the arrest had expired.
2008 55 Years Old On February 19, 2008, A&E announced that Chapman's TV show would return to production. … Read More
2012 59 Years Old …  He starred in a weekly reality television program called Dog the Bounty Hunter, which was cancelled in 2012 after 8 seasons. … Read More


2013 60 Years Old In April 2013, Chapman's new television show, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, debuted on CMT. … Read More
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