Dylan Thomas

Welsh Poet and Writer
Born Oct 27, 1914

Dylan Marlais Thomas was a Welsh poet and writer whose works include the poems, "Do not go gentle into that good night", "And death shall have no dominion", the "play for voices", Under Milk Wood, and stories and radio broadcasts such as A Child's Christmas in Wales and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog.… Read More

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Dylan Thomas was born on 27 October 1914 in Swansea, the son of Florence Hannah (née Williams; 1882–1958), a seamstress, and David John Thomas (1876–1952), a teacher. … Read More
1925 10 Years Old In October 1925, Thomas enrolled at Swansea Grammar School for boys, in Mount Pleasant, where his father taught English. … Read More


1928 13 Years Old In June 1928 Thomas won the school's mile race, held at St. Helen's Ground; he carried a newspaper photograph of his victory with him until his death. … Read More
1930 15 Years Old Thomas continued to work as a freelance journalist for several years during which time he remained at Cwmdonkin Drive where he continued to add to his notebooks, amassing 200 poems in four books between 1930 and 1934. … Read More
1933 18 Years Old 1 More Event
In 1933, Thomas visited London for probably the first time.
1934 19 Years Old They contacted Thomas and his first poetry volume, 18 Poems, was published in December 1934. 18 Poems was noted for its visionary qualities which led to critic Desmond Hawkins writing that the work was "the sort of bomb that bursts no more than once in three years". … Read More


1935 20 Years Old 1 More Event
In September 1935, Thomas met Vernon Watkins, thus beginning a lifelong friendship. … Read More
In 1936, his next collection Twenty-five Poems, published by J. M. Dent, also received much critical praise. … Read More
1937 - 1942 5 More Events
1943 28 Years Old 1 More Event
In early 1943 Thomas began a relationship with Pamela Glendower, one of several affairs he had during his marriage. The affairs either ran out of steam or were halted after Caitlin discovered his infidelity. In March 1943 Caitlin gave birth to a daughter, Aeronwy, in London. … Read More


On 31 August 1945 the BBC Home Service broadcast Quite Early One Morning, and in the three years beginning October 1945, Thomas made over a hundred broadcasts for the corporation. … Read More
1946 31 Years Old 1 More Event
On 29 September 1946, the BBC began transmitting the Third Programme, a high-culture network which provided opportunities for Thomas. … Read More
1949 34 Years Old 1 More Event
In May 1949 Thomas and his family moved to his final home, the Boat House at Laugharne purchased for him at a cost of £2,500 in April 1949 by Margaret Taylor. … Read More
1950 35 Years Old 1 More Event
John Brinnin invited Thomas to New York, where in 1950 they embarked on a lucrative three-month tour of arts centres and campuses. … Read More
1951 36 Years Old 1 More Event
Despite Cleverdon's urges, the script slipped from Thomas's priorities and in early 1951 he took a trip to Iran to work on a film for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. … Read More
Thomas would describe the flat as his "London house of horror" and did not return there after his 1952 tour of America.
In April 1953 Thomas returned alone for a third tour of America. … Read More
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