Edward Lasker

German-american Chess Player
Born Dec 3, 1885

Edward Lasker was a leading Jewish German-American chess and Go player. He was awarded the title of International Master of chess by FIDE. Lasker was an engineer by profession, and an author.

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1885 Birth Born on December 3, 1885.


1910 24 Years Old Lasker earned undergraduate degrees at the Technical College of Charlottenburg in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, graduating in 1910.
1914 28 Years Old 1 More Event
Before World War I he moved first to London, England, and then, in 1914 shortly after the outbreak of war, to America, the birthplace of his mother. … Read More


1917 31 Years Old When America entered the war in 1917, he was sent enlistment papers, but with the right of exemption as a German. … Read More
1921 35 Years Old In 1921–23, he invented a mechanical breast pump, which saved many premature infants' lives and made Lasker a lot of money, although it caused his friends to refer to him facetiously as "the chest player". … Read More
1923 37 Years Old His best result was his narrow 8½–9½ loss in a match with Frank Marshall for the U.S. Championship in 1923; this result was achieved even after Lasker had to take a postponement while leading the match due to a severe kidney stone attack.
For that, Lasker was invited to participate in the legendary New York 1924 chess tournament, a double round robin featuring such world class players as Alekhine, Efim Bogoljubov, Capablanca, Emanuel Lasker, and Réti. … Read More


1973 87 Years Old In a February 8, 1973 letter to Robert B. Long, Lasker explained their exact relationship: The genealogy, incidentally, indicates that the common forbear of Emanuel and myself was the son Samuel Lasker of the Rabbi of the Polish village Łask, whose name was originally Meier Hindels. … Read More
1981 95 Years Old Lasker lived on the Upper West Side of New York City until his death in 1981.
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