Elio Di Rupo

Belgian Politician
Born Jul 18, 1951
Age 64
Hometown Morlanwelz
Political Party Parti Socialiste ...
Religion Atheism
Alma Mater University of Lee...

Elio Di Rupo is a Belgian social-democratic politician of Italian heritage. He is the Prime Minister of Belgium, and leader of the Socialist Party (PS). He became leader on 6 December 2011 and heads the Di Rupo I Government. Elio Di Rupo is the first francophone to hold the office since Paul Vanden Boeynants in 1979, as well as the country's first socialist Prime Minister since Edmond Leburton left office in 1974.… Read More

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1951 Birth Born on July 18, 1951.


1977 25 Years Old Di Rupo came in contact with the socialist movement for the first time during his studies in Mons, where he first obtained a master's degree and afterwards a doctorate in chemistry. He went to the University of Leeds (United Kingdom), where he worked in 1977–1978.
1980 28 Years Old He started his political career as an attache at the cabinet of Jean-Maurice Dehousse in 1980–81.


1982 30 Years Old His first political mandate came in 1982, when he was Councillor of Mons (until 1985, and again from 1988 until 2000).
1986 34 Years Old In 1986, he was mayor of health, urban renewal and social affairs. … Read More
1987 35 Years Old In 1987, he got his national political breakthrough. … Read More
1991 39 Years Old In 1991, Di Rupo was chosen as a senator, but shortly afterwards (1992), he took in the French-speaking community his first ministerial function in Education and later also Media.


1994 - 1995 2 More Events
1996 44 Years Old In 1996, at the time of the Dutroux affair, Olivier Trusgnach, a prostitute, alleged that Di Rupo paid him for sex while Trusgnach was still a minor. … Read More
1999 47 Years Old After the federal and regional elections of June 1999 in which, due to the Dioxin Affair, the Christian-Democrats lost many of their votes, Di Rupo negotiated with the Flemish socialists of sp.a, the Liberals and Green Party to form a "pink-green" government.
2000 48 Years Old 1 More Event
He became mayor of Mons, which is the capital of the province of Hainaut, in 2000.


2004 52 Years Old Di Rupo changed 2004 the liberal coalition partner for the Christian-democratic party, in the Walloon Government and in the Brussels capital Government (in the last also the green party Ecolo was part of the government). … Read More
2005 53 Years Old In October 2005, he became Minister-President of the Walloon Region after Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe resigned amid a corruption scandal, involving several members of Di Rupo's party.
2006 54 Years Old 1 More Event
Di Rupo continued as party leader though and has had to deal with the PS's ICDI affair that emerged in May 2006.
2007 55 Years Old 1 More Event
After former PS president Guy Spitaels urged him to choose between the presidency of the party and of the Walloon Region, Di Rupo decided to organize internal elections for party president in July 2007 rather than in October of that year and announced that he would resign from his mandate as Minister-President if re-elected.
In May 2011, he was appointed Formateur by the Belgian king, which gave Di Rupo the task of forming a government. … Read More
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