Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Judson Shue is an American actress, most famous for her roles in the films The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, Back to the Future Parts II and III and Leaving Las Vegas, for which she won five acting awards and was nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA.
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12 Times That Oscar Got Best Actress Wrong
Huffington Post - about 1 year
Sometimes the Academy Awards get it right. And sometimes the Oscar goes to actors for the wrong reason -- especially in the leading role categories. Let's face it, in its 88 years, there are instances where actors were awarded Oscars not because they were truly the category's strongest, but because they were the most popular, the most sentimental, played the studio politics game with the most savvy, played the most likable character, the actor whose character dies from the most horrible disease, etc. All wrong reasons. I have always loved the Academy Awards' Best Actress category, and this year's crop features the five strongest in years: Cate Blanchett, Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlotte Rampling, Saoirse Ronan -- all worthy. I sincerely hope that the "best" performance wins, and I urge everyone to see all five before weighing in. If I could rewrite Best Actress history, I would tweak some of its more frustrating choices. So in chronological order, I'm calling out twelve ins ...
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Chained Women
Huffington Post - over 1 year
Marriage is complicated. Divorce is more complicated. Divorce in Jewish law is, like most things in Jewish law, detailed and exact. Orthodox Jewish law dictates that a divorce is only valid when the husband gives his wife a "get" (divorce decree). Once that get is received by the wife, the divorce is official. But it must go down exactly like that. The wife can't give her husband the decree. It has to come from the husband. He can throw it in her yard and it counts. But it must be he who throws it. He must agree to split and then make it happen by handing her the decree. So what happens if a wife unilaterally wants out of a marriage? What happens if she needs to leave an abusive relationship? What happens when a husband decides to be cruel and manipulative and refuses to let his wife divorce him? Well, this is a tragic consequence of an archaic jewish law. Meet Adina Porat. She divorced her husband 8 years ago, Or rather, wanted to divorce her husband- David Porat (who also goes ...
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Great Conversations: Nicolas Cage
Huffington Post - almost 2 years
It was August, 2005. I knocked on the double door at the Four Seasons. It opened almost immediately. "Hi, I'm Nic," he said, hand outstretched. Nicolas Cage wasn't who I expected him to be. Like all actors, he was smaller and trimmer in person than he appeared on-screen. Neatly dressed in an Armani suit, Cage also displayed none of the manic fervor in real life as had become his signature on-screen. He was thoughtful, well-spoken and incredibly literate in all seven arts. It's an infrequent experience that you leave an interview feeling you've just met someone that you could hang out with regularly, but I got that with Nic Cage, in spades. He was endlessly fascinating, but also kind of a regular guy. Another of my favorite chats I count myself lucky to have been part of. It's an inevitable event in every accomplished artist's life: if you go back on the timeline of their existence and stop in adolescence, almost all of our greatest actors, writers, filmmakers, musicians and ...
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The CSI Cast Reflects On the Show's Finest Hours
Seattle Pi - over 3 years
Over 14 seasons and 300 episodes, CSI has concocted some wild plots and brought in memorable guest stars to keep the body-bagging business fresh and fun. Table Stakes (Season 1, Episode 15) During a charity fund-raiser, a body is found floating in the swimming pool of an ex-showgirl who is supposedly vacationing in Europe. The Finger (Season 2, Episode 14) Tom Irwin (Devious Maids) plays a wealthy man who takes Catherine and $1 million in ransom money along on a ride to rescue his abducted girlfriend. Fur and Loathing (Season 4, Episode 5) After finding a dead man dressed as a raccoon on the side of the road, the CSIs head to a convention of furries - adults who wear animal costumes for sexual pleasure (one of whom is Sex and the City's Willie Garson as a sexy kitty). Grave Danger, Volumes 1 and 2 (Season 5, Episodes 24 and 25) Quentin Tarantino directed this two-parter in which the team hunts for Nick Stokes (George Eads, who is on extended leave from the series after a skirmis ...
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Keck's Exclusives First Look: CSI Goes Back to the Future
Seattle Pi - over 3 years
Though they costarred in 1989's Back to the Future Part II and 1990's Part III, Elisabeth Shue (who played Marty McFly's girlfriend, Jennifer) and Lea Thompson (who played Marty's mom, Lorraine) appeared together in only one scene. [...] it came as a rare treat for them to reunite for a November episode of Shue's CSI, in which Thompson guest stars as an investigator who is looking into a misconduct claim against Greg (Eric Szmanda). In the season's 10th episode, Shue's Finlay will be at the center of another wild adventure when she, Sara (Jorja Fox) and Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) head out for what executive producer Carol Mendelsohn calls "a fun spa weekend that turns tense, scary and violent."
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Seattle Pi article
CSI Brings In Switched At Birth’s Lea Thompson
Boom Tron - over 3 years
November sweeps is a big time in television; it’s a time when big names and big plots often collide in big ways. CSI is going to follow the pattern and bring in a terrific actress whom you might know from Back to the Future, or perhaps more recently on Switched at Birth. I am, of course, referring to Lea Thompson. She’s a joy to have, even if only for a single episode. I’m surprised they didn’t cast her for the 300th episode, but I suppose that one was already bursting with guest stars and anymore would’ve capsized it. And by capsize I mean ruined it by having way too many characters running around. Thompson will be playing a smart, no-nonsense woman ­– name currently unknown – with a rich history. According to THR, she knows her way around a CSI lab and has worked many crime scenes in Detroit. These days she’s a defense criminalist and will be working closely alongside Finlay (Elisabeth Shue). How close? That’s a good question and it’s one I don’t have the answer to. The informati ...
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Boom Tron article
More! More! More!
Huffington Post - almost 4 years
"CSI" has been renewed! Ted Danson, Elisabeth Shue and original cast members George Eads, Jorja Fox, Eric Szmanda, Paul Guilfoyle and Robert David Hall will all be back for Season 14, CBS has announced. Wallace Langham, Elisabeth Harnois, David Berman and Jon Wellner will also return next season. "'CSI' is synonymous with CBS, and we are so proud of the series' creative and commercial legacy and its continued success on our Network,"Nina Tassler, president of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement. "The writers and producers have done an amazing job evolving 'CSI,' reinventing the show around an incredible leading man in Ted Danson, the acclaimed Elisabeth Shue and our beloved and talented core of original cast members." The renewal of "CSI" comes as no surprise (the only question was Danson's involvement) since it's long been a ratings juggernaut. In its current season, "CSI" consistently wins in total viewers and in the key 18-49 demographic in its Wednesday at 10 ...
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Huffington Post article
Exclusive CSI Sneak Peek: Finn Takes a Swing at Chris Evert
Seattle Pi - about 4 years
Exclusive CSI Sneak Peek: Finn Takes a Swing at Chris Evert Seattle Post-Intelligencer Copyright 2013 Seattle Post-Intelligencer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Published 8:55 am, Tuesday, January 22, 2013 On Wednesday's episode (10/9c, CBS), the team investigates the murder of a tennis player, which leads to Finn (Elisabeth Shue) questioning 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert. The episode, which also features former tennis stars Lindsay Davenport and Justin Gimelstob guest-starring as themselves, airs Wednesday at 10/9c on CBS.
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Seattle Pi article
Jackie K. Cooper: Chasing Mavericks Tells the True Story of a Surfing Legend
Huffington Post - over 4 years
It seems surfing has become the sport most often used as the basis for family movies. Last year we had Soul Surfer and this year we have Chasing Mavericks. In Mavericks, which like Surfer is based on a true story, we get the story of teen surfer Jay Moriarity and his mentor Frosty Hesson. Their relationship and Jay's achievements in the surfing world make up the plot of the film. Anyone looking for an inspiring and emotional story will enjoy this movie. Jay Moriarity (Jonny Weston) is very young when he meets surfer Frosty Hesson (Gerard Butler). Frosty lives down the street from Jay and is an idol to the young boy whose father has virtually deserted the family. Jay's mother Kristy (Elisabeth Shue) has trouble keeping her life together and usually Jay ends up being the one adult in the family. As the years pass Jay learns of the "mavericks" which are legendary waves that appear off the coast of California every few years. He begs Frosty to tell him more about the waves a ...
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Abigail Spencer: Live Like Jay: Love. Fear. And the Chasing Mavericks Premiere
Huffington Post - over 4 years
Ocean. Deep abiding waters of endless movement. Diving. Driving. Deeper still. Current, overtaking a body. Jay Moriarity. Blue eyes and tan skin in an effortless swimming motion, one with the water. Afloat. Awash. The other side afoot. A white light astray. A deep heart. An unbreakable spirit -- the anchor. As life slips through. But a glance. Upward. What would happen if you just let go? Floated through; Weightless. In harm's way. Come what may. What would you think? What would you feel? Would you panic? Would you still? Would you settle into the unknown, facing the fear of not being in control. Struggle. Drift... or Love. Would you choose love and dive into your destiny, head first. With out question. Say yes to the unknown. Be brave. Would you be brave? To be brave, do we need to know what we're afraid of -- deep down? To get to the other side of fear must we acknowledge and isolate the fear in question; call it out; call it friend. Lover. Because it makes us human. A ...
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Huffington Post article
Judith Light Joins 'Dallas'
Huffington Post - over 4 years
Judith Light is moving to "Dallas." According to TVLine, Light will recur as an "authoritative and controlling battle-ax who will fight to the death to protect the people she loves." The "Who's The Boss?" star recently guest starred on TV Land's "The Exes" and recurs on "Law & Order: SVU." "Dallas" returns to TNT with a two-hour premiere on January 28, 2013 at 9 p.m. ET. In other casting news ... Morris Chestnut has joined "Nurse Jackie." Chestnut will play Dr. Ike Prentiss, a new trauma doctor and former Army medic who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Deadline.com] Brie Larson will guest star on "Community." The "United States of Tara" actress' role is being kept under wraps. [TVLine] "Veronica Mars" and "Party Down" actor Ryan Hansen will recur on "2 Broke Girls." Hansen will play Candy Andy, a potential love interest for Caroline (Beth Behrs). [EW] Annabeth Gish, Damian Bichir and Ted Levine will star in FX's "The Bridge" pilot. Diane Kruger also stars ...
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Huffington Post article
FILM: House at the End of the Street (15)
Bognor Regis Observer - over 4 years
Jennifer Lawrence takes time out from the blockbusting Hunger Games series to play a young woman in peril in Mark Tonderai’s nail-biting horror. Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) is still smarting from an acrimonious divorce and she moves into a new house in an idyllic rural town with her pretty daughter, Elissa (Lawrence). The family home is perfect and the locals seem lovely, then strange events begin to happen and Sarah and Elissa learn that the house next door was once a murder scene. A young woman killed her parents there and left her brother, Ryan (Max Thieriot), as the sole survivor of the carnage. Sarah is understandably reluctant to allow Elissa to forge a friendship with Ryan but her daughter is drawn to the recluse, venturing into the house stained by the blood of the past. Behind locked doors lie terrifying secrets and Elissa quickly realises that unspeakable evil lurks within her neighbourhood.
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Bognor Regis Observer article
Elisabeth Shue talks motherly roles
Calgary Sun - over 4 years
Let's catch up with Elisabeth Shue.
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Calgary Sun article
Whose Mom Is Rita Wilson Playing On 'Girls'?
Huffington Post - over 4 years
"Girls" has found a new woman. Rita Wilson has joined the cast of the HBO comedy for Season 2 as Marnie's (Allison Williams) mom, Hollywood.com reports. The actress already has a connection to the series: Her husband, Tom Hanks, starred in "Bosom Buddies" with Peter Scolari, who plays Hannah Horvath's (Lena Dunham) dad. Could there be a "Bosom Buddies" reunion on "Girls" somewhere down the line? Time will tell, but click back to Hollywood.com to see a photo of Wilson and Williams on the set of "Girls," filming an episode Dunham, the show's Emmy-nominated director, creator, star and writer, is directing. In more casting news ... A "Real Houswife" is headed to "CSI." Kyle Richards, who stars on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," has landed a guest-starring role the CBS series as Ms. Young, a rich divorcée who Julie Finlay (Elisabeth Shue) questions after Young's neighbor is murdered. [TV Guide "Revolution" is getting "Justified." It's lights out for ...
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Huffington Post article
Jennifer Lawrence & Max Thieriot Kiss for 'House at the End of the Street' - Exclusive Stills!
Just Jared - over 4 years
Check out this exclusive still of Jennifer Lawrence and Max Thieriot kissing in their upcoming film House at the End of the Street! The 22-year-old Hunger Games actress and the 23-year-old actor star alongside Elisabeth Shue in the film which hits theaters on September 21. Here’s the film’s synopsis: Seeking a fresh start, newly divorced Sarah (Shue) and her daughter Elissa (Lawrence) find the house of their dreams in a small, upscale, rural town. But when startling and unexplainable events begin to happen, Sarah and Elissa learn the town is in the shadows of a chilling secret. Years earlier, in the house next door, a daughter killed her parents in their beds, and disappeared – leaving only a brother, Ryan (Thieriot), as the sole survivor. Against Sarah’s wishes, Elissa begins a relationship with the reclusive Ryan – and the closer they get, the deeper they’re all pulled into a mystery more dangerous than they ever imagined. WILL YOU WATCH Jennifer Lawrence in House at th ...
Article Link:
Just Jared article
The PhilmGuy’s DVD Review: ‘Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax’ Starring Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and Danny DeVito
Ok Magazine - over 4 years
Photo credit:  Courtesy of Universal Pictures Adventures in Babysitting Blu-ray — One of the definitive way-over-the-top 1980s tween fantasies — fitting in alongside the likes of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Goonies — the action-comedy stars Elisabeth Shue as a babysitter who lugs the kids she's watching around through a wild, dangerous night in Chicago to rescue her friend. Related articles:  The PhilmGuy’s DVD Review: 'Hugo', 'Johnny English Reborn' The PhilmGuy Reviews 'Up in the Air' The PhilmGuy Reviews 'Leap Year' The PhilmGuy's DVD Review 'Margaret' Starring Anna Paquin & 'American Reunion' Starring Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs read more ...
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Ok Magazine article
Chris Krapek: Piranha 3DD: The Bigger the Bust Size, the Bigger the Bust
Huffington Post - over 4 years
It's been over a week since I regrettably rented Piranha 3DD On-Demand and I still can't shake it. I think I was one of, like, 2,000 people in the Universe who was kind of stoked for a sequel of the 2010 creature feature Piranha 3D. That movie was special for many reasons; Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott, the torso of a porn star being eaten off and the legendary "Jerry O'Connell gets his dick chewed off" scene. It sucked, but it sucked with dignity and self-awareness. It sucked so hard that it was actually pretty good, in some bizarre, reverse osmosis way. You know that overused adage that goes something along the lines of "To say this movie was ____ would be an insult to ____?" Well, to say Piranha 3DD was worse than dog shit stuck to the bottom of your shoe would be an insult to dog shit stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You would think that a movie openly referring to large breasts in the title would have an off-chance that it could actually be good -- especia ...
Article Link:
Huffington Post article
'House At The End Of The Street' Scares Up New Stills Featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot
MTV News - over 4 years
With Peeta and Gale off inciting revolution in Panem, Jennifer Lawrence will have to turn to a new ally in her upcoming horror film "The House at the End of the Street." His name? Max Thieriot, and he takes center stage in a pair of new stills Hollywood Crush got her hot little hands on. In the film, due September 21, Jennifer plays a teen named Elissa, who along with her recently divorced mom Sarah (played by Elisabeth Shue) moves into what seems like the perfect suburban home. But when strange things start happening, they discover the secret history of the house next door, where a daughter murdered her parents and left only her brother Ryan (played by Max) to live. Elissa begins a romance with the boy next door (because, why not?), throwing her deeper into the dangerous mystery. Max may not be a household name just yet, but he's certainly no Hollywood noob. The 23-year-old actor's had roles in more than a dozen movies including "My Soul to Take," "Chloe" and "Jumper" and has ...
Article Link:
MTV News article
CSI Season 13 – Henry Andrews Gets a Raise
Boom Tron - over 4 years
After seven years doing his due diligence, toxicology specialist Henry Andrews has at long last received an overdue promotion on CSI. Of course, I don’t mean the character of Andrews was promoted – he’ll still be doing the exact same job he’s been doing for last seven years – but the actor playing him, Jon Wellner, has been given series regular status after spending more than 60 episodes as a recurring character. I’m happy for Wellner, but I’m not naïve enough to believe he got the bump up because of his seniority. There were definitely other factors at work here. related | CSI SEASON 13 LOCKS UP ORIGINAL TEAM MEMBER Consider this: CSI has been on the air for 12 years with Season 13 coming to us in the fall. That’s a long time for a series to be around for, and the longer it lasts the harder it is to bring back the cast year after year. Besides Wellner, The Hollywood Reporter reported the show has managed to lock down some of the original cast with one-year deals, but they haven’ ...
Article Link:
Boom Tron article
Piranha 3D And Other Movie Guilty Pleasures
Moviefone Blog - over 4 years
2010's Piranha 3D is a tough movie to top. It has everything you could want in a cheesy horror flick: an ass-kicking Elisabeth Shue, an adorably nerdy Adam Scott, a hilariously douche-y Jerry O'Connell and a whole lotta moronic Spring Breakers you just can't wait to see get eaten by an army of blood-thirsty piranhas. It was funny, gory and suspenseful all at once. Unfortunately, not even the King of Cheese himself, David Hasselhoff, can help Piranha 3DD live up to its predecessor. It's not all bad, though. David Koechner (Anchorman) does a good job of picking up where O'Connell left off as the sleaziest, greediest, perviest guy around. His character, Chet, has found a way to merge the most titillating qualities of a strip club with the wet 'n' wild properties of a water park in the form of an anything-goes amusement park called the Big Wet. Ving Rhames and the hilarious Paul Scheer (The League) are back for more, and provide some of the flick's funnier scenes as Rhames' character t ...
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Moviefone Blog article
Learn about memorable moments in the evolution of Elisabeth Shue
  • 2012
    Age 48
    Also in 2012, Shue appeared in three wide-release theatrical films: the thriller House at the End of the Street with Jennifer Lawrence; Curtis Hanson's Chasing Mavericks opposite Gerard Butler; and David Frankel's Hope Springs as Kay the bartender in a cameo scene with Meryl Streep.
    More Details Hide Details
    In early 2012, Shue joined the cast of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Julie Finlay, replacing Marg Helgenberger, who played Catherine Willows.
    More Details Hide Details Finlay is the newest CSI, who just finished anger-management classes.
    She starred as Julie Finlay in the CBS police drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from 2012 to 2015.
    More Details Hide Details Shue was born in Wilmington, Delaware, the daughter of Anne Brewster (née Wells; b. 1938), and James William Shue (1936 - 2013), a one-time congressional candidate, lawyer, and real estate developer, who was president of the International Food and Beverage Corporation. Her mother was a vice president in the private banking division of the Chemical Banking Corporation Shue grew up in South Orange, New Jersey. Her parents divorced when she was nine. Shue's mother was a descendant of Pilgrim leader William Brewster, while her father's family emigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania in the early 19th century. Shue was raised with her three brothers, Will, Andrew, and John, and was very close to her siblings. Her younger brother, Andrew, is also an actor, best known for his role as Billy Campbell in the Fox series Melrose Place. Shue graduated from Columbia High School, in Maplewood, New Jersey, where she and Andrew were inducted into the school's Hall of Fame in 1994. She has two half-siblings from her father's remarriage, Jenna and Harvey Shue.
  • 2010
    Age 46
    In 2010, Shue top-lined the horror flick Piranha 3D as Sheriff Julie Forester.
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  • 2009
    Age 45
    In 2009, Shue appeared on the seventh season of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm as an actress competing with Cheryl Hines's character for the part of George's ex-wife for the Seinfeld reunion.
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  • 2008
    Age 44
    In 2008, Shue starred in Hamlet 2 as a fictionalized version of herself.
    More Details Hide Details In the film, she has quit acting to become a nurse and is the favorite actress of Dana Marschz (Steve Coogan).
  • 2007
    Age 43
    In 2007, Shue and her two brothers produced Gracie.
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  • 2001
    Age 37
    She gave birth to their first daughter, Stella in 2001.
    More Details Hide Details Their third child, Agnes, was born in 2006.
    She played a mother that reveals her dark past to her teenaged daughter in the 2001 ABC movie Oprah Winfrey Presents: Amy and Isabelle.
    More Details Hide Details Shue also had supporting roles in Cousin Bette with Jessica Lange, Hide and Seek opposite Robert De Niro, and Mysterious Skin opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
  • 1999
    Age 35
    In 1999, Shue starred with Aaron Eckhart in Molly as an autistic young woman who undergoes an operation that allows her to become more "normal."
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  • 1997
    Age 33
    Shue also displayed some action movie skills in the 1997 spy remake The Saint as Val Kilmer's love interest.
    More Details Hide Details The thriller Palmetto (1998) afforded her the chance to play a film noir-ish femme fatale opposite Woody Harrelson; and Paul Verhoeven's Hollow Man (2000) with Kevin Bacon proved another summer blockbuster.
  • 1996
    Age 32
    She starred in The Trigger Effect in 1996.
    More Details Hide Details Woody Allen's Deconstructing Harry showcased her comedic abilities amongst heavyweight co-stars Billy Crystal, Demi Moore, Robin Williams and Stanley Tucci.
  • 1995
    Age 31
    Although often cast as a girl-next-door type, Shue starred as a prostitute in the 1995 film Leaving Las Vegas with Nicolas Cage.
    More Details Hide Details The role earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. She was also nominated for a BAFTA, Golden Globe and SAG Award for Best Actress, and won Best Actress at the Independent Spirit Awards, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards and the National Society of Film Critics Awards. Her career flourished after her Oscar nomination, landing her diverse roles.
  • 1993
    Age 29
    Also in 1993, she played Robert Downey Jr.'s girlfriend in the romantic comedy Heart and Souls.
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    Also on Broadway, in 1993, she performed in Tina Howe's production of Birth and After Birth.
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  • 1990
    Age 26
    In May 1990, Shue made her Broadway debut in Some American Abroad at the Lincoln Center.
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  • 1989
    Age 25
    She appeared as Jennifer Parker in the 1989 Back to the Future Part II and the 1990 Back to the Future Part III, succeeding Claudia Wells, who declined to reprise the role from Back to the Future because of a family illness.
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  • 1988
    Age 24
    Andrew initially conceived of it as a story about their late brother William, the oldest Shue sibling, who was the captain of the high school soccer team; he died in a freak accident, while the family was on a vacation in 1988.
    More Details Hide Details The character of Johnny was based on Will.
  • 1986
    Age 22
    Shue had a role as the teenage daughter of a military family in the short-lived series Call to Glory and, in 1986, starred alongside Terence Stamp in the British simian horror film Link.
    More Details Hide Details She continued with Adventures in Babysitting (her first starring role), Cocktail as the love interest of Tom Cruise's character and the comedies Soapdish and The Marrying Man with Sally Field and Alec Baldwin, respectively.
  • 1984
    Age 20
    Shue made her feature film debut in 1984, when she co-starred opposite Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid as the love interest of Macchio's character.
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  • 1963
    Born on October 6, 1963.
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