Emperor Wu of Han

Emperor Wu of Han

Han Dynasty Emperor
Born Aug 10, 156 BC
Died Mar 29, 1987

Emperor Wu of Han, personal name Liu Che (劉徹), was the seventh emperor of the Han Dynasty of China, ruling from 141 BC to 87 BC. Emperor Wu is best remembered for the vast territorial expansion that occurred under his reign, as well as the strong and centralized Confucian state he organized. He is cited in Chinese history as the greatest emperor of the Han dynasty and one of the greatest emperors in Chinese history.… Read More

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Emperor Wu of Han
Emperor Wu of Han




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156 BC Birth Emperor Wu was the tenth child of Emperor Jing, and was born to one of Emperor Jing's favorite concubines, Consort Wang Zhi in 156 BC. … Read More
153 BC 3 Years Old As Emperor Jing's formal wife Empress Bo had no children, his oldest son Liu Rong (劉榮), born to his other favorite concubine Consort Li (栗姬), was created crown prince in 153 BC. … Read More
150 BC 6 Years Old He deposed Prince Rong from the successor position in 150 BC. … Read More


141 BC 15 Years Old When Emperor Jing died in 141 BC, Crown Prince Che succeeded to the throne as Emperor Wu at age 15. … Read More
140 BC 16 Years Old A turning point in state doctrine occurred in 140 BC, when Emperor Wu of Han conducted an imperial examination of over 100 young scholars. … Read More
138 BC 18 Years Old Around the same time, Emperor Wu started to show will and aptitude for territorial expansion. The first example came in 138 BC, when Minyue (modern Fujian) attacked Donghai (modern Zhejiang) and Donghai sought help from Han. … Read More


135 BC 21 Years Old 1 More Event
In 135 BC, after Grand Empress Dowager Dou died, Emperor Wu once again moved to assert his authority. … Read More
133 BC 23 Years Old The peace with Xiongnu would not last permanently, however, because Emperor Wu was not satisfied with what he saw as appeasement of the Xiongnu. In 133 BC, at the suggestion of Wang Hui (王恢), the minister of vassal affairs, he had his generals set a trap for the Xiongnu Chanyu Junchen (軍臣). … Read More
129 BC 27 Years Old 1 More Event
Another major battle was pitched in 129 BC when Xiongnu attacked the Commandery of Shanggu (上谷, roughly modern Zhangjiakou, Hebei), Emperor Wu dispatched four generals, Li Guang, Gongsun Ao (公孫敖), Gongsun He (公孫賀) and Wei Qing, each leading a 10,000-strong cavalry against Xiongnu. … Read More


126 BC 30 Years Old 1 More Event
Zhang was able to deliver his report to Emperor Wu when he arrived back in the capital Chang'an in 126 BC after a second and shorter captivity by Xiongnu. … Read More
124 BC 32 Years Old When Xiongnu tried to attack Shuofang in 124 BC, Wei surprised them by attacking them from the rear and took about 15,000 captives — and at this battle, his nephew Huo Qubing (霍去病) distinguished himself in battle and was given his own command.
122 BC 34 Years Old 1 More Event
She was created empress later that year, and he was created crown prince in 122 BC.
121 BC 35 Years Old in 121 BC, Mogao Caves, Dunhuang, ca. 8th century CE. (However, note that there is no historical record of Emperor Wu actually being aware of Buddhism.
119 BC 37 Years Old In 119 BC, Emperor Wu broke the normal pattern of reacting against Xiongnu attacks, by making a major excursion against Xiongnu's headquarters. … Read More


-112 - -111 2 More Events
110 BC 46 Years Old …  In 110 BC, under Han military pressure, his co-king Luo Jugu (駱居古) assassinated Luo Yushan and surrendered the kingdom to Han. … Read More
109 BC 47 Years Old 2 More Events
In 109 BC, Emperor Wu would start yet another territorial expansion campaign. … Read More
108 BC 48 Years Old In 108 BC, Emperor Wu sent general Zhao Ponu (趙破奴) on a campaign to Xiyu, and he forced the Kingdoms of Loulan on northeast border of the Taklamakan Desert and Cheshi (modern Turpan, Xinjiang) into submission.


105 BC 51 Years Old In 105 BC, Emperor Wu gave a princess from a remote collateral imperial line to Kunmo (昆莫), the King of Wusun (Issyk Kol Basin) in marriage, and she later married his grandson and successor Qinqu (芩娶), creating a strong and stable alliance between Han and Wusun. … Read More
104 BC 52 Years Old In 104 BC, Emperor Wu built the luxurious Jianzhang Palace (建章宮) — a massive structure that was intended to make him closer to the gods. … Read More
100 BC 56 Years Old About 100 BC, due to the heavy taxation and military burdens imposed by Emperor Wu's incessant military campaigns and luxury spending, there were many peasant revolts throughout the empire. … Read More


-93 - -91 2 More Events
91 BC 65 Years Old Also caught in this disaster were Crown Prince Ju's two elder sisters Princess Yangshi (陽石公主, who was said to have a romantic relationship with her cousin Gongsun Jingsheng) and Princess Zhuyi (諸邑公主), as well as his cousin Wei Kang (衛伉, the eldest son of the deceased general Wei Qing), who were all accused of witchcraft and executed in 91 BC. … Read More
88 BC 68 Years Old By 88 BC, Emperor Wu was terminally ill, but with Prince Ju dead, there was no clear successor. … Read More
87 BC 69 Years Old Died in 87 BC.
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