Enrique Bolaños

President of Nicaragua
Born May 13, 1928

Enrique José Bolaños Geyer was the President of Nicaragua from 10 January 2002 to 10 January 2007. President Bolaños is of Spanish and German heritage and was born in Masaya. He received his education in the United States, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Saint Louis University in 1962. He publicly opposed the Sandinista controlled government of the 1980s, resulting in brief imprisonment.… Read More

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1928 Birth Enrique Bolaños was born in Masaya on 13 May 1928 to Nicolás Bolaños Cortés (1890–1963) and wife Amanda del Rosario Geyer Abaunza, and paternal grandson of Alejandro Bolaños Cuadra (1858–1914) and wife and cousin Cándida Cortés Bolaños (1854–1918). … Read More


1939 11 Years Old The Bolaños family has played a minor role in Nicaraguan politics, traditionally associated with the deep-rooted Liberal Party that brought Somoza dynasty to power in 1939. … Read More


1949 21 Years Old Enrique Bolaños received his primary and secondary education in Nicaragua, and graduated from Saint Louis University with a degree in industrial engineering. He married Lila T. Abaúnza in 1949 and bore five children: Enrique José, Lucía Amanda, Jorge Alejandro (deceased, 2005), Javier Gregorio (deceased, 2007) and Alberto (deceased, 1976). … Read More
1952 24 Years Old In 1952 he began a successful agro-production company, SAIMSA (Industrial Agricultural Services of Masaya), which grew to become one of the largest cotton producers in Central America.


1981 53 Years Old …  He was arrested on 20 October 1981 for having violated censorship laws. … Read More
1982 54 Years Old In July 1982 he was jailed after sponsoring a conference of potential American investors at his cotton plantation in Masaya. … Read More
1983 55 Years Old Bolaños served as an active member of the influential COSEP (Supreme Council for Private Enterprise), and served as president from 1983 to 1988.


1990 62 Years Old In the 1990 elections, Bolaños was denied presidential candidacy for the National Opposition Union (UNO, a coalition of multiple anti-Sandinista parties), as he was considered too stubborn and difficult to work with in the context of democratization and national reconciliation. … Read More
After the nationalization of his business, Bolaños worked as a freelance computer programmer until his election to the vice-presidency in 1996.
1997 - 1998 2 More Events
Bolaños was chosen as the presidential candidate for the 2001 elections at the Grand Convention of the Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC) meeting in 2001. Former President Arnoldo Alemán handpicked Bolaños as his successor. La Prensa and other Nicaraguan newspapers have since reported that Alemán chose Bolaños as an interim president. Because the Nicaraguan constitution forbids consecutive presidential terms, it is believed that Alemán sought a candidate who could be easily manipulated, allowing him to govern from behind the scenes until the 2006 elections, when he would seek re-election. … Read More
2002 74 Years Old Enrique Bolaños was sworn in as President of the Republic of Nicaragua on 10 January 2002 to serve a five-year term (2002–2007). … Read More
2005 77 Years Old In September 2005 Bolaños publicly announced what he called a “slow motion coup” by the joint efforts of the PLC and the FSLN. … Read More
2006 78 Years Old In the 2006 presidential election campaign Bolaños' Alliance for the Republic party joined the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance, whose candidate Eduardo Montealegre took second place.
2007 79 Years Old Bolaños turned over the presidency to his longtime political opponent Daniel Ortega on 10 January 2007. … Read More
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