Ernest Augustus I of Hanover

Ernest Augustus I of Hanover

King of Hanover
Born Jun 5, 1771

Ernest Augustus I was King of Hanover from 20 June 1837 until his death. He was the fifth son and eighth child of George III, who reigned in both the United Kingdom and Hanover. As a fifth son, initially Ernest seemed unlikely to become a monarch, but Salic Law, which barred women from the succession, applied in Hanover and none of his older brothers had legitimate male issue.… Read More

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Learn about the memorable moments in the evolution of Ernest Augustus I of Hanover.


1771 Birth Born on June 5, 1771.


1790 19 Years Old In 1790, Ernest asked his father for permission to train with Prussian forces.


1791 - 1792 2 More Events
1793 22 Years Old Seeing action near the Walloon town of Tournai in August 1793, he sustained a sabre wound to the head, which resulted in a disfiguring scar.
1794 23 Years Old During the Battle of Tourcoing in northern France on 18 May 1794 his left arm was injured by a cannonball which passed close by him. … Read More
1796 25 Years Old He had requested a return home to seek treatment for his eye, but it was not until early 1796 that the King agreed and allowed Ernest to return to Britain. … Read More


1801 - 1802 2 More Events
1805 34 Years Old …  Protestant Irish organisations supported the Duke; he was elected Chancellor of the University of Dublin in 1805 and Grand Master of the Orange Lodges two years later.
1807 36 Years Old The Duke repeatedly sought a post with Allied forces fighting against France, but was sent to the Continent only as an observer. In 1807, he advocated sending British troops to join with the Prussians and Swedes and attack the French at Stralsund (today, in northeastern Germany). … Read More
1810 39 Years Old In the early hours of 31 May 1810, Ernest, by his written account, was struck in the head several times while asleep in bed, awakening him. … Read More


1813 42 Years Old 1 More Event
In early 1813, Ernest was involved in political scandal during an election contest in Weymouth following the general election the previous year. … Read More
1814 43 Years Old Her marriage to Frederick William had not been a success; her husband, seeing the marriage was beyond hope, agreed to a divorce, but his sudden death in 1814 removed the necessity. … Read More
…  Although his marriage in 1815 to the twice-widowed Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz met with the disapproval of his mother, Queen Charlotte, it proved a happy one.
1817 46 Years Old 1 More Event
By 1817, King George III had only one legitimate grandchild, Princess Charlotte of Wales, and when she died in childbirth, Ernest was the senior son to be both married and not estranged from his wife. … Read More


1828 57 Years Old In 1828, Ernest was staying with the King at Windsor Castle when severe disturbances broke out in Ireland among Catholics. … Read More
Disregarding a request from Wellington that he remain abroad, Ernest returned to London, and was one of the leaders against the Catholic Relief Act 1829, influencing King George against the bill. … Read More
1830 59 Years Old In February 1830, Lord Graves wrote a note to his wife expressing his confidence in her innocence, then cut his own throat. … Read More


1832 - 1836 2 More Events
When King William IV died on 20 June 1837, Ernest ascended the Hanoverian throne. … Read More
1840 69 Years Old 1 More Event
…  However, by 1840, a sufficient number of deputies had been appointed for the King to summon Parliament, which met for two weeks in August, approving a modified version of the 1819 constitution, passing a budget, and sending a vote of thanks to the King. … Read More
1841 70 Years Old He had the plans altered in 1841, after Queen Frederica's death, to leave standing the Altes Palais, where the two had lived since arriving in Hanover. … Read More
1844 73 Years Old The King finally gave his consent in 1844, and the opera house opened in 1852, a year after the King's death. … Read More
1848 77 Years Old …  When agitators arrived from Berlin at the end of May 1848, and there were demonstrations outside the King's palace, Ernest sent out the Prime Minister.
In 1851, the King undertook a number of journeys around Germany. … Read More
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