Eugénie de Montijo

Eugénie de Montijo


Eugénie de Montijo File:Eugénie de Montijo. Daguerreotype. jpg Empress Eugénie.

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1826 Birth Born on May 5, 1826.
1835 9 Years Old Eugénie de Montijo, as she became known in France, was formally educated mostly in Paris, beginning at the fashionable, traditionalist Convent of the Sacré Cœur from 1835 to 1836.
1836 10 Years Old A more compatible school was the progressive Gymnase Normal, Civil et Orthosomatique, from 1836 to 1837, which appealed to her athletic side (a school report praised her strong liking for athletic exercise, and although an indifferent student, that her character was "good, generous, active and firm").


1837 11 Years Old A short, disastrous stay, in 1837, in a boarding school near Bristol, England - where she was known as "Carrots", for her auburn hair, and from which she tried to run away, to India - completed Eugénie's formal schooling. … Read More


1849 23 Years Old She first met Prince Louis Napoléon after he had become president of the Second Republic, with her mother, at a reception given by the "prince-president" at the Elysée Palace on April 12, 1849. … Read More
1853 27 Years Old 1 More Event
…  Until her own marriage in 1853, Eugénie variously used the titles of Countess of Teba or Countess of Montijo, but some family titles were legally inherited by her elder sister, through which they passed to the House of Alba. … Read More


1856 30 Years Old On 16 March 1856, after a two-day labor that endangered mother and child and from which Eugénie made a very slow recovery, the empress gave birth to an only son, Napoléon Eugène Louis Jean Joseph Bonaparte, styled Prince Impérial. … Read More
1859 33 Years Old Her husband often consulted her on important questions, and she acted as regent during his absences in 1859, 1865 and 1870.
1860 34 Years Old In 1860, she visited Algiers with Napoleon. … Read More


1868 42 Years Old In 1868, Empress Eugénie visited the Dolmabahçe Palace in Constantinople, the home to Sultana Pertevniyal Sultan, mother of Abdülaziz, 32nd sultan of the Ottoman Empire. … Read More
1873 47 Years Old When the Second Empire was overthrown after France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War, the empress and her husband took permanent refuge in England, and settled at Chislehurst, Kent. After his death in 1873, and that of her son in 1879, she moved in 1885 to Farnborough, Hampshire and to the Villa Cyrnos (named after the ancient Greek for Corsica), which was built for her at Cape Martin, between Menton and Nice, where she lived in retirement, abstaining from politics. … Read More


1881 55 Years Old During her afternoon visit in 1881, she called on the Queen of Sweden, at her residence 'Crag Head'.


1887 61 Years Old Her deposed family's friendly association with the United Kingdom was commemorated in 1887 when she became the godmother of Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg (1887–1969), daughter of Princess Beatrice, who later became Queen consort of Alfonso XIII of Spain.
1909 83 Years Old She was also close to Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia, who last visited her, along with Tsar Nicholas II, in 1909.
1914 88 Years Old Aged 88, the Empress visited Portsmouth on 6 November 1914 to inspect the gunboat HMS Thistle fitting out there during the early months of World War I. … Read More
1920 94 Years Old The former empress died in July 1920, aged 94, during a visit to her relative the Duke of Alba, at the Liria Palace in Madrid in her native Spain, and she is interred in the Imperial Crypt at St Michael's Abbey, Farnborough, with her husband and her son, who had died in 1879 fighting in the Zulu War in South Africa. … Read More
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