Ferdinand I of Naples

Ferdinand I of Naples

King of Naples

Ferdinand I of Naples should not be confused with Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, a latter king of Naples. Ferdinand I File:SOAOTO - Ferdinand Ier de Naples.

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1423 Birth Born on June 2, 1423.


1444 21 Years Old His mother was Gueraldona Carlino. In order to arrange a good future for Ferdinand, King Alfonso had him married in 1444 to a feudal heiress, Isabella of Clermont, who besides being the elder daughter of Tristan di Chiaramonte (Tristan de Clermont-Lodeve), Count of Copertino, and Catherine of Baux Orsini, was the niece and heiress presumptive of childless prince Giovanni Antonio del Balzo Orsini of Taranto. … Read More


1458 35 Years Old He used the title Ferdinand I, King of Naples and Jerusalem. In accordance with his father's will, Ferdinand succeeded Alfonso on the throne of Naples in 1458, when he was 35 years old. … Read More
1459 36 Years Old In 1459, Ferdinand's rule was threatened by a long revolt of the barons. … Read More
1460 37 Years Old On July 7, 1460, Ferdinand was defeated by John in the plain beside the mouth of the Sarno River south of Mount Vesuvius. … Read More


1463 40 Years Old The original intent of making Taranto as his and his heirs' main principality was not any longer current, but still it was a strengthening of Ferdinand's resources and position that his wife in 1463 succeeded her uncle Giovanni Antonio del Balzo Orsini as possessor of the rich Taranto, Lecce and other fiefs in Apulia. … Read More
1465 42 Years Old Ferdinand's wife Isabella's had died in 1465, and by 1476, Ferdinand had remarried Joanna of Aragon, his first cousin. … Read More


1482 59 Years Old In 1482, abandoning his traditional position of paladin of the Papal States, he fought alongside Ferrara and Milan against the alliance of Sixtus IV and the Republic of Venice (see War of Ferrara).


1485 62 Years Old Ferdinand's oppressive government led in 1485 to a reinvigorated rebellion of the aristocracy, known as the Conspiracy of the Barons, which included Francesco Coppola and Antonello Sanseverino of Salerno and supported by Pope Innocent VIII. … Read More
1491 68 Years Old In December 1491 Ferdinand was visited by a group of pilgrims on their return from the Holy Land. … Read More
1494 71 Years Old He died on 25 January 1494, worn out with anxiety; he was succeeded by his son, Alphonse, Duke of Calabria, who was soon deposed by the invasion of King Charles which his father had so feared. … Read More
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