Francesco Matarazzo

Francesco Matarazzo


Francesco Matarazzo, was an Italian historian of the European Renaissance. His fame rests largely on his masterwork Chronicles of the City of Perugia 1492-1503 which has become a primary source for many later historians of the Italian Renaissance and in particular the city of Perugia.… Read More

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1443 Birth Although the exact date of his birth in unknown, it is believed that Matarazzo was born about the year 1443 in the small town of Deruta, near Perugia. … Read More


1464 21 Years Old In 1464 he was teaching in the University of Ferrara and three years later he was assistant to the celebrated humanist teacher Ognibene da Lonigo at Vicenza.
1472 29 Years Old In 1472, he traveled to Greece and settled in Rhodes to study the Greek language. … Read More


1475 32 Years Old After wide-ranging travels in the Mediterrean, he settled in Perugia circa 1475 where we find him designated as reverendi domini Perusinae civitatis secretarius dignissimus.


1486 43 Years Old The next seventeen years of his life were spent in his native city, and in 1486 he was appointed Professor of Rhetoric in the University.
1492 49 Years Old In 1492 he succeeded Ognibene as Professor of the Humanities at Vicenza, where he spent four or five years. … Read More


1503 60 Years Old In 1503 he became the State Chancellor; he went as ambassador to Rome and Florence and to other States, and continued in active service of the State till 1513.
1518 75 Years Old Concerning his death we have the chronicle of his friend Teseo Alfani, which reads: "On this Friday morning, August 20, 1518, before dawn, died the most excellent Francesco Matarazzo, who had been down with fever for about a month. … Read More
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