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Frank Wead

Frank Wead

Naval Aviator
Born 24 AD

Frank Wilbur "Spig" Wead was a U.S. Navy aviator turned screenwriter who helped promote United States Naval aviation from its inception through World War II.

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1895 Birth Born on October 24, 1895.


A 1916 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Wead began to promote Naval Aviation after World War I through air racing and speed competitions. … Read More
1917 - 1918 2 More Events
1919 23 Years Old LT(j.g.) Frank Wead requested orders for naval aviation flight training at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida. His request was approved. The orders stated to report for "Class 1" (the first class of regular officers sent to NAS Pensacola after the commencement of World War I), on 15 September 1919. … Read More
1920 24 Years Old Wead was designated a Naval Aviator on 17 April 1920. … Read More
1921 25 Years Old On 21 April 1921, LT Frank Wead reported to USS Aroostook (CM-3), homeported at Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, California. … Read More
1923 27 Years Old In the spring of 1923, Wead reported to NAS Anacostia, Washington DC (today, known as the Naval Support Facility Anacostia) for shore duty assignment.
On the 22nd and 23 June 1924 in Anacostia, D.C., as a lieutenant, Wead along with Lieutenant John Dale Price, using a Curtiss CS-2 with a Wright T-3 Tornado engine, set new Class C seaplane records for distance (963.123 miles), duration (13 hours 23 minutes 15 seconds), and three speed records (73.41 mph for 500 kilometers, 74.27 mph for 1000 km, and 74.17 mph for 1500 km).


1926 30 Years Old Wead would have continued his career as a naval aviator had it not been for a serious accident. In April 1926, he was resting upstairs in his home and heard one of his daughters scream. … Read More


1942 46 Years Old Wead returned to the Navy during World War II and helped integrate the use of escort carriers to support the main battle line and beach landings. In his syndicated column In Hollywood, on 13 January 1942, Newspaper Enterprise Association (NEA) service staff correspondent Paul Harrison released an article on a recent interview with Spig Wead titled "No Weeds Growing Under Wead’s Feet" (NEA supplied daily features to many newspapers; United Media). … Read More
1943 47 Years Old The story of CDR Wead's sea-duty during World War II began when USS Yorktown (CV-10) arrived in Pearl Harbor on 24 July 1943. … Read More
1944 48 Years Old 1 More Event
CDR Frank Wead was relieved of active duty on 21 July 1944, and was processed through the Personnel Department at NAS Alameda receiving his discharge papers and a train ticket for Los Angeles, California. … Read More


1947 52 Years Old On 17 November 1947, the Associated Press reported Frank Wead's death. … Read More
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